Wednesday 26 June 2013

Day 432:Basic Income and Commodity Pricing


This is a Fascinating thing, because there is this Theory about the Free Market that Supply and Demand determine the Price and that apparently it is a ‘Market Force’ that is Determining at the end of the day ‘Who will be Wealthy and Who will be Poor.’ The Odds – if you know from playing Monopoly – is obviously ‘He who Has the Money will be Wealthy because They will Get More’ – even the Bible says so: ‘He that Has More will be Given and He that Doesn’t Have, Even what He Has will be Taken Away.’ And that’s Happening very Effectively with Commodity Pricing, because the Future’s Market and the Establishment of Pricing through this ‘Common Oddity’ instead of Common Sense – Determining Price of Food This Way like in a Giant Casino – is Certainly Not a Way for Any Competent Government that Represents Citizens to Allow to Feed its People.

You take Food, for instance – in a World that is a Capitalistic World, where Labor is a Capital and your Food is a Capital, and the Seat of your Government is a Capital and the Money you have is a Capital: the Creation of Food and Feeding one’s Citizens and then Making Available the Surplus in the Open Markets is The Way it Should Move, where the Establishment of Pricing for Food is based on the Labor Input and the Cost Input and the Historical Growth in Value through the Accumulated Effort of the Human’s Participation on Earth. That kind of stuff Must be Part of the Pricing System to Ensure that you have No Need for a Basic Income, because there is Sufficient Profit for those Involved in Creating the Food to Make a Decent Living; to pay the Farm Laborers Properly so that They can Do their Work with a Loving Heart and Not because they are Forced to Do it because They have No Other way – Imagine! All our people that are into the Ideas of ‘Consciousness’ for instance, already have this Inclination that ‘The Hands that Touch Things have an Influence on its Constitution’ – Emoto showed that so Well with the Messages in Water, the water crystal photographs – so If your Food is Produced by Poor People, Desperate to Make a Living, Not Getting Enough Money, constantly in Anger, Anxiety and Fear = that would be Transferred to your food and Become Part of the Water in the Food and because You accept that as ‘Okay’ you Accept obviously the Consequence of this Form of Production as ‘Okay’ and thus You Accept the Consequence of placing this In Your Body as ‘Okay’ and now, You Participate in creating More Disease on Earth.

Obviously within the Commodities’ Markets and Food Pricing and the Giant Casino, those that Make Profits Do Not Care about these kinds of things because They can Create another Health Product to Sell and Place on the Markets, continuing the cycle of Supply and Demand, Forced Labor/ Slavery.

So, in Essence in the Basic Income scenario I suggest that One Should start Looking at the Real Science, not only the Genetic Modification that is Attempted to be Controlled through Patents and Influencing the Food Supply to Influence the Palate of the Population, to have Control Over it and thus Control Over Price. Price Control in Basic Income is Not a matter of Control, it’s a Matter of Common Sense: if the Labor Part of the Food Production is Not Healthy = The Food Cannot be Healthy as the investigation into Water Crystals indicated – and then it Cannot Produce a Healthy Society because the Pricing isn’t Healthy, the Capitalistic System Isn’t Healthy, there is Not Enough Money moving and Your Debt will Increase! And then, because you are Creating the System through a form of Conflict, the Only way you can then Save the System is Through Conflict and so Capitalism through time has been Proven to ‘Need War’ to Continue Existing, to Create Jobs and to Create Money for a Minority.

So, in Capitalism that is currently existing under a form of Very Strange Democracy, you Don’t have ‘Majority Rule,’ you have Minority Rule and This is done through Propaganda where the actual Scientific Research, the actual Considerations and Common Sense necessary to Manage a Country and ensure that its Citizens are Well Cared for, are Deliberately Misdirected. That’s why for instance the Media Should Belong to the Citizens, because the Media is the Medium through which the Education of the Citizens of a Country happens, to Ensure that they Don’t Do Stupid Things, to Vote for Minority Rights that are going to Cause Starvation and Poverty – Those are Not Rights! One should Vote for Human Rights that ensure that there is an Equitable Distribution of Value that Ensures that everyone has a Decent Life.

So, Commodity Markets and Open Markets need a New Definition where a Country Produces a particular Commodity, it First Supplies its Own Citizens and the Surplus – which can be Determined as to What is Needed in the World, just as they do with Oil – and thus One can Produce Sufficient Surplus to Ensure that All Countries that Need a Particular Commodity Have access to it on the Open Market at a Price that Does Not Cause Poverty and Starvation, but that Enhances the World Economy.

We have to Really Question the Quality of our Leadership, the Quality of our Academics and our Researchers, the Quality of our Media and the Quality of our Economists – they seem to be Deliberately Creating a World of Poverty, giving apparent ‘Forces’ which one can Really determine to be things that Should be in a Haunted House – to be ‘Behind What Determines Price,’ it’s like creating a form of ‘Mystery’ around it, so that you keep on Missing what’s Really going on. Only a Few are Making all the Money, Only Some are Protected Through Money.

Labor has Lost all Capital Value which means if your Labor is Worth Nothing = You have No Power with which to Ensure your Wellbeing Financially, Health-wise and in All Ways of Your Own Family – and then a Country is Not able to Support its Citizens through Proper Government. We have a Serious problem in our Education, and Allowing the Media to be Controlled and to Spew out Propaganda based on Profit alone, is Misdirecting deliberately the Message that people Should Know to Ensure a world that is Properly Functioning.

And therefore with the Basic Income Grant, one Can’t Just ‘Ensure each one a Minimum Income,’ you have to Ensure that You Understand the Problem of the System and one Needs to Change that because obviously: Unless one Changes that, the Whole System is Not going to Work. And here the Capitalist, the Wealthy person needs to Understand the Simplicity of the Basic Income Solution. If you have Citizens that’s got More Money to Spend and You have a Basic System that Ensures that Price is Important and therefore to simply Compete based on Price, Will cause Less Money to Flow, one should Rather Compete based on Value and Technology and Effectiveness – if one competes on things that are really Valuable like a Better Warranty, Better Quality Product or a Unique Product – and you’ll have Various types of Things one can combine – that Competition you are now really in the Field of Competition and it Doesn’t Cause Harm, it Enhances the Product. But to Compete based on Price Alone, claiming that Global Prices are going to be ‘Good for the Citizens’ while the Quality of the Products are Dropping all the time = There seems to be something Really Wrong in your Reasoning! Because the Evidence is Very clear that That is Not How it Works. The very Fact that this is even Allowed and Not seen as Treason because of The Way it Harms the Citizen = that is even More Bizarre and that we have No Lawyers Standing-up and doing anything about it, we have No Economists Standing-up , we have all kinds of bizarre Presentations and Ways that are being Proposed to bring about a Better World without Any Clear Understanding of How the System Really Functions, which must even place into question all our Activists.

We have ‘Info Wars’ and we have ‘Zeitgeist’ and we have ‘Venus Project’ – All kinds of things that are happening, but All of it if you really look at it, Ends up with one simple thing: Cognitive Disinformation that Does Not Ensure that the Participant in their Ideology Understands the Structural Design of the Problem. So the Solution is Not Credible and Measurable, while when – strange enough – a Solution is presented that is Credible and Measurable, Those that have been trapped in the Propaganda of this Cognitive Disinformation are Unable to Actually Comprehend the Reason, because they are in a way Mind Controlled.

And Commodity Pricing and the fact that Labor Loses Capital Value and that Lower Prices Creates Job Losses and Unemployment and Starvation = that should be Common Sense! And yet, Do You See that Anywhere in the news? Do our Journalists actually even Comprehend the Fact that they are Incapable of Actually Reporting about the Real Reality? There seems to be a Massive, Massive, Massive Problem.

So please, if there is a Grain of Integrity left Within you, If there is Any Possibility that You can Understand what I’m Sharing and you can go and work it out on a piece of paper, then Support a Solution that is Real, Get out of your Brainwashing, Get out of Your Self-Interest and Realize that one Must Work together AS ONE within Democracy to bring about Change. And that the Propaganda of the Media and All the Systems that Now Manage the Ideologies of the Mind, are Deliberately Diving the Human into the Idea of ‘Free Choice’ and into the idea that apparently ‘You must have Your Own Opinion.’ Opinion is Never Fact, Study Facts – Don’t Ever Allow yourself to Form an Opinion, an Opinion is Never Real: it is an illusion – Facts are Real and the Fact is: If the Labor that is put into the Production of something like Food is not Compensated Effectively in and through the Price, and if the Distribution is Not Compensated and All Participants within the Creation of the Food Process are Not Compensated properly = then you are Creating Poverty through Producing Food.

How Stupid can One be? You Create Poverty, You have Food at a Lower Price = which means Less Tax = which means a Weaker Social Service = which means There is Not Enough Money to Support All the Citizens, so you’re going to End up with Revolution – Why would You Do that Deliberately, Unless it is that You don’t Even Understand – in all your ‘Wisdom’ – that you are Really Actually Creating the Problem Yourself by Ideologies like a ‘Free Market Force’ and ‘Supply and Demand’ – Supply and Demand is very simple, it should be based on: ‘What is the Supply? Is there enough Food for Everyone? That means the Demand is How Much Do We Need, what’s the Surplus and does it Actually Support everyone that’s Involved in the Process to Make a Decent Living – that is Supply and Demand in a Practical Civil Way. The Ways that are Currently Used are Downright Bloody Evil.

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  1. Excellent communication and simply stated facts that should be brought to the public through the airways or cables to be available for the morning news instead of the diatribe of useless and mind numbing propaganda and the intended senseless acts of titillating violence that is force fed to an equally apathetic population. The absurdity is that most amazingly enough pay for the privilege to view the nonsense. Perhaps theworld isn't that intelligent that they have a choice and a chance for a better life. If we all unplugged thecable for a day to let them know that we want substance facts and honest media for starters. Then maybe I will live to see meanful dialogue about how to improve the lives of the populace instead of garbage.