Friday 31 May 2013

Day 402: Candy Crush Saga: A Giant Evolutionary Jump in Education

I’ve been Evaluating Candy Crush Saga the latest Game Craze and here is what I found:
  • Candy Crush Saga is for young and old and Crosses All Age barriers.
  • It is a Preferred Social Networking Interaction game that Develops Social Interaction and that Directs Self-Interest in a way that is Beneficial for All Participants.
  • It Develops Cognitive Skills related to Group Building, Critical Reasoning, Planning, Strategizing.
  • It Develops a sense of Self-Reward because a Player will Play Until they reach a Score they’re Satisfied-with.
  • It will Enhance the Process of ‘Giving and Receiving’ because through the Facebook Interaction point one:
    •  Give to Another the Ability to Continue in the Game; while You Receive the Ability to Continue.
    • You can also Share – for instance – Lives; there is No Need to Actually Spend Money on it, which Enhances the idea that One Can Coexist and Support Each Other in Advancement for Achieving an Objective Without spending money but by Giving the particular Moves, Lives and Advancement points To Each other through Social Networking.

  • It is Vastly an Improvement on Games like Angry Birds and all the other games of Violence as it is a Challenge within itself, where one Challenge Yourself and Yet you’re Forming Part of a Group.
  • It Assists in Keeping the Fingers and the Mind Busy so the Nutritional Values that you are Eating Candy that Do Not have a Disastrous Effect on the Body, because your Fingers don’t have the Time to go and Eat other stuff and it Occupies the Mind in Self-Confidence Building and becoming More Effective with Geometric Alignments while In the Challenge, thus having the person spend Less Time In Front of for instance, Television.
The very fact that Candy Crush Saga became the Number One Game in the World is a Very Good Sign for the Future of Humanity and this Particular Game will have a Big Impact on How People Learn to socially Interact. It will Enhance the Communication and consideration of Each Other on Social Networks like Facebook and it will Allow People to Pay More Attention to Other People, because there is an Advantage to do this, there is an Advantage to Give because by Giving you are Receiving. All Round, Candy Crush Saga Is the Game to Play and is the Game that one should Ensure your Children Plays and Adults Should Play it because it will Assist a Lot in Developing More an Effective Sense of Self within the world and to Realize How Effective it is when one Works Together as a Group and Give so that You Can Receive.

It is a Definite Winner, it has So Many Levels that Candy Crush Saga will be Difficult to be transcended by Any Other Game at this stage and the Developers Certainly came up here with Something the World Dearly Needed.

So I suggest: Play Candy Crush Saga and Support Yourself in Developing yourself and Through Giving to Others Lives and Moves through the Facebook Connection of Candy Crush Saga there will be Certainly a sense of Well-being which is something Each One Deserves. Fascinatingly enough as well that by Playing Candy Crush Saga on the phone, one will Use the Phone Less in terms of Other forms of Communication and there will be Greater Emphasis on Actual Self-Movement.

Enjoy it!
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