Sunday 2 June 2013

Day 403: Religious Paranoia

One of the great Paranoid Mental Disorders that Exists on Earth goes Under the Banner of Religion. And under this Banner they even Lobby for some form of Human Right Protection which in Itself becomes a Violation of Human Rights to a Massive Degree. Their Justification of this Religious Paranoia is varied but some of it is for instance that “The Way Things Are is God’s Will and We’re Not Allowed to Interfere with it”, “To Mess Around with God’s Creation is Blasphemy” All kinds of things in Spite of the Scientific Evidence that shows very Clearly that Man is a Preprogrammed Genetic Design, to such a degree that one can Ascertain and Prevent for instance Genetic Mutations and Disorders in Children So Early that one can Prevent a Pregnancy and rather get a Fetus that will Actually have a Decent Life, but the Religious Paranoia will say ‘No you CAN’T Interfere with God’s Plan’ even if it means that Another Being will have to go through a Life of Extreme Disarrangement where they are Genetically Misaligned Causing-them All Kinds of Disorder that Makes their Life Impossible to be at the Level of a Functioning Human, it is apparently still called ‘Life’ – It’s Not Life! It’s Just a Robot. Life is a Functioning thing that Actually Cares about What Happens on Earth, that Actually Cares about What’s Best, that Actually Realizes that the Very Point within Each Being Is Life. But that One Can Prevent Much Suffering by Utilizing the Tools that are available on Earth for instance like Genetic Sequencing and Genetic Screening, Preventing Great Horrors! And I mean you Need to be a Parent that must Make Peace with the Child Born with these Genetic Disorders, you Must Understand the Level of Paranoia the Parent will have to Develop to Tell Themselves and Have the Thoughts that “It is Okay” and that “I Love My Child’ and “I mean it is going to be a Life of Service” and All kinds of Justifications. The Bottom line is that this is in the end an Atrocity and that although it is Commendable that Somebody can Give Their Life to Someone that is for instance Born with Down Syndrome, it’s Certainly in the age where we are now able to Prevent this and Can Save Untold Suffering; and it Should be Considered from the perspective that Allowing a Child to be Born in this World with a Genetic Disorder that makes them Less Functional and Less able to Live a Fulfilled Life in itself is a Violation of Human Rights. Thus Patenting for instance Genetic Sequencing for the Purposes of Profit, Instead of Making and Ensuring that This is Available for Every Parent and it Should actually Be Illegal to Have Children if they are Not Genetically Screened to Prevent Mutations, because to Allow that – even In the Name of Religion – in itself is Not Only a Human Rights Abuse, it is Downright Criminal.

At this stage, the Technology Already Exists where an Embryo can be Pre-Screened at Five Days. In fact it is Far More Effective to do an In Vitro Fertilization where one Fertilize several of the Eggs establishing the Best Fetus with the Best Genetic Sequence and Implanting that = that is More Proper Care, becoming Pregnant in the ‘Conventional Way’ is Gambling, it’s like ‘Casting the Lot’ it’s also as much against God’s ideology, from the perspective it’s Against God’s Rules that ‘You Must Not Cast the Lot’ – so here you’re Casting the Lot because throughout the Possibilities of the Various Genetic Combinations and the Various Mutations that could Occur and Cause Genetic Forms of Disorders that are Limiting the Child’s Potential of a Full Life – there are a Very High Likelihood, it Happens a Lot and it’s Seldom Published.

If the Technology was Available to All and the Education Process and the Parenting Process is Clearly Directed to Always Produce only That which is Best as a Child – we’re not even Starting to Talk about Education here, we’re just Talking about the Genetic Material Foundation, the Foundational Placement of the Sperm and the Egg combining/producing an Embryo, ensuring that This Embryo (Fittest) will have the Best Opportunity for a Life on Earth, that All the Technology Exists and in an Equal Money System and in a System where there is a Bill of Rights of Equality = This Will Be Available for All. Not only from the perspective of ‘Choice,’ but from the perspective of That It Is a Human right, that This MUST Happen and that the Child Should Not Enter this World ‘Randomly’ or ‘by Luck,’ that Such Actions are in fact Irresponsible and Downright Abusive.

Now the Big Culprit in all of this that is Causing all this Genetic Mutations to Go Without Prevention is Religion – and the Paranoia that has been Created Around Religion that apparently “God is Watching Us”/“God Knows Best” – are All Just Fascinating Justifications. Even when you get to the Spirituality point, the Whole Spiritual Part is Emphasized, the Actual Physical Genetic Parts are NOT, and it is Justified Why apparently a thing that exists it’s in its Individuality it’s already kind of Broken and because it’s so ‘Unique’ it is ‘Beautiful’ – the Justifications and the Paranoia around this are Extreme. All the while We have the Knowledge and the Know-how to Take Action and Prevent Harm to Living Beings. Unfortunately, we still have to get to the point of Eventually even Have the ‘Good Grace’ to Consider the Common Good and to Ensure that That becomes part of the Bill of Rights and that That becomes Part of the Way we Exist on Earth. So it will be Several Generations before These Problems are Corrected.

If you Understand what I am Presenting and what the Equal Life Foundation is Presenting and All the Destonians that’s within this Process already that are being Busy with the Self-Correction, I Invite you to Join Us, Become Part of it. It’s a Very Difficult Journey because there are a Lot of Paranoid People out there that are Not going to be Happy If You Dare to Change, and you Dare to State that it is Possible for Humanity to Live in Peace and Harmony, Practically Ensuring that there is No Poverty – Everybody’s Got a Home, Proper Health Care, Preventing Genetic Disorders – you name it! There is a Lot of Stuff we can do, but we don’t. The only way to Change this is Not through Revolution but it is Actually through Politics. Politics is the Fascinating Interesting thing that is In Fact Legitimate and Legal as a way to Change the World, simply by Voting or Getting Involved in Creating Political Parties that Actually Present a Constitutional Bill of Rights, Ensuring that All Laws that exist are Aligned to that, Ensuring that All Necessary Preventions that Ensures a Life that is Best for All Happens on Earth – those kind of stuff all Happen through Politics, through Government. And Government is Not ‘Evil,’ Government is the Product of The People. If Governments are ‘Evil’ as so many Paranoids Claim, then They’re Evil because They are the Ones that Created the Government in the first place, they don’t have an Alternative = that’s quite a Problem. One Shouldn’t Judge: You Should Look for Solutions and Alternatives.

As long as You Have No solutions and Alternatives = You are Judging.

If You Have a Solution and Alternative = it’s No Longer a Judgment, it is Then Common Sense Reasoning.

Join Us on a Most Important Journey.

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