Friday 28 June 2013

Day 434: Basic Income and Animal Rights

15420453-pack-of-stray-dogs Now, Animals Rights is a very Contentious Issue because in a World where There are No Human Rights, Animal Rights are defined Not as a Prevention Measure but more as an ‘After-Effect’ Measure. So if we look at the Patterns that Emerge when you have a Society that Allows Extreme Poverty to Exist, the Animal starts Playing the role of ‘Love’ in the Life of the Poor. The Poor feel – and this is not a generalization, this is a pattern – feel that they are ‘Un-Loved by the System’ and thus they Search for some form of Recognition, some form of Appreciation and this is defined with Animals – and then Suffering Together when there is Not Enough Money for food is then seen as ‘Benevolent.’

So with the Basic Income Guaranteed scenario the suggestion is that Pets Should Not be a Commodity, so that Pets are Not Bred for Money and that there is a Measure and Prevention Instituted and that the Veterinary Profession falls in the Same Category as the Health-Care profession and a Medical Profession, which are Professions that Do the work they do because it’s a Calling. One of the Effects that will Happen with for instance, Circuses because people are in Circuses and they have Animals Trained for Entertainment for the purposes of Making Money. With the Basic Income Guaranteed you’ll find that People can Far Easier become an Animal/Nature Conservationist because Their Basic Needs are Met. Thus, if their Calling is to Work with Animals = They can do so! And thus Nature Conservation and Animal Rights Will Receive a Far More Effective level of Support from the Human Race within a Basic Income Guaranteed System.

At this stage the Plight of the animals – especially in Countries where there is Extreme Poverty – has become Excessive, this Causes the Explosion of Animal Populations that causes More Hardship and Suffering. The Animals form Packs and start to Work Together to try and Find Food. They are then blamed for their behavior, but their Behavior is a Direct Result of the Economic Conditions that’s allowed to be Existent In the World, it’s thus a Direct Effect of the Human Influence on them. These types of scenarios will be Prevented when the Human is No Longer Under Threat from the Economy and the Human is No Longer Disregarded when it comes to Human Rights. So Animal Rights and Human Rights are Intrinsically Linked – the two will Develop together.

So Animal Activists: the way to Truly Support Animals is to Support a Basic Income Guaranteed, a Guaranteed Basic Income for Every Human Being that is Sufficient to Meet all their Basic Needs – and their Basic Needs may be a Pet as well, and therefore that Pet will Also have Sufficient to Have a Decent Life.
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