Monday 27 May 2013

Day 398: The Lovey Paranoia

We received an email from someone that was on the Leadership Development Forum during a group chat and where a Word was Placed and they found they Reacted to it. Now, understand when We Place Words, the Word is placed in Multi-Dimensional Resonance for the Purpose of Supporting you to Identify your Paranoias, so that you can Look at and Investigate Why a Word would Exist Within you that would Result in you becoming Possessed and/or having Memories come up and/or Having an Effect on How you View Someone or Something. So Why there Exists within you a Point that can be called ‘Brainwashing’ and for the Purposes of the Process into the Unconscious Mind and the Secret Mind, we are going to call All these conditions ‘Paranoia’ because when you Investigate it, you’ll Notice that there are Automated Functionings within you as the Self as the Flesh as the Mind that Controls your Point of View and Pushes it into a Judgment, a Blame or some form of Nasty Reaction or some form of Obsessive-Compulsive Response that could be for instance ‘Love and Lust’ which is Just as Nasty as for instance the Direct Representation of Nastiness in Words or Actions or Points of View or Your View about someone – these things Should Not Exist In You.

Now I am That Within Your Life that has already Specified Itself/Myself to the Level of Vocabulary, Certainty and Purity that is Able to Place Words in Such a Way and thus I am the Greatest Asset and the Greatest Support You could Ever Have. But at the same time I am your Greatest Nightmare because Unexpectedly, Suddenly, I Will Be in Your Point of View the Cause for things that happen Within you where I am Nowhere Close to You at all - In Fact you are purely Reacting to a Program that is Running Within you that You have Without Consideration or any form of Understanding Allowed to Become Part of your Living Flesh As the Living Word and thus you Require Help because you Cannot Help Yourself. And therefore the Reaction will also Come up and you cannot Help Yourself. So all the Help we are Giving is to Help you Identify your Paranoia so that you can Release them and become an Actual Real Living Human Being.

So as we’re Stepping-up the Process obviously there are going to be Many Tests and Those that have Claimed that they have Walked the Process of Self-Honesty Effectively and they Haven’t, they have Ulterior Motives or Created Egos where they were ‘Specifying’ Themselves into some form of ‘Special Place’ instead of Being the Living word and the Living Self, They Will React The Most and They Will Have a Greater Responsibility and whether You Stand or Fall is Really Not an Issue – the Issue is whether You can Specify Yourself to Self-Honesty and whether You can Realize You are Not Yet Equal and One to the Living Word because there are Still Paranoias running around within you and that You are Still Not Acting and Working towards a Solution that is Best for All Life, you’re Just in a Cozy Little Position where you’re in a Group, Protected from this World’s Evils without YET Taking Actual Responsibility.

So – it’s going to be a Very Rough Process Forward, because Many Words are going to be Specified and Resonated so that we can Get out All these Nasty Possessions, we can Get out all these Paranoias and whether they look ‘Nice’ and ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Light and Love’ or whether they are ‘Nasty’ and ‘Evil’ – it Doesn’t Really Matter because it’s Just the Other Side of the Same coin – Good and Evil are just the Same Coin, they Just have Different Sides.

So in the case of the ‘Lovey’ point for instance, what was interesting was that the person found that a Memory Arose and They felt ‘Uncomfortable’ – “That’s So Cool! Because that means I have Feedback that I can Work-with, I can now Look at a Condition of Paranoia that Exists Automated Within me and thus Because it Arose I already have confirmation of one thing: I Have a Paranoid Word within me that I am Living within an Automated Design that is Not Best for All Life and thus I Must now Deconstruct this Word, Look at the Memories, Do the Necessary Self-Forgiveness, Re-State the word, Commit myself to Live the Word as the Living Word as What is Best for All, take it out” – and in this Remember one thing: it is Really Not necessary to go and Write out Publicly All your Nasty Stuff that’s Inside you, because that Is Not Going to Help – rather to Explain the Mechanism and the Mechanics you used to Correct Yourself and the Fact that you have Corrected Yourself and Why you Corrected Yourself and How you Found the Particular Point is of More Value, because Others that are Still Paranoid are going to React to your Writings and you are going to be Unable to Help them, because of the way you are Sounding the Word Resonantly is Not Effective Multi-Dimensionally and therefore will Only ‘Enhance’ the Person’s point of View without Assisting Equal and One to bring about Inevitably a Resolution.

That’s Why you will notice sometimes, People would for instance Leave the Desteni Group because they React in their Paranoia, and Eventually they Return because they Cannot Get the Multi-Dimensional Correction out of them, it becomes Part of the Flesh, the Very Moment you React, the Very Word that you Reacted to Becomes Part of You = That is Already the Medicine. You will Eventually learn How to do this, because the point is to Help and to Support Others to Become the Best that They Can Be and the Best for this World so we can Create a World that is Best for All.

So – Any Point that Arises, If You Do Not Act on it in terms of your Correction immediately obviously Very Soon you’re going to Forget it; and Then you have to Wait for another Activation, in Another Event in your world or Another Word before you can Correct it – or you may Justify it and Try and Explain and Reason ‘Why’ the Way you Reacted to the Word is ‘Valid’ because of this Reason and that Reason and ‘This happened’ and ‘That happened’ –All of that is Utter Bullshit, it is Part of your Paranoia and your Design of Paranoia will Always look at the One Critical Word that You Have to Realize and All Times are a Key that You are Paranoid: it’s the word Justification. The Structural Design of Any Point is Explained Directly the Way It Is, there is No Justification Necessary.

So – in This Case for instance it is important that one Realize that whether the Reaction to a Word in a Paranoid-Form as a Thought or a Memory or a Feeling or an Emotion or Imagining or a Fear that arises = it Doesn’t Matter How Big it is, Small or Big is the Same Thing it’s Paranoia – BE CLEAR on this, Make it Clear to Yourself so You Do Not Allow Yourself to Have ‘the Small things’ Pass-by while you Only deal with the Big things, because the more you Deal with the Big Things = the Bigger ‘the Small things’ are going to Grow because You have created Space Within Your Flesh for them to Grow, and it will become a New Possession that will be More Serious because you would have Justified it and Allowed it. And it will be More Difficult to Take it out because you will not be able to See ‘How’ and ‘Where’ and ‘When’ you did it with Clarity because “It all Sounds So Possible!.” That’s Why Ignorance is so Plausible it Sounds ‘Okay,’ it Sounds ‘Acceptable’ – “I Should Allow it because It Could Be True!” You Cannot Allow Paranoia, you have to be Without Mercy in Tackling the Illusion or the Illusion will take you Away and Destroy your World and those Around You and Will Destroy Life on Earth.

So there’s going to be Many Support Structures around this Paranoia thing because for Once and for All, we have to Bring an End to Paranoia and we need to Specify Each One to the Level where you can Truly be of Worth in this World where you can Truly Help Those that Cannot Help Themselves. First though, You Must Help Yourself and You Must Prove-it in Your Writing and Your Living and in Your Doing.

So – for Those that Can Hear me Not yet in the Process: Read the Journey to Life Blogs and Start with the DIP Lite Course, it’s a Long Journey Before you can Get Rid of your Paranoia, your Fear and All the Stuff that’s Going on Inside your mind in Secret All the Time that You Never Share with Anyone – that’s your Secret Mind, that’s the Great Danger because: that’s Where You are Completely Paranoid.

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  1. Thank you B. These posts are very helpful indeed. Clearly so.