Sunday 2 June 2013

Day 404: Human Nature is Programmable, So Don’t be Paranoid!

Documentary Evidence of this is in the Documentary The Century of the Self – Study it and that should Cause you to Question Everything You Know, because You are a Result of what they Show in terms of the Very Nature as You Exist Now as a Human. Obviously Those that Want you to Believe that You are ‘Not Programmed/ that You are Not Brainwashed’ will Actually want you to Protect Society the Way it is. So even that as a ‘Policeman in the Head’ is all Explained.

Now there are so many that will say “Oh Desteni is Brainwashing you!” But You are Already Brainwashed! We are Actually Your Freedom and You have to Fight us because You’re Not Free, you are the Product of your Environment as Religion, as Education, as Parenting, as Capitalism, as Economics, as Television – Everything, Every Word, Every Thought, Every Feeling, Every Emotion, Your Imagination, Your Sixth Sense are All Programmed to Result in a World like this. This is why you can Stand-by and Watch as a Lot of Animals are Going Extinct and a Vast number of People in the Earth Live in Poverty and You can Feel NOTHING because You are Programmed to Feel Nothing.

So understand, when somebody says “Oh you’re being Brainwashed!” Know one thing: They are the Brainwashed and They Don’t Understand How it Functions. Human Nature is Programmable, therefore it is Possible to Program Every Human to Be What is Best for All and Those that Claim that it is Not, it’s because Within their Secret Mind they are Busy with Some form of Abuse that they are Protecting – it’s either Sexual, or it is Greed or it is Control or it’s Manipulation – but at Some Place in Their World they’re Busy Abusing Somebody and therefore They Don’t Want to Change and therefore they would say: “It’s Not Possible to Have a World that it’s Best for All, because Humans Can’t Change” What they’re Really Saying is: THEY Don’t Want to Change because that would mean they have to Give up the Control and the Power and the Abuse that they Already Have and The Way they are Benefiting from it.

Study Desteni and Stop Brainwashing Forever.

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