Wednesday 12 June 2013

Day 416: Prism: The Secret Agent of the Secret Mind

06_10_2013_prism-logo Now interesting with the latest Whistleblowing point of information being Captured by the NSA under the Project called ‘Prism’ which obviously sounds So like PRISON – a few points. This is the Automatic Evolution of ‘the Policeman in the Head’ which you will Find in the Documentary The Century of The Self to the Secret Agent in the Head, and it is the Result of Our System where each one apparently wants to ‘Hold their Thoughts Sacred’ but Unfortunately, Thoughts have become Dangerous and people Plan in their Minds How to Harm Others because they feel Ostracized and Not Protected by the System, but Nobody wants to Give-up their Secret Mind – so Now you’ve got to be Snooped on.

So in this Snooping, there will be Consequences because sometimes you may be Mistakenly seen as some ‘Subversive Person’; in other cases you May just be One of the Fools that End-up Trying to Use Violence to Bring about Change – the Real Way to Change obviously is Education, Changing the way We Educate our Children – which means we have to Change our Whole System from Family, to Religion, to Politics, Education, Economics = All of it Needs to Change because it has become our Very Nature and now Our Nature is Haunting us in Every Way Possible. But from a perspective of Ending Abuse, Prism is Perfect because inevitably because the Internet is being abused so extensively, it is going to be Necessary to Track Everyone’s Behavior and to Trap Those that May be a Threat to Others. And they would be Stupid Enough obviously to Publish all kinds of Threats and would be Stupid Enough to also Publish all kinds of Lies, because Inevitably understand one thing: the Internet will Become the Same as you have in the World: a Legal Platform where All Possible Legal Action and Legal Direction will be Able to be Taken. For the moment it is seemingly apparently ‘Freedom,’ but Freedom is when Everybody has got a Home, Freedom is when Everybody has Got Food, Clothing, Freedom is when there is Enough for Everyone to Not have to be Placed in the Position to Have to Compete, to Not have to Take from Others.

So, understand one thing: As long as We have the Point that our Basic Nature as the Mind and How the Mind Functions and Develops and Constructs Thought and Consciousness is Not Understood = No Solution on Earth is Possible, Things will Get Worse and it’s Getting Worse because the Very Thoughts You Have are Not Your Own in the first place, they are Coming from Things You Don’t Yet Understand, Mechanisms within that are Not even Understood by Those that Actually use them to their Benefit.

So, we have got a long way to go before Awakening will take place – If it Ever is to Take Place because in a way, No Awakening = No Possibility of a New World.

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