Thursday 20 June 2013

Day 425: Basic Income and Teaching

c4b1-love-teaching This is a more Difficult Issue because thus far the Education Systems of the World have Only been a Drain in the Economy and have Not really Produced Anything Substantial. One of the latest examples is the South African Education System that in the last 10/15 years has eaten up 20% of the Budget, but when it got to Education at University level, there’s only a 15% Pass Rate with Billions being Lost in Inefficiency.

Education and specifically Teaching is also a type of ‘Easy Job’ because there are No real Guidelines or Minimum Standards, which is quite fascinating that the Very Point that Builds the Foundation of a Society can Exist Without a Criteria to Measure Effectiveness and to Apply it and to Expect Effectiveness.

So the likelihood of Drawing people into the Education Field is purely for having an ‘Easier Job,’ one where they are Not Really Accountable = is quite a Problem. And therefore in Basic Income I suggest that the Teaching Profession should Fall in the Category that is normally referred-to as ‘It’s My Calling’ that means Teaching Should be in the Hierarchy of Needs at the Level where a Person has Achieved Everything they would Like to Achieve in this Life and Now they are ‘Accomplished’ and ‘Feel the Calling’ to Educate the Children of the Future. And they Do it Not because of Money, they Do it because of the Satisfaction it Brings and because they have Prepared themselves Effectively to Be the Best that They Can Be, because the Teachers Should be the Best of our Society. And therefore Money Should Not Be the thing that Drives the Teacher. And therefore, as Basic Income would be – in Our Proposed Format –Sufficient to Make a Decent Living, a Teacher should Only ever Receive the Basic Income and Not anything More.

This would require one to look at Teaching from a Different Perspective and to Investigate the reasons why our Education System at this stage seems to be a Complete Failure and also, the Importance of the Family in the Basic Education of a Child should be Emphasized, realizing that In Essence Education Begins at Home. The Tools, the Mechanisms with which to Do this should be Available in Every Home, and Every Parent should be Educated and Trained in How to Facilitate this, so that by the time the Child reaches School they follow an Integrated Technological Education Curriculum that Facilitates the Correct Functioning and Learning of the Mind, and the Structure of the Character Within the Relationships that Produce a Society that is Best for Everyone. And so bring about the Intellectual Development of the Human to be Able to Facilitate and Contribute to Society through Finding More Effective Ways for the Coexistence and Harmony that is Necessary to Exist between Humans & Humans, and Humans & Animals and Humans & Nature.

So, obviously if a Sufficient Mechanism can be Found to Manage and Ensure that the Teachers Do Produce the Children that We can be Proud of in our society and thus the Teachers are Subject-to Criteria that Measures their Performance to Ensure that the Result is Effective = One can Revisit this point and possibly Pay the Teachers at least the Minimum Wage; but very clearly – and I have been Involved in Education in Many Facets for More than 20 years, I have been to many, many Schools and I have Observed what is Happening and I have Worked with Many Children through my Research in Education – and the Situation has Not Improved, it’s only Gone Backwards and There Is Clearly No Solution on the table and to simply try and ‘Motivate the Teacher with Money’ where the Very Future of our Society is Dependent on Their Effectiveness = That would be Counterproductive.

So teaching will be a ‘Bone of Contention’ and will also fall in a Similar Category of the Other Bone of Contention, which I will Discuss which is the Health Industry which instead of being Supportive for the Human has become a ‘Cash Cow’ where things are done Not for Healthcare but for Profit, it’s Completely Unacceptable … So I will be doing also Presentations on Healthcare within Basic Income.

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