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Day 406: Relationship Paranoia Guidelines

When you are dissecting your Relationship Paranoia in writing, here are the points to consider to be placed within the map, where you are mapping your Mind Consciousness System to find the Entity / Personality / Desire that you have as an Energetic Consciousness that places certain conditions on your ideas of Relationship, how you want it to feel like and what you want it to be like. Now obviously, when Relationships are created based on the Mind Consciousness System Entities relating: one ends up with Relationships that are not effective within this Physical world. Unfortunately, money plays a very big role in making it possible for people to be in Relationships that are Energy Based and that are not Physical / Real.

So, Relationship is about being the Living Flesh, the Living Word - and not the Energy Word, which results from accumulated Memories integrated into the Flesh that forms Associations and Relationships with other Memories to Creates Entities, which results in Visions that one see as your Intuition and your Personal Ideology as an Energy story - through which you want to then find your ‘One’, The One that is going to make you feel ‘Special’. For that you have created within yourself a very Special Feeling that you believe that: if you have that Feeling, you have found ‘The One’. That is why you will go around trying to meet people, as many as possible, trying to find ‘The One’.
Obviously, all part of (for lack of a better word) a Massive Continuous Paranoid Mind Fuck - because the repeating Thoughts and Feelings within your Mind are that which starts to eventually specify itself to become part of the Flesh and you end up believing it’s Real, because you are ‘experiencing something’.

To start with the Relationship Paranoia Correction and to Stop it:
You have to look at your Recurring Thoughts about Relationship, People and about Sex. You write them down, because you are going to walk them one by one.
Then you have to have a look at where the Thoughts comes from, that means the Origin of the Memory or Memories - how many of these Memories are together and they form Relationships that will form Symbols and these Symbols will be symbolized by your likes and dislikes of for instances Celebrities, Body Shapes, Eye Color, Hair Color - all kinds of things would be specified according to how your Memory responded to particular Pictures that you saw.
Remember: all the people you have seen/are seeing in your Life (because you are at this stage just a Mind Consciousness Entity), exist within you as Pictures - they are not existing as Real People. That’s why it’s so easy to drive half the World into Starvation, because none of the people within your Mind Memory Structure are real as far as you are concerned, because they are only real to the Mind Consciousness Entity if you have some Benefit from it, if there is Self Interest. Therefore, all the people you’ll have in your Life - will always be related to your Entity’s Self Interest as far as what you can get, Not as far as what you can Give - and you will Only Give, because you know by Giving, you will be Getting.

So, the whole way it should be - is Reversed, very cleverly, by the Entity which you call Personality or Character. This causes one to make Grave Mistakes when you are looking at Relationships, because you are looking at the Graven Image, which is the Image of the Little Message that will be on your Grave one day, “here rests a wonderful person”. And that will be the total extent of your life, because the very wonderful person dies as the Graven Image at Death, because it was just an Energetic Entity that was subject to the Physical Body - existing like a Parasite, Harvesting Energy the whole time through an elaborate Mechanism of Memory, Associations, Personalities, Interactions and Memory Activations…it is an extensive story. It’s best that you start with Desteni I Process LITE as soon as possible if you Ever want to be Free from these Entities, these Parasites that you have been given through Generations of Parenting and is the Sins that has been visited upon the Fathers up to the Seventh Generation.

So, you have an extensive amount of stuff to sort out and with Desteni I Process LITE you will have a buddy, because you can’t do it Alone. You see, you’re not an Individual - an Individual is a Living Organism that functions as the Living Word as Jesus said; while you are just a Mind Consciousness Entity and you are subject to the Physical Body and to everybody else – you’re not an Individual, you are Not Functioning as a Reasonable Being. If you were a Reasonable Being - you would look after the World and you would Not allow the Extermination of all the Animals so that you can have beautiful houses and stuff, so that you can have relationships, marry, have sex, have children and then teach them to do the same that you’ve been doing. Because then you Feel Better about Yourself, because “Look, God sent me these children and they are just like me, I had nothing to do with it, I didn’t create them”…really? You have Created them as a Product of your Relationships. Understanding these Relationships - you have to Dissect them and you have to take apart each point, piece by piece. To look at how to walk this Process - is to use the Problem, Solution, Reward Writing System. You will see with Marlen and various of the Journey to Life writers; where you identify the Thought, you write out (obviously first after you have mapped it all on paper), you write out the Relationships, Associations, the Energies, the Memories, the Negatives and the Positives, what it resulted in, the Exact Nature of the Thought, the Feeling, the Emotion. Then you Deconstruct it and you bring it to a Point where you must, if you want to have a Proper Relationship: be the Physical Flesh as Self, without Thought, Feeling and Emotion, but as a LIVING BEING in a Relationship with another LIVING BEING. That BEINGness is complete in every way - where you Speak and Live and have your Being Express/Live through and as the Flesh, so that you are able to in fact be Intimate with another Person in and as PHYSICAL equality and oneness. That obviously takes Sex to a whole New Dimension that you cannot even begin to Imagine, because Orgasm for instance becomes the total Physical Flesh in every way. And it’s Not based on the Other Person, it is based on your Expression, your Intimacy, the Appreciation of Each Other - it is an Amazing thing that actually Exists. But, Not yet - because in the Mind Consciousness System there is a Battle going on and this Battle is a Battle of Energy. Therefore, you are always looking through the Secret Mind for your Great Answer to the Greatest Secret you carry within You: your Secret Person that’s going to make you One. Therefore, you are a secret admirer of many - from celebrities, to people that you know, to the neighbors wife, it doesn’t matter: You’re a Secret Admirer, because you are searching to Fulfill your Secret. Your Secret is that you Desire Happiness, but you don’t know how it Functions and how to put it together. Yes, because Nobody ever actually Taught you, especially not when it was Suppose to happen in the First Seven Years of your life (and then the Next Seven Years and the next seven years), the first twenty one years of your Life is critical in Who you will Be - it’s very difficult after those twenty one years to change your life, it’s actually very difficult to change your life after the first seven years.

So, the Journey to Life is a Process through which one can actually find the Freedom, Fulfillment and Happiness that you so dearly Desire - But your Mind Consciousness Entity, your Personality-Character-Energetic-Consciousness- thingy: stands No Chance to ever achieve this. Join Us - and those of you who take on Relationship Paranoia: you have an interesting Journey, because there are Multiple Dimensions that should be walked. If you are a Destonian, you want your Partner to Walk the Relationship Paranoia – so that you can get your Relationship to a Physical Oneness and Equality, a True Appreciation of Life. It must be done in writing openly, so that one can clearly see the Process, so that Trust can be Established; because the Mind is a Secret Place and Secrets always Lead to Dishonesty as our Wonderful Governments, Corporations and Consumer Systems Proves: Secrets lead to Harm.  We do Not want Harm, we want Harmony - not with Money, so - not Harm-Money, we want Harmony. Equal Money is the answer to that; because then there will be Harmony.
You desire more Money – it’s just another way where you are utilizing an External Power to Control others so that you can have your Possible Dream Relationship. And this Dream Never comes true, not through the Mind, not through the Entity which you have cultivated as consciousness.

So, the bulb of Enlightenment is fusing and it is part of the old conspiracy, which is the Light Bulb Conspiracy. That is why you will find you will be moving from light bulb to light bulb looking for Enlightenment, a Relationship that you can have this wonderful something that will bring about your twin flame, your special twin spark, your soul mate. And then, if that is so True: Self Honesty would dictate - the moment you find your soul mate, that it should function Physically Properly - you would not need to Compromise in any way, because you are both the Living Word One and Equal. If that is not so - what do you know: the expiry date of the light bulb happened and your Enlightenment wasn’t Real. Your Enlightenment / ‘Real Enlightenment’ would Enlighten the World and bring about an understanding of how to Live as the Living Word in this World - that is what Jesus came to Present and you have Not considered the Message.

Join Us, because this is the Journey that will take you to Life, if you Dare - or to Death, if you don’t Dare.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this Bernard, will start by this week and will use your guidelines.