Monday 3 June 2013

Day 405: Christ Nature, Buddha Nature and Brainwashing

I’m jumping Ahead a little bit with this because Lots of people are in Deep, Deep Trouble because they don’t understand How the Mind Functions and therefore Convince themselves and Lock themselves into a Prison of the Mind as Energy, Feelings and Conviction that they have Reached and Attained a certain state that ‘somehow’ by being in this state will just ‘Solve all the Problems in the World.’

Now, here again the Fascinating thing is to Look at the History and Specifically understand that the Design is Not one that say the Human Intentionally Place Into the Flesh as the Living Word to Mold the Substance in a Particular Way, it is Part of a Pre-Design, it is Part of the ‘Pre-Ordained Nature’ that was Programmed into the Human, slowly Forming Part of the Genetic Material, but essentially Forming Part of the Soul Design. So you’re more looking at your Multi-Dimensional, your ‘Interdimensional DNA’ so to speak, DNA obviously being just Information Carriers, just like the Mechanical Code of Software that is in the Background. So, in this I’ll mention a Few Points.

For Instance if you have a look at some point or Person in Spirituality that became quite Famous especially in the West, you look at the Lobsang Rampa story and then you look at How Specifically Suffering, Brutality, Pain and Torture and the Gambling of ‘Against all Odds’ were all Programmed-in through the Lobsang Rampa story into Spirituality. And, Presented as if it is being ‘Exported from the East’ forming a Foundation for the Early Spiritualists which obviously the ones that Now exist - the younger generations - Do not even Know the story because They were Never Part of that Evolutionary Design in Bringing in for instance the ‘Christ Nature’ and the ‘Buddha Nature’ into the Equation. Now Here Specifically, we’re looking at the Lobsang Rampa story utilizing something Similar to what is utilized in Christianity – the Christ Nature – through a Process of Suffering, a Process of Crucifixion something So Terrible that the Reader in their imagination Cannot Conceive Themselves Going Through it and therefore they Move to State of ‘Gratefulness,’ they Glorify the person that went through the Suffering and thus they Imprint Within Themselves a ‘Preferred Solution’ so that they Don’t have to Go through something like that, immediately Utilizing their Survival Pre-Ordained Structure to Accumulate the Information, Forming Memories - which were molded out of the Imagination and the Story they were Reading - into an Actual Experience while their Reading and this Experience because it is ‘So Personal’ and they are Convinced that ‘it is Them Reaching a Conclusion/ Coming to a Greater Insight’ would then Form and Mold the Memories, Charge -them Energetically, Form the Associations and Eventually Become the Words that the Person will Think, then the Words the Person will Speak and then the Words the Person will Live. And because they’re Able to do that = they will Convince Themselves they have Attained some ‘Higher Consciousness,’ some ‘Greater Understanding’ they are thus ‘More Special.’

In all of this though the Main Point that is being utilized in this (also you can look at where I explained on how the Mind is utilized to Brutalize the Body and Brutalize the Being into Submission in the Fetus Process of Integrating into the Physical Reality, there are blogs (not yet published) explaining that) and the Same Pattern Repeats itself. And you’ll Now Notice for instance in the Modern Day How Particular Events like for instance 9/11, the Jihads, Wars… all kinds of stuff is Used to Brutalize the Being, to Place the Being into a point of an Imaginary World within which they would Construct their Memories and go and Design their Consciousness and Character into a Form of Submission to try and Ensure that They Never Have to Face this Incredible Suffering and Torture; and through this a Separation Occurs that is Accentuated to such a degree that Eventually the human through their Imagination and their New Energetic Designs, their Memories, the Consciousness and the Character would Convince Themselves even that for instance “This Physical World is Just Temporary, it Doesn’t really Matter, you Do the Best You Can, there’s Nothing More You can do, you’re Stuck here and once You’re Done Here: you’re Going Home.” And in that the Whole Imagination of the Afterlife, of the Soul, of Consciousness, of the Love and Light - all of that is Developed – Shambala, ‘Beauty Beyond Measure’ apparently – all Made up in the Mind, because the Being Does Not Understand even the Most Basics about the Mechanics of the Development of Memory, the Mechanics of the Development of Thought, the Mechanics of the Development of Emotion, the Mechanics of the Development of Feeling, the Mechanics of the Development of Consciousness, the Mechanics of the Development of Character, the Mechanics of the Development of the World System – NOTHING is Really Understood, the Total Psychology that we have Do Not have Any Basic Mechanics, it’s only Observation and as is already known, when the Observer looks at an Experiment in the Physical: It Changes the Outcome. So the Observer Remains Part of Whatever is Happening and Remains Biased simply because: the Observer Always Looks through its Already Programmed Memories, its Already Programmed Consciousness and therefore Cannot be Unbiased. One Need a Scientific Principle, a Mathematical Principle as your Foundation like for instance the 1+1=2 Equation where You Place Together the Actual Relationships, looking at the Actual Result so you can see what is Actually Happening so that you can Sort it out! But That seems to the Observer just ‘Too Easy’ because in the Imagination things always look ‘Much Bigger’ and the Imagination is Far Less Boring than Life on Earth which takes Time. And when you have Seasons developing, Trees Growing, Flowers blooming… but it happened So Slowly that You Do Not See the Process, you Only See the Result.

So – both Christ Nature and Buddha Nature are all born out of - especially the Western version – out of the Torture that somebody went for the ‘Crucifixion’ of someone so to speak, which developed Massive Petrification, Fear, Anxiety, which then Influenced the Memory, the Energy, the Structure and then the whole Polarity Principle where you then ‘Focus on the Positive’ and you want to Completely Ignore the Negative because the Belief is: ‘that If you would Embrace the Negative = you’re Going to Become the Negative and if you Embrace the Positive = you’re going to Become the Positive’ and then Because the Person obviously in their Nature of Design as the Positive ONLY Give Value to the Positive, ONLY move Towards the Positive = they Experience themselves as ‘Positive’ and then the Negative – which happens very ‘seldom’ according to them – is ‘Not part of their world’ while the Negative is 99% of the Time, because the Positive is Only the 1% of the Time and it’s only with your Full Attention.

If you Remove the Polarity and you Live as Breath, just like a Tree, like the Grass = Your Whole World Change because they’re Moving Without this Imagination the Human is Endowed with. And obviously this Imagination became the Foundation of our Consumerism through people like Dale Carnegie and many others which Placed into Context that ‘Whatever you can Imagine, Believe and Focus on = You can Achieve’ and because there has been Some Events in the Physical where there has been great Advances, the Fact that Any of these Advances were Subject to Hundreds of Times of where It Didn’t Work - thus where there was a Negative Result - is simply Ignored because there was a ‘Positive Result’ and the Total Process of Positivity is Based on The Few points where there was some form of ‘Achievement.’

Obviously one Must Understand that These Achievements that Happen in the Physical Already Existed in the Very Design of the Physical, so it’s NOT an ‘Achievement’ it’s Simply just You Getting to Know How the Physical Works and simply State it. There are a LOT More things that are Undiscovered because the Current Approach of Science is Not Based on Improving Life on Earth, it is Based on Improving Profit on Earth. So Many Things that could make the Human Existence Most Interesting, Beyond Imagination Interesting are Not Yet Understood and Discovered. But the Very Fact that it Requires Discovery means: that it Already Exists - and Yes, it Already Exists.

So – the Danger that One Face when You Move into this ‘Christ Nature’ and ‘Buddha Nature’ and these things are simplistic: You are Isolating Yourself into your Own ‘Specialness,’ then you’ll look for ‘Followers’ and you will Try and Convince them and you’ll in Fact Create your Own Religion - in a way Your Own Cult - and You’ll have No Actual Practical Physical Solution for the World. You’ll Believe that Because you can Reach the State of ‘Peace and Harmony’ that apparently in this state of ‘Peace and Harmony’ Everything that is Physical will just ‘fall into place’ Without you really Having to Do Anything because ‘Just because You’ve Changed, You’ll Do Things Differently.’ Unfortunately it’s not How it Works because Who You Are is Actually a Physical Design, your Mind Functions with Physical Memory - the Fact that You Can’t See it because it is in the Dimensions Beyond your Five Senses and you can Only See your Memories in the End Within your Own Mind, Makes it Fascinating, because if One could Realize that What you See in your Mind obviously with Your Own Bias is Exactly the Same as what Everybody Else Sees in Their Minds - so everybody is Exactly the Same in their Mind, the Process is Exactly the Same - But there is a Bias.

And that by Placing the Mind as this ‘Sanctuary of Privacy’ which ‘Should Not be Violated’ is like stating: “I Must Protect My Ability to Abuse, I Must Protect My Ability to Judge Others, I Must Protect my Ability to Have an Opinion about things” because apparently “That is Life” – No, that’s Not Life, that’s just your Bias - that’s In Fact Quite Cruel. Every Human Being every day has Multiple Very Cruel Thoughts, Very Cruel Imaginings while In Fact the Cruelty has been Going on in this Earth Forever, and this Cruelty is What is Behind the Design of ‘Christ Nature’ and ‘Buddha Nature’ and All of that is in fact just Human Nature and the Ideology that somehow because You can Program Yourself for instance through Meditation and through Not Participating in something, into something that is ‘Peaceful and Harmonious’ = that’s Not True because You have Suppressed. If you Didn’t Understand Exactly How Every Single Thought throughout Your Life was Constructed, If you Don’t Understand Exactly ‘What’ was the Pre-Design that your Genetic Material Brought to you, If you Don’t Understand the Exact Nature of Your Design of Character and Consciousness and you Have not Reversed Engineered it and Corrected Every Single Word Within Yourself = You are just Temporary in a Position where apparently ‘Things Seems to Be Going Better’ – Take away a simple thing: All your Money and See How Far ANY of the ‘Buddha Natures’ or ‘Christ Natures’ take you, you’re going to have to Ask Others for Stuff and then You’re Going to Call it that They were Compassionate because ‘They gave you Food’ for instance. No, by ‘Letting Your Money Go’/ by ‘Making Your Resources Go’ = You’ve Just Become a Beggar. And the Others that you Now Manipulate to ‘Feed you’ with a Begging Bowl for instance because apparently you’ve reached some ‘Higher Consciousness’ = THAT is Cruelty as well, because you are Through Guilt and Through Energetic Manipulation, you are Taking Food From THEIR Mouths so that You Can Sit Around Doing Nothing, because You have Reached a ‘Buddha State’ for instance, You Haven’t Reached a Bloody ‘Buddha State,’ you have Just Taken your Laziness and Cruelty to Another Level, so You Don’t Have to Do Anything to Bring About a Better World by Ensuring that Every Child from Birth is Taken Care Of, that Every Animal and Plant in this World is Respected, Every Human is Respected: You Simply Have No Self Respect and then You call it ‘Christ Nature’ and ‘Buddha Nature.’

There is A Lot to Learn if One could Get Beyond your Brainwashing. It’s a Very Difficult Process because You are Addicted to the Energy, it Gives you a ‘High,’ you have Trained your Physical Body to Release the Chemicals that Produce this High within the Body which you can then Experience through the Mind as If ‘it is You’ – it Isn’t You, it is ‘the You’ You Created to Get Away with Your Cruelty. Read the Journey to Life Blogs, Study Desteni, Study the Equal Life Foundation and Equal Money System, and When you Get All this Cruel Nasty Mafia-Cronies that Come and Try and Claim that We are Some Form of a Group that ‘Do things Just for Money’ for instance, Realize One thing: Money is Important because It’s Still in Control - that’s Why We Propose an Equal Money System where Money will No Longer Have this Control and Everybody is Taken Care of. What Solutions Do They have? None! Because they are All Being Paid to Protect the Interest of Those that Already Control the Resources, that’s Why we’re Being Attacked, No Other Reason- very simple. Some of Them were even Preprogrammed Specifically to Play like the ‘Policeman in the Head’ because That Way ‘They Feel they’re Doing Something Special’ – They are ‘God’s Policeman’ to Protect God’s Cruelty on Earth, Fascinating Stuff!

Don’t Let your Imagination Run Away with Fear, Anxiety and Lies – Study stuff for Yourself and Join Us, Only a Group Can Ever Change the World, Individuality Cannot.

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  1. 'new age' brainwashing people claiming that the physical body is just 'a vessel' and only 'the soul' is important, so desregarding Life wich is the physical that allowes them to claim such, but they don't 'see it' because they're in their minds. Thanks Bernard