Tuesday 21 May 2013

DAY 387: Anarchists, Mothers and Brainwashing

DAY 387:Anarchists, Mothers and Brainwashing:

We continue with the Brainwashing Series where we’re taking it apart Facet by Facet – so, we suggest that you Read All the Posts already here and the ones Forthcoming so that you can eventually get ‘The Big Picture’.

Now, Mothers play the Ultimate Role in Control (obviously, this would include Fathers who take on the Role of Mothers or where Father and Mother is Sharing-Responsibility in an apparent appropriate way).
The Name of the Game is ‘Control’ and Control is subject to Authority. So, this in itself means that one must Realize: with Every Child Born there is a Potential Revolutionary, a Potential Anarchist and Very Quickly the Child will start Showing their Unhappiness with their Experience in the World. When that happens – normally round about the terrible twos, where the child is having extensive difficulty in the Physical Integration of all the Information and the Nature of Abuse in this World into the Quantum Body - the Child will Act-out Extensively and would in many cases Reveal forms of Behavior that is Psychopathic or Sociopathic in Nature, revealing No Feeling or Consideration for Anything but Complete Self Interest. That is the Nature of what the Human has Accepted as ‘who they are’ and ‘what they are’ in this World - that Integration shows Very Quickly; now the Parent must Subdue the Child and Force the Child to have what one can say is a form of Feeling, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding, a Sense of Responsibility towards the System and the parents and so train-in some forms of Considerations.
Now, here the Parents Regard all of these Happenings as ‘Normal.’ All the ‘Experts’ and the Psychologists will say “This is Just Normal and all you have to do is Find the Button of the Child to Press”. So, the Parents will go about ‘Finding the Button to Press’ – and it’ll Normally be in terms of forms of things to Give the child like Sweets, particular Food and Distractions, Television, Toys, whatever works! To the Parent it doesn’t matter, because ‘This is just Normal for the Child to go through. All they have to do is get through it and get the Child to Shut Up, to Stop and to Actually Consider the Parental Authority’. This process will be enforced, because at the stage, when this is happening, the Child can be Subdued Very Easily – either in a Cradle, a Walking pin or in some form or thing you can Tie the child up, let them Scream a little bit until they Eventually give up and you Start with the process of Killing and Destroying the Anarchist and the Revolutionary within.

Once you’ve got over that, then the Child is going to be much more Compliant and you’re going to be So Happy, because the Child will Smile. From the Child’s perspective they’ve Learned a simple thing: to Kick and Scream and try and do something about it, in their Situation, in terms of ‘Who they are’ - the World doesn’t Help if they Scream or Try and Express their Displeasure – they get a Lot Further with More Positive attitude, one where they Smile, they’re Nice, they Entertain their Parents and they are like the ‘Little Hollywood Star’ Special beyond Measure, because: when they’re that - the Parents Hearts Melts and they just Give them whatever they can and they’ll Break All the Rules and So the Child is Learning how to be a Manipulator using Positive Energy. ‘Positive Thinking’ it would be called, but at this stage the Child is Not yet Thinking – these are all Actions taken by the Quantum Body to Ensure the Survival of the Child, the Thinking Processes are still In Development, the Mind is Not yet Completely Formed and this will come later.

Now, normally this whole part of the Child’s Development will then go through a ‘Smooth phase’ until and During the Development of the Mind; and once the Mind is Developed Sufficiently where it Starts to Produce Energy – Positive and Negative Energy, which is Emotions and Feelings – the Child will Enter the Stage where what is termed the ‘Emotional Body’ is being Developed.
Now – the Parent already, through what they’ve heard and read, would have prepared themselves and the child to Make Sure that when this Stage Starts, the Child will inevitably also End-up within Submission within/as the justification of ‘it is Important that one must Stop the Revolutionary within the Child, you Must Stop the Anarchist, they Cannot Bug the System, they Must Comply, it is Essential for their Survival, if they Do Not Comply they will Not have a Life with Sufficient Income, they May become a Criminal and/or they may End-up with Major Disagreements with Authorities and Governments and thus, the Child will be in Danger.’ So, the Parent meticulously, over time, would Implant Concepts within the Child, Brainwash it into the Child - concepts that are based on Particular Fears that Must be Cultivated. One of these Fears, for instance, is to Cultivate the Fear of God, Religious Fear, Fear for Authority, Fear for the Fact that ‘you’re in Trouble if you have No Money’ - and whatever it takes, the parent will do. The Weaker Parents - the ones who normally Already Failed, or haven’t Learned anything from their Experiences, or that Used to be Anarchists or Revolutionaries in their Young Ages and then Screwed-up their Lives so far that they had No Power in the System and So they had a Mediocre Life - they may do more; others will just simply Give-into things like Alcohol and Drugs and/or any other Addiction to try and Forget the Fact that they’re a Complete Failure. Because if they Give into the Addiction – the justification is that ‘at least they have some form of Authority, they have some form of Exclusivity, some form of Specialness, they’re in some form of a Place where they can Feel like a Winner by Forgetting what is Really Actually going on’. Although, they can’t even place their Finger on that, because they Don’t Know exactly How they became what they are, they don’t know where the Thoughts come from, their Emotions, the Feelings…Nothing.
The same is Happening to the Child that is now being Brainwashed by the Parents and in this - the Mother plays a Major Role, because she’ll Normally act as the ‘softer side’, the one that’ll use the more Subtle Manipulation. The Parent will act more as the ‘God’ figure and thus use more the Fear concept, the Mother will first try and move the child and then use the father as the Ultimate Threat and say “I’m going to tell your Dad! He’s going to Set you Straight!” So, the Fear Point is Extensively Placed-in as Authority. As the Child goes through the Emotional years, the Child will automatically Learn more and more Deceptive Ways: they Know they have to Lie to their Parents, they Know when to Shut up, ‘When to be’/ ‘What to be’ and Multiple Personality Disorder is Created. But, it’s Not even yet recognized by our Psychologists, because only in the Situations where it becomes so-called Completely Dysfunctional and Bug the System is it called ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’. When Multiple Personality Disorder is to the Benefit of the System and Ensures that there is Control and Authority and that the person will Submit to the System, then it is Not a Psychological Disorder.

We’ll continue with Anarchists, Mothers and Brainwashing (Part Two) in the Next Post

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