Thursday 6 June 2013

Day 409: The GPS of the Quantum Body – Part One

The First Seven Years of a Child’s Life, the Global Positioning System of the Child is being Programmed-in. Now this is Not Done by the Parent or the Environment from the perspective that they don’t have any clue How it’s Done, it’s Automatically Done by the Quantum Physical’s Instinctual Memory System which Copies the Environment. That is Why for instance, a Feral Child, if the Child is in the Environment of the Wolf, the GPS of the Child, the Quantum Physical will Copy the Survival System of the Wolf and so the Child will Act as Part of the Pack of Wolves, because that is Necessary for the Survival of the Child.

Now this is Vital to Understand because this is the Problem We Face in the World. The GPS of Every Human Being which Should Lead you like a GPS that’s Properly Programmed to be Able to Find your Destination and thus the Destiny of the World, which is to Place Every Resource and All that is Here on Earth to be Used in a way that is Best for Everyone = that’s all Messed up. Because the Instinctual Memory – which will Eventually become the Platform that Forms the Consciousness within which you Exist – is Misleading you to actually Only Protect ‘Some’ on Earth. And because of your Great Fear for Survival in your Instinct Function of the Physical, you End up being Lost in this World because you are busy ‘Trying to Survive’ instead of Making the World a Place that’s Best for All, which is Heaven on Earth.

Now, In this understand that the Words that you end up Using as Speaking and as Thinking and which you end-up Living are All Words in terms of Meaning that the Quantum Physical as your GPS Copied from the Environment. That’s Why a Child will be initially for instance the Same Religion as the Parent and that is for instance Why a Child is sent to School to be Educated and Trained in their GPS so that They Do Not ‘Bug the System’ and be a Threat to those that are in Control that Own the Resources and that Protect their Great Wealth. So it’s important that their GPS is Monitored and Trained for as long as Possible, and the Easiest way is to Install for instance, a Policeman in the Head. So Psychologically – which is what we call it – there would be a Feedback System from the Physical GPS that will Keep the Human Under Control and Positioned in the World in a Functioning way that Suits those that Own Everything and that Want to Control Everyone’s Life from the perspective of Protecting their Property and Their Rights and Their Wealth -- keeping them in a Position where they will be Self-Monitored and where the Laws are Sufficiently Threatening to Ensure that Nothing Gets Challenged. And for these Purposes for instance, all kinds of ‘Add-ons’ would be Created for the Physical GPS to Ensure that Whomsoever Manages to get Some form of ‘Understanding’ or ‘Breakout’ from the System of Control will End-up Being Controlled, regardless. This is for instance How Occupy Wall street exists and all the Anarchists and Activists in this World and the Charities: They are All Add-ons to the Quantum Physical GPS System that is being used to Control the Positioning of Each Individual Human on Earth to Ensure that You Do No Give up the One Thing that will Ensure that the World will Never Change. You’ll Never give up your Free Choice and Your Individuality, because You Believe that That is Critical to your Existence. In the meantime, what is really critical to your existence is understanding How your GPS Actually Functions, to understand that Every Word that is In Your Flesh – and remember it is In Your Flesh Saved in your Hard-Drive which is then the Heart that will Drive you which becomes the Foundation of Spirituality and Love and Light and Consciousness, it is that which is Your ‘Desire,’ your ‘Empathy’ and your ‘Compassion’ All Driven by the Instinctual Memory and All Protecting One Thing: your Apparent ‘Individuality,’ your Apparent ‘Divinity,’ your Apparent ‘Greatness’ as an Individual Human, you are as such ‘Here by the Behest of God’ and that is Why ‘God’ was Created because God as a Threat to your Existence to Keep you in your Global Positioning System’s Placement as your Purpose to Life is Critical, because that Ensures that You will Never Consider to bring about a World of Equality and what’s Best for All which is Why for instance the Whole Planning of Communism was so Important because that would Ensure that Eventually the Mess that was created by Communism which was Nothing about Equality or What’s Best would Ensure that Everybody Will Fear it Immensely and This was placed-in for Multiple years.

And obviously understand the Elite – those that are in the Position of Privilege with their Global Position Systems – were All Programmed by Heaven, by Those that were Behind the Construction of the Soul. The Soul was the Universal Positioning System of Heaven which was then Imposed on Earth as a GPS System Here to Ensure that When You Die, You will Also Not Question the Hierarchy that Controls ‘How things work’ in the Universe. So here on Earth it was Placed as the Primary Brainwashing Structure – which is When You Die: You End up Wanting to Go to the Place that They Want You to Go without You Realizing that You’ve Never Actually Made a Choice because You Never Really Understood ‘Who you Were,’ you Never Really Understood ‘How it Worked,’ You Never Understood that your very Memory System And your System of Energy and your System of Consciousness were All Preplanned and Preprogrammed, and that’s All Done with Words. I mean Jesus said very Clearly: “You are the Living Word, You are Living Your Words” and If the Words are Contaminated through Utilizing your Instinctual Memory System in the First Seven Years of your Life = you’re Basically Screwed for Life. And the Screws are placed Very Tightly to Ensure that You Do Not Move from this Positioning System, that you Remain in your Placement and that you Do Not Question What Placed-you there and you Never Ask the Right Questions; If you Ask the Right Questions ‘Ask and You Shall Receive’ as Jesus placed it = You’ll be able to Find the Answer, but! Even within this GPS System the whole Message of Jesus has been Completely placed within the Domain of the Global Positioning System that Ensures that You Do Not Question the Control, you Accept it, Separating Government from Religion for instance to Ensure that when you Remain Under the Religious Control You do that for What Happens After Death and While that which is the Government System Controls that which is Here on Earth – and therefore the More Religious You Get = the Less Functional You Get in this World and the Easier it gets for you to Justify ‘Why’ things are The Way They Are and You are Completely Mind Controlled, Brainwashed.

Your GPS System which are your Feelings, your Emotions and your Thoughts will Guide you to Never Question Reality and to Follow it Regardless. And this is Extreme at this stage in that there are Very Few Humans Capable at this Stage on Earth to Question the GPS effectively. Everybody Ends up in the end of the day Back in the Same System because the ‘Add-ons’ that are Placed-in are Very Effective in Controlling You by Creating this idea that: If You Find another way = You Become the next Master or Guru, then you will have a Following that says ‘Wow you’re so great!’ and you will lead everyone that Follows you Right Back into the GPS System because You will be focusing Not on Earth, You’ll be Focusing on What is Here After. And you will be Claiming ‘Some’ Form of ‘Divine Knowledge’ about what is Hereafter because after all, You’re a Master and a Guru and You’re Enlightened” – Not Really! You were just One of the Pawns that were Specifically Planned to Ensure that Nobody Gets out of This Life on Earth Alive, that When You Leave Here ‘You Will Not Question the Authority of the Universe,’ you would be Programmed Specifically to ‘Submit to the Hierarchy’ – which is Exactly the Same thing that happens Here on Earth.

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