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Day 415: Bailouts Are No Solution

tumblr_lq3xtn1l3q1qarp3no1_400 Now, there is an Interesting thing about the Existence of the Human within the Current Economic System and How the Idea exists that if you ‘Throw Money at the Problem’ – like a Bailout – that it will actually Solve the Problem. There are also the Screams – especially on the Internet – that somehow ‘It’s the Elite’s Problem’ that they are to Blame or the Governments are to Blame, the Politicians are to Blame, the Economists are to Blame – certainly the Ones to Blame are the Economists because they Don’t Have an Actual System that is Mathematically and Scientifically a Foundation System that is worked on a Basis of Producing a World that is Best for All Life, they are all Just Cronies in the hands of Those that Ensure their Elitism. Elitism in this world nowadays with Half the World Facing Poverty on a Daily Basis – Elitism is when You don’t have to Face Poverty, you have some form of Financial Stability that gives you a Motorcar, a Home to Stay and You can Go to the Shopping Mall which is like an ‘Intern Camp’ for the Elite and you can go and Do Shopping and ‘Get the latest Cellphone’ and buy the Latest ‘Goodies’ that are all in a few ‘Hot Spots’ in Every City to Bring Together the Elite of the World where you can Flaunt your Greed, your ‘Specialness.’

Now understand: No Amount of Money that is Thrown at the Problem Will Solve the Problem, because the Problem is Fundamentally Within the Nature of Our Education. This has been Imprinted into the Flesh for Generations, so it’s become Part of Genetic Transfer from generation to generation and within that the Parents play the Primary Role and Here the point is that: Competition is in Fact the Point that Causes the Problem in the World. As one can see - especially in Nature which is a Reflection of Human Nature – how competition, not only between Species but primarily Between the Human and the Animal and the Plant Kingdom plays out and the One that Can Destroy the Other because They Have the Resources – which is in this case would be the Human Body – they can Actually Shape the very Existence of Nature in a way that Leads now on to the Extinction of Species on the Daily Basis; and All of this is Done for a Peculiar thing: a thing called Money, a thing called Financial Security. And all of this is being Done now in a Way where the Human Act at a Global Level.

Globalization has been already in Existence for Generations, all that has happened is that it has become more and more ‘Acceptable.’ And anyone that Owns Any Shares or Any Life Insurance, are Actually Part of and Support Globalization. Anyone that’s Got the Latest Cellphone is doing it, anyone that’s using the Latest Technology is doing it, all the Conspiracy Theorists that Scream on the Internet Against Globalization: the Very Fact that they’re able to Speak there is Part of Globalization. And this Globalization has brought out the Nastiness of the Human Nature under the Disguise of ‘Goodness and Love,’ Competition, Making Things Cheaper; because by Making Things Cheaper, Centralizing it, having No Control over the Distribution an interesting thing happens, in a world where the Population is Expanding, there are Less Jobs: Less Jobs means = Less Money, Less Money means = Less Money Flow/ Less Ability to Buy, Controlling the Product to be Sold Only at also Distributors and Shopping Malls virtually and now also some Online places, centralize the Profit to One Point which means they can Drop the Price, but Less People are being Employed – with Less People being Employed, People are Forced into Jobs that are for instance the ‘Walmart’ type jobs, the KFC type jobs, the ‘McJobs’ where they are Earning a Very Limited Basic Income which Does Not Give them the Ability to have a Decent Life. So they are Essentially Reduced by Those that Win the Competition – that means Those with Money – to a Position where they have and are No Threat, because the theory is: If they have Enough Money, they will be Able to Go into Competition with the Current Winner of the Competition, Produce the Goods Cheaper, Drive the current winner Out of their Winning Position and Becoming ‘The New Winner’. This has been Repeating over and over and over again, and then that happens… this is what the Human is Plotting All the Time in their Secret Mind: How to Produce a Product Cheaper? And because Those that Do Manage to Get Enough Money together to Do that, Do not have a ‘High Lifestyle’ so their Costs are Lower and they will thus Produce the Product Cheaper and then Go into Competition and Drive their Competition Out of Business.

Obviously lots of People Lose their Jobs but “Who cares? I’m doing a Good Thing! I am Ensuring that the Product is Available at a Cheaper Price, I am a Benevolent Self-Aware Human that’s Doing the Best for Humanity!” That’s the type of Secret Mind Reasoning of our Consciousness that Now Exists, our ‘Enlightenment.’ In the meantime, you are Driving – and this has been happening for Generations now, this has been Escalating – Driving Millions of People Out of their Jobs, simply in the Name of Competition, Winning, the result of our Family Education System and our Schooling/Our School Education System, Driving the Principles of Competition: ‘The Winner Takes All and the Loser Must be Happy with it.’ And it’s amazing that there have been Several Studies: the Loser actually will ‘Applaud the Winner’ even if they Lose Everything, because they will be Plotting already, Finding a Way so that they can Place into action a product to Compete with the Winner, so that THEY can end-up as ‘The Winner.’ And this Bizarre Nature of the Human – which is really actually Greed, and which is being Disguised as ‘Our Benevolence’ – is fascinatingly Repeating itself over and over again. So understand one thing: No Amount of Money Thrown at the Economic Problems in the World will Solve the Problem. The Problem is a Fundamental Human Nature Problem, it’s a Fundamental Problem of Competition, it is a Fundamental Problem of the Nature of our Family Structure and our Education System and our Religious System, it is a Fundamental Problem of Greed, it’s a Fundamental Problem of a Lack of Understanding of How Economics Actually Functions, it is Protected by Those that Win in a Very Nasty Way – the Winner becomes Extremely Nasty and Those that Do Not Win – the Losers – are Extremely Jealous, so they would Find a Way to Actually End-up ‘Winning’ and from Jealousy they Will Move to Nastiness. The Nastiness is in the Justification: “I am Doing something good, I am producing a product Cheaper, I’m making it available to more and therefore I am a good person and I Deserve all my money!” No you don’t, you’re a Thief, you’re a Thief of Lives and you’re Quite Ignorant, You don’t Understand the First thing about What it Means to Support a Global Society in a Way that is Best for All Life.

Now things are going to get Really Ugly on Earth and it’s going to Continue to Develop, more and more People will Lose their Jobs; I mean yesterday I was able to Buy a Pack of Oranges – that is 30 oranges for 10 rand which is equal to 1 Us Dollar. Now, If you have to look at the Labor and All the people that needs to be supported to be able to Produce those oranges, to Get it From the Land/ from the Tree into a Bag, into a Shop, all the Energy spent, the distribution – the whole story – then, there is Very Little if Any Profit Left and the little-bit of Profit Only Goes then to One place, while Everyone Else Involved in that Process end up in a Position of Subsistence where they have to make-due with the Very Little they have, Absolute Survival Mode. And obviously it’s advertised with Big Letters that “This is a Bargain” “We’re Good, We’re Giving You Savings!” And what does the human does? They Look for Savings, Not Understanding How is it Possible that the Price of the Bag of Oranges could be that Low, and Not to Understand or Care about Those that had to Do that Labor/ Forced Labor – because this is Economic Slavery – Forced Labor just to have ‘a Meal for the Day.’ None of those things are Considered because “I Get Value for My Money and I Work Hard for My Money” so, there are those that are Attempting to ‘Do Good’ from their Perspective, to Try and Find Answers and They Look for Answers within things like Money.

Now even where the Interest Rates of the World are at the Lowest they have Ever Been it’s still Not Making a Difference, because the People that are in Trouble Have No Access to Money, they have Only Enough Access to Money to Provide themselves Enough food for the Day to Not Starve to Death. We are now Part of the Most Astounding System of Slavery that Has Ever Existed on Earth, and We Have No One in terms of our Intellectual Capacities – except a Few – that can still Call Out the Problems. A person like Noam Chomsky is somebody you Should be Studying, is Unfortunately Getting Old and He will Not be That Long with Us in the Planet which is a Problem, because Who is going to Stand in his Shoes? There should have been Many that can Actually Do that, but there aren’t.

So understand: We Need to Educate Our Young, they Need to be Able to Reason for Themselves, this is being destroyed by our Total System. We Have Support for Those that Do Dare to Take on Themselves, you have to Break the Brainwashing, because the Brainwashing is the Result Unintentionally – understand this – of Our System. So Nobody really wants to Face the Facts, that there is Not a Single particular Group to Blame as such: it is Every Human Being that is to Blame for what has been Happening, it is happening at the Very Fundamental Level of your Thought Process, at the very Fundamental Level of How you Created your Consciousness = That is the Problem and Unless This Nature is Changed = you will Notice in the Next 10 Years that Earth is Doomed, Human Civilization is Doomed, and at this stage, this is a 100% Certain. You want to have Children, you want to ‘Have a Life in this World,’ let me Assure you: if this World does not Change, Your Children that are Born Now Will Have No Future and you would have Brought them into a World that Will Be Hell on Earth.

Join us at the Equal life Foundation and Equal Money, you Need to Understand the Problem, because If You don’t Understand the Problem = You are Part of the Problem. Once you Understand the Problem, you will understand Why it is Necessary that we Take Action as a Matter of Urgency and even within that, it will take us Anything up to 20 Years to Change the System and to Change Human Nature – and Without doing that, Without Doing everything in Our Capacity – Educating, Utilizing the Media, Utilizing Advertising, Utilizing Education, Utilizing Parenting, Utilizing what we have here now – If We Don’t Do this and we Throw at it Every Cent that We Possibly Can, All the Money we Possibly Can until We Have a New Economic System: we are Doomed on Earth, and You are Part of the Problem.

Become Part of the Solution. Join us
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