Tuesday 21 May 2013

DAY 388: Anarchists, Mothers and Brainwashing (Part Two)

DAY 388: Anarchists, Mothers and Brainwashing (Part Two)

For context from the previous post:
“As the Child goes through the Emotional years, the Child will automatically Learn more and more Deceptive Ways: they Know they have to Lie to their Parents, they Know when to Shut up, ‘When to be’/ ‘What to be’ and Multiple Personality Disorder is Created. But, it’s Not even yet recognized by our Psychologists, because only in the Situations where it becomes so-called Completely Dysfunctional and Bug the System is it called ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’. When Multiple Personality Disorder is to the Benefit of the System and Ensures that there is Control and Authority and that the person will Submit to the System, then it is Not a Psychological Disorder.”

The fact that the Mind is Not even Understood and that there is Complete Disorder within the Mind’s Thought Process and what we call ‘Backchat’ (Backchat, meaning the types/kinds of Thoughts and Feelings/the Emotions that Arrive/come up in the Mind). What is also not Understood within/as the Mind is that these things (Thoughts Processes, Backchat, Emotions and Feelings) are Strategy-driven from the Perspective of the Child Focusing on their Survival and in many cases focusing on Competition so they can become a Winner, becoming either a Sportsman, or a Model or some being that is apparently Seen by the System as Effective, because they actually ‘Achieve’, they’re an ‘Achiever’ and therefore there’s Recognition – WHO has Taught them the ‘Recognition’ Idea and Concept? It was Mom and Dad, because Recognition, they found, has been a Very, Very Valuable Manipulation Tool . You can, once you’ve got the Child to realize that they can get Recognition for Doing Things according to the Way that is Prescribed and Expected of them and which is Apparently the Accepted and Rational Way: then the child Is a ‘Perfect child’. They are Effective and one can give them Certain Freedoms, you know? Let them Play around, let them take some Chances as long as it’s within the Control of the System.
Obviously, Even Now you will have People Developing into Revolutionaries and Anarchists and even those are unfortunately Useless, because: they can Only Act within the Confines of the System. They Do Not Look at the Real problem: the Real Problem of All Problems in the World Starts at Home, at the Family. That’s where the Real Brainwashing took place. All the People that is in Any Form of Authority Politically, Governmental, Corporations - in Any Form – Educational… are All also Parents. They use Exactly the Same accepted Methodologies to Brainwash their Children, and therefore there is a Common Agreement that Exists, Underlying, in the Unconscious Mind that “This is the Way things Are”, and that the Child that becomes an Anarchist or a Revolutionary will now try and Bug the System without understanding it, because the Very Thoughts and Ideas that they have within - are all the Products of the Parents anyway. So, they will Not Bug the Family - they will try and Bug ‘the Big System’, which is More in Line with the Normal ‘Chatter’ that happens at Home where there is Unhappiness for instance, about Particular Things happening in the Political Arena or where Decisions are Made that only Benefit some and Others Don’t Benefit. So, it’s all more like a Jealousy/Competition type of thing that FUELS this Anarchy, because “I’m Not getting what You’re Getting!” Instead of working out a Proper Solution, which is obviously Impossible because: a Proper Solution would mean that You have to Change the way Parenting happens, you have to Consider what is Really Happening and you have to Consider the Mechanisms within the Beingness of Any Person that eventually Creates their Thinking Processes, their Feeling and Emotional Processes, their Consciousness. If You Don’t Understand That and you simply keep on Repeating the same Ways and mistakes: You’re Not going to Get Anywhere, you are only going to Create Exactly the Same thing Repeating itself. The Weaker points within the Psyche of the Human (like Greed, Competition, Abuse, Manipulation, Bullying, ‘Winner Takes All’, ‘Always Following Recognition’ – all those/such ‘Weak Points): Will start to becoming the Dominant Factors in the Society and will Marginalize it, because eventually you move towards ‘the Winner Takes All’ society Completely, which means the 1% gets Everything and the 99% end-up as the Losers - and they will do Nothing about it, because they have accepted it as ‘The Way it Works.’

So, Anarchists: you’re Not Really an Anarchist. When you were Born you were a Potential Anarchist, but that was already Destroyed by the age of 2 (Two). In most cases, you’re Just a Voice for some form of Jealousy or Unhappiness, because you are Feeling Inadequate and Unable to Effectively Compete in the System. You are Normally ‘The Loser’ and therefore, you want to find and become ‘The Winner’. You will be a ‘Bully’ anyway, because you will try and ‘Bully your way to the top’ - you’re Not Willing to Do the Work. But, that is Not the Way, because there is Obviously Another Way that one can Solve this Problem.
One can Solve this Problem through Equality, but that you Won’t Want, because you are, after all, still looking ‘to Win’. That’s Why you’re an Anarchist, that’s Why you try and Occupy Wall Street, because: You are No Different to the 1% - you just Want their Place, you just Want to Be Like them. This has been Proven over time - even the Hippie age, what Happened to them all as they Entered the System? They all Became Part of it, the Brainwashing took over and they All Forgot about Everything and the System Specified More, Brainwashing became More Effective and What Happened to the Anarchists? They became the 1%. Many of those in the 1% Position used to be Hippies, Anarchists, Activists – You only Want a Place in this World so you can be Happy. It’s all, in Everyone - Competing for a Point of Happiness / Unique Individuality where you have ‘The Right’, absolute, to Decide ‘What Makes you Happy’ and You Give-it to everybody else so that Everybody can Give-it to you. That’s Not ‘Give and Take’, that’s not ‘Give as You Would Like to Receive’ - that is Just a Clever way to Manipulate everything so that you End up as a ‘Winner’ - in ‘Your World’ you’re the 1% and Everybody else is the 99% and the Brainwashing is Complete: You have been Screwed for Life.

So, if an Organization like Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation comes along saying “You’ve been Brainwashed” - you’ll say “No! You’re the Brainwashers!”…Really? If You Study what we share, we Show you Exactly How it Works, the Details of the Mechanisms of the System that Nobody else has Bothered to teach you or show you. We Help/Show you How to Integrate the Mechanisms’ Understanding effectively so that you can Set Yourself Free. The Very things You Claim ‘You Want’ - We Give You, but you Don’t really Want that, because you’ve been Brainwashed to Compete to become the 1% no matter what and therefore: you’ll find that Most of the Anarchists are Bullies, they are Extremely nasty, they are the Trolls that you find on the Internet and they are Only Interested in one thing: Their Own Self Interest. They’re Not Interested in a Solution that’s Best for All Life, they are Not Even Life. Life got screwed in the Beginning by the Mother, through Brainwashing and That obviously also Plays the Role.

We Will continue with this with further blogs…

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