Saturday 29 June 2013

Day 436: Economic Freedom Fighters Should Study Basic Income Guaranteed

262765_246077865409628_201507_n The new group in South Africa Economic Freedom Fighters requires an Economic Model that will Ensure that the Electorate Supports what they stand for and so, it needs to be Practical and Effective. First of all I would suggest they Adopt The Freedom Charter because that is a Document that was supposed to be the foundation of the South African Society, then I suggest to study the Basic Income Guaranteed because that will Ensure if applied – and obviously there will have to go some study into it – it will Secure the Survival and the expansion of Capitalism and Profit and will Ensure a Dignified Life for Every Person in the Country.

It is Necessary to Study an Actual Economic Solution that is Practical and to the Benefit of all participants, whether it is the Citizen or the Business Owner or the Corporation or the Government – all of them will Benefit from a Structured System that is Based on the Foundation of Securing a Dignified Life for Everyone.
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