Wednesday 19 June 2013

Day 424: Basic Income and Owning Property

Deal-Flow-Is-Crucial-For-Your-Property-Business One of the Foundations of Capitalism is Owning Property, but also one of the Foundations of Capitalism is to have a Society that is Able to Consume because They have the Means with which to Consume. So it is suggested that a Balance must be Struck.

Basic Income Guarantee is particularly focused on those situations where a Person is Not in a position to Have Sufficient Income to be Able to Participate as an Equal within Society through Spending, Purchasing, Ensuring the Basic Needs required for a Human to Exist. There are then Obviously Conditions where a Basic Income is Not Required, and thus to Ensure that there is Enough Income Available to Support those when in Trouble, or when Society is not Able yet to Produce Sufficient Jobs, that Those that Have = Do Not Qualify for a Basic Income.

The Basic Regulation would be, is that If you have More than One House you’re owning, you Do Not Qualify for a Basic Income grant, because you are Able due to your Property Value, to Sustain Yourself or at the very least you’ll have to sell One of the Properties and then if you Do Not have Employment, you’ll be able to Qualify for a Basic Income Grant.

Obviously the other point is Investments. If you have Investments that you are Able to Sustain Yourself through your Investments – that means You Have Money ‘somewhere’ in ‘some form,’ because the Basic Income Grant will also act as a Pension, You Don’t Need such Investments. Eventually, a mechanism will have to be Established at What Level Investment would be Sufficient so that you can Sustain Yourself and that you are No Longer Dependent on the basic income grant. So savings or Investments from the perspective of it Creating for you Sufficient Wealth to Sustain Yourself will automatically place you in a position where You Do Not Require a Basic Income Grant, because you are Able to Financially Sustain Yourself.

A Capital Growth is thus one of the points that will be Promoted within a Basic Income System because it will Eventually create a situation where One will be Able to Be Financially Self-Sustained, and the Objective is to get Each Human Financially Self-Sustained so that you are No longer Dependent on your Social Systems – Pension, Insurance, Loans – and that you have Acquired the Skill to Use Capital in a way that you Actually are Able to Sustain your Existence. Then Capitalism has become a Functional System that Benefits Everyone with this Necessary Support when needed and the Necessary Responsibility when your Basic Income is No Longer Required. This also places one within the Self-Development mindset that Capitalism represents, where you specifically acquire Skills to eventually Free Yourself from the Needed Support because you have been Able to Create for yourself a Self-Support System. And that within your Hierarchy of Needs would mean that you have Achieved a Level of Self-Fulfillment and thus a ‘Higher Level of Being’ within Responsibility.

Now the whole Psychological Benefit one can find within Capitalism will be Worthwhile as it is Structured Practically within this reality, you do not have the Stress that goes with your point that if you Fail in your Endeavor = You have Nowhere to go, there is Support and as we have Noticed within Capitalism, one Tends to Fail The first few times because You haven’t Got the Skills yet and the Experience – although that should be Developed also within the Education System so that Failure is limited to the Minimum, because Failure means Resources Get Wasted and when Resources Get Wasted it becomes more Difficult to have a Sustainable Balanced System.

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