Wednesday 12 June 2013

Day 417: Basic Income and Nationalized Resources

basic-income[1] For the idea of Basic Income to work – that is currently being pushed by groups – one Needs to look at the whole point of Resources within Countries. And the Most Effective Way to bring about a Source that will be Able to Provide the Monetary Resources for a Basic Income for Everyone – so that each one has got a Basic Level of Dignity – would be to Nationalize All the Resources within a Country, to Structure the Products Produced and the Resources Produced through a Pricing Structure that Produces Enough Profit that that Money is Specifically Dedicated to Paying a Basic Income to Everyone in the Country as with the Nationalized Resource – whether it is Mining or Production – the Shareholder becomes The Citizen and therefore The Citizen Benefits from the Shareholding and the Basic Income becomes the Way that the Profit of the Business is Utilized to Help Everyone and then Obviously making each one Aware of Buying Products From the Very Companies that are Producing the Income that will Become the Basic Income. In this way, the Basic Income becomes Possible, it is a Form of Socialism and it Brings Capitalism or the Ownership Principle of Capitalism into a place where All Citizens of the Country becomes Part of the Basic Capital – which is the Basic Resource which then is Utilized for the Benefit of All the Citizens Within the Country. This way obviously, the Corporation as such becomes Government, the Shareholder = The Citizen, the Profit = the Basic Income and you have a Basic Solution to Integrity and to Bring About the End of Poverty within a Country and it is Financed. One can from That perspective then Develop your Business Structures of Competition, but there are Certain things that are Not Part of Competition: the Human Should Not Compete with Each Other to the Extent where Poverty is Caused or where People are Driven to Starvation, or where People Do Not Have Homes or Food – that is Not Competition, that is Brutality and is Completely Unacceptable.

So this whole idea that Competition and Market Forces ‘Will sort it out,’ the Evidence is quite clear: It’s Not going to happen. What needs to Happen is a Directive Action Politically by People to bring about Economic Change, Nationalize the Necessary Resources, Make the Citizens the Shareholders, Pay them as Shareholders a Basic Income out of the Profit, Motivate them to Buy from the Products and the Resources that are being Nationalized because they are Supporting their Own Business and You Have a Solution for Basic Income.

Some of the Benefits of a Basic Income through the way We Propose would be that in essence it is a Redistribution of Money which Allows an Interesting thing to take place: More People Having Money to Spend on the Basic Things that are Required for a Decent Life, Will Cause actually some of the Corporations to Make More Money, there’ll be More Money in the Money Supply, therefore there will be Economic Growth and therefore Employment will be Created and so People will be able to step Into those positions and the Benefits of such a scenario would Bring about a Positive Growth within the Total System.

Understand that Without having the Resources, the Way to Guarantee How One will Get the Money in the Current System, a Basic Income is Impossible and that the Current Limited Resources because of the Absolute Controls of the Corporation and the Extremes of Competition and How that has Limited the Growth of the Money Supply and Limited the Amount of the People that Can Participate in the Economy and so, Grow the Economic benefit for Everyone = that scenario is a Problem and one Needs to have a Solution and the Solution is that One Expands Capitalism through Nationalization by Making the Citizens the Shareholders. This is specially in things like cellphone/telephone companies, electricity, water, All the things that are Basic Needs: these Must be Corporations that are Run by Government Qualified People and the Citizens the Shareholders and the Pricing must be such to Generate Enough Profit to be able to Sustainably Pay a Basic Income to Everyone and within that, you’ll have a Solution for the Current Problems so we can Step-up into a New System eventually.

So let’s just revisit: If one takes your Basic Resources like power, cellphones, telephones, water and one Charges for it according to a Structure of Profit to Provide a Basic Income from everyone and everybody is – because they’re within a particular area or a country are In Need to Use these things – you have a Stable Income because You have a Stable User and the User is Able to Pay and It is part of their Basic way of Existence - this is just One of the examples; mining and other type of Natural Resources are All in a Similar Position and they Should Belong to the Citizens and No one Else.
From there we can then Move on to the Ultimate Solution: Equal Money where We Bring Equal Dignity to All from Birth to Death – but for That we need to Do a Lot of Education because Currently: the Human Being is Brainwashed to Ensure that they Do Not Challenge those Elites that Benefit from Winning in this Competition of Capitalism. Competition is Good if one Competes with Yourself to Bring about a Better Product, to Bring about an Advancement for All = that is Competition within the Principle of Common Sense. Competition that Leads to Destruction, Poverty, Starvation and that Drives People out of their Homes and that Creates Extreme Wealth for Just a Few = that’s Not Competition, That is Pure Nonsense and Brutality and Abuse of All Human Rights in Every Way.

Study the Universal Human Rights, Study the Human Rights laid out by the Equal Life Foundation. Understand: it is Time that we Take this on Politically and bring about a Change in this World, the situation is Not going to Get Better. Join and Research Solutions for the World.
It is Time for Change.
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  1. This is a really cool suggestion and the cases I've seen where such form of shareholding in companies is structured the businesses goes really well and all the people are engaging in all levels of the business as they take it seriously because they have a real stake in it. An example is the documentary about the Goretex company.

  2. Cool that Desteni provides practical suggestions how to solve problems and improve the situation in this world,not like those saying that some forces like market or God's hand will solve it or even worse- love and light will do that