Wednesday 22 May 2013

Day 391: Soul Memories - The Brainwashing of the Soul – Part 1

Now understand that the Soul itself is In Fact Created By Memory. That is why in the Writings (general writings that have been published) you’ll find that there are References to some Beings being Ensouled and others Not. Furthermore the Type of Memories that are Utilized to Create the Soul is Predetermined because a Particular Energy or Frequency is all that is Proved to eventually Embody the Energetic Soul - these Memories are Created and eventually were then Stored so that you Always have a Place to Return to in your Cycles of Rebirth. When you would Come for a Life on Earth, certain Memories would be Selected which you had Developed and Enhanced through Time, and to which you had Developed a Very Specific Energetic Connection to. Those memories will be Uploaded in Your Life also to Either be a Reward System (because you have Achieved the ‘Predesigned Life Objective’ and then you will Have a Form of Happiness and Joy, which is a Feeling that comes Out of You which you would Recognize and which you would Define as ‘Your Reward.’) Or to be Utilized to Stabilize you when you have gone ‘Off course’ in terms of your Pre-Defined/Pre-Designed Life.

Obviously what is Fascinating about all of this is that the Memories are Actually Lived-in, so you Never Actually have the Knowledge of How to Construct the Memory. You Construct the Memory through your Interaction in a Life on Earth, and out of that you Make a Decision of Which Memory it is that you Regard as a ‘Higher Memory’ and Accumulating That will eventually Create a Memory Construct that is Sufficient to Sustain an Energetic Body which you then end up calling The Soul. This Energetic Body would be in the Afterlife and on Earth and you would Move Between it. This would also be the Vehicle that Determines What Type of Life You Will Have on Earth, what your Level of Loyalty is to the System, the Hierarchy and according to that, what Type of Lives you should be Given as Possible choices, where normally you had only a Few Lives to Choose from.

The greater Objective or Reason for All of this Happening would be Motivated through the possibility of ‘Achieving’ eventually ‘Greater Status’ within what was termed ‘Life of the Soul,’ and therefore you were always Competing in fact in a way for your Self-Interest because the Soul is a Vehicle of Self-interest that was Developed and which was then Defined as apparently being ‘Individuality and Uniqueness.’

Then there is also this Ideology that apparently the Soul Reflects a form of ‘Enlightenment’. Certainly, it seems like the Soul has a Lighter-Side, which means a Positive-side and the Negative-side is just the Lessons you’re busy Learning. But in fact the Soul’s Lighter-side is the Deliberate Design to Filter-through only Certain Energies that would then Create the Layers of Heaven, the Many Heavens and Each Heaven would be a Particular ‘Frequency Band’ – this Frequency Band would have its own ‘God’ - so to speak – a Being that is in charge which were Rewarded through Loyalty, something you would be told you could Also Become if You Remain Loyal. So the whole time You are Motivated by these things, these Promises, these Hopes, and Every Time you are in Heaven, you are After Death - and you would be Reunited with the Part of Your Soul that Remained and Waited for you and with your Soul Family and your Memories of the Earth would be Taken and Studied to Design your Next Life and to Assess your Loyalty to God so to speak. It would then be decided whether you could Actually ‘Ascend’ through the Realms of Heaven or whether you will be eventually Condemned as a Risk - possible Anarchist or Revolutionary or whether you would then be Condemned to Hell, the Demon Dimension. It was actually Not a Hell per se, it was Actually all a Demon-like Reality where the energies were of a more ‘Negative’ kind and where they are just seen as ‘Lower energies.’

So, we will be Doing a Whole Series on The Soul – Astral Traveling and Astral Planes and in this also explain How it was Created and What the Reason was behind it, the Intentions and How you were Brainwashed to Believe in it - and all those kind of things. So in a way it is an Extension of Brainwashing, but this is more ‘Brainwashing of the Soul’ than it is Brainwashing of your Physical Life.
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