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Day 408: Preparing the Fetus for Paranoia – Part Two

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Day 407: Preparing the Fetus for Paranoia – Part One

In this Great Inquisition, People were Tortured to end-up Confessing things they haven’t done and this type of Influence became part of the Cognitive Disinformation Reality that we now have, where you can be Manipulated with Information, where you would always believe the worst possible thing about someone, as long as it’s not you. Therefore, you would avoid anything that is in anyway placed in a way where you could be Crucified by your Community, or you could be placed on Trial of the Gossip Mongers that are Amongst us.

Unfortunately, all of this didn’t just ‘go away’. The Dark Ages didn’t just ‘disappear’, it became part of the Process of Every Child born and it became part of the Constitution, Structure and Design of the Mind and how the Flesh was forced into Accepting a particular Regime through which the Mind could feed-off the Energy produced by the Flesh, to Produce the thoughts, feelings and emotions – which would then play-out within the Mind of the Human. Within that, you would go through assessing any point that is presented to you and you will try and find within it the reason why you shouldn’t do it, the reason why you shouldn’t change and the reason why you must accept things the way they are. This has been extremely effective.

One will have these Great Inquisitions in the Mind many times. But what you wouldn’t consider is that: the whole Automation of the System, the Structure of the System has been embedded within and is already part of the forming of the Fetus. This is why the Fetus in a way is called ‘The-Fetus’/ ‘De-Feat-Us’. That is where we are Defeated already, because the very definition of ourselves within the Context of our Design and Programmed Information that is coming from the Parents that is visited from the Offspring up the 7th Generation and Beyond.

The Dark Ages are Beyond the 7th Generation, and it has been Automated to the Point where the Inner Conversations within are never Shared with anyone else as such. You will find within it your Justifications of Why you make a Decision, but the Actuality of the Conversation that goes on with the Process of Making a Decision, takes on the form of an Inquisition - an Inquisition where you are the Defendant, the Judge, the Jury and the Prosecutor. So, you will take any point and you will put it before the Judge of Yourself as your Mind and according to that - you will lay-out all the Pro’s and the Con’s and measure your Risks, because you are a Gambler – You’ve been designed as a Gambler and we will get into that as well.

So, within that - you will Measure the Gamble to be taken, you will measure the Response that you can expect from the other People within the Decision to be made, you will measure to what Degree you can Manipulate the point and you will measure whether you should push for a particular outcome or whether you should push for another outcome. So, all of that happens within the Great Inquisition within. Within that, you will Shape the Memories, you will Shape the Information, you will Blow it Out of Proportion – until you find within you a Safe Place. This Safe Place will then be where you are making a particular Decision and will only make the Decision that places you in the Safe Place. The ‘Safe Place’ is now already being created within the Fetus. This Safe Place and this Connection forms - and becomes part of the Development after the Initial stage of the First Trimester. Therefore, the Mother becomes more relaxed and subdued. It’s now seemingly just a process of the Baby growing Within, there is less Direct Consequences, based on the Pregnancy. It’s obviously not the same in Everyone. It all depends on one’s Level of Awareness. Those that are more ‘Centered’ on just themselves, will be less Aware of the Process within their Body taking place. Some will be more aware of it, because they’ve intricately linked their very Existence to the idea of Motherhood. It’s like Motherhood is a form of Self-Definition. This whole Motherhood thing has already gone through the Great Inquisition in the Mother’s Mind as well: the Pro’s and the Cons and the ‘Reasons why’ – all of that – ‘giving up their body’ to bring another being into the world. What is fascinating is that: within all of this, at no stage would the Inquisitor consider, ever, an outcome or a definition, reason or meaning that would bring about a Result within Reality that is ‘Better’. There is always only up to the point of ‘Better for Myself’, but it’s never the point of ‘It’s Better for Everyone’.

Everyone in this believes themselves, they therefore trust themselves - but will not trust Another and will not trust Humanity as a Whole. Because throughout History, within the context of All the Horrifying things that took place, somehow this History is apparently ‘forgotten’ – unfortunately not. It is part of the very essence of yourself, you are the very product of it. Every single thing that has ever happened on Earth in some way is part of the Genetic Material, it is part of the Development of the Genesis. It is the Genes as they have Evolved. You are all of that, and all of that is taking place, at the end, in the Consciousness that is Developed by the Mind. Within that Consciousness, a vast part of it is happening in the Subconscious – that means: you’re not Sharing it with anyone. You are simply busy considering points within yourself and you’ll call it that “you are Thinking about things”; but you’re not really thinking. You’re just following a programmed pattern with a very specific designed outcome that is part of the Genetic Model forever and that has been imprinted over hundreds of years in Massively Atrocious Ways.

Kind of Blows out of the Water the whole idea of the ‘Innocence of a Child’. Such things do not exist, because the Child is the Direct Product of the Parents and the Parents are a Direct Product of the History. Therefore, Nothing is Separate, everything is ‘One’. The Great Proponents of ‘Oneness’ should have realized this a long time ago, but have unfortunately not Realised what Oneness truly means and that one is always One and Equal to your Past. The Past is not ‘Who you Are as Consciousness’, that’s a form of Separation. The Past is Who you Are as the Totality of Human History. As you can Notice, all we have learnt are more effective ways to Kill each other. Unfortunately, every Child Born becomes in some way a Player in this Game.

Is it Possible to be Changed? Yes it is Possible. But Probable? No – it’s unlikely. Because what is Involved is not just the Information that one is dealing with Right Now, it’s not just what is in the Mind Now: It is what Has been Part of the Totality of the Design, because it was Intended like that from the Beginning. This obviously, if one would dare to consider it, should place into Question all your Ideas of Divinity and God. But, because of the Great Inquisition you’ll even Read this Information and go into Cognitive Disinformation. You will immediately go and try and move Information around so that apparently you can sound ‘Right’, and ‘Righteous’ and ‘Better than’. That is not the Truth

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