Friday 14 June 2013

Day 419: “The Lord, My God”

3694289189_5ddc24d407_z This is one of the Funny things that has been Embedded in Religion that Comes from the time when the Lords were the Law and therefore, the Lords were also the ones that Made Sure that what was Written in the Bible would Protect their Elitism, the Kings and the Lords and the King’s Right to Appoint the Lords or the Law, made that God. So this Law as God, because really ‘the Law is my god’, is important to be understood because Earth in a way is a Place where you have to Come to Realize the simplicity of this – which Jesus Presented – the Law that is God is to ‘Give as You would Like to Receive and to Do onto Others as You would Like to be Done Onto’ that way you are Preventing Unnecessary Consequences.

On Earth currently, the Opposite is done. Those that claim themselves to be ‘the Lords’ or ‘the Power,’ ‘the Law’ and Act as God ‘Do Onto Others Whatever they Want to Do Onto Others’ and even within that create an Ideology about ‘What Happens in the Hereafter’ to Justify that ‘What they’re Doing is Okay.’ Long, long, long ago, the Meaning of all of this has been Forgotten and is being Re-Written into a History which Keeps on Protecting the Elite generation after generation.

At the Time when they were Doing this and Writing these Books that are now ‘the Bible,’ the Intent was never Foreseen for what we have today. But the Convenience of having a Populous in Fear of the Law and thus in Fear of the Lord dependent on the Lord for Starvation from the Time of the Feudal Systems, leaving us Today in Exactly the Same Scenario with the Same Patterns Repeating themselves with No Responsibility able to be taken because the Inherent Fear permeates through Everything, and this fear is now being Projected into things like ‘Holy Spirits,’ ‘Spirits Gods,’ ‘Jesus’ – all kinds of stuff that has Nothing to do with Reality, but has been Made Reality so that the Actual Problems on Earth which are the Consequences of the Abuse of the Law of Life – which is the Law ‘Do onto Others as You would Like to be Done Onto’ – this Abuse has been Causing the Problems that We have in the World, extensively.

An interesting Spirit has been developed: the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit Permeates Everything, Everything that Exists, Ever Created by the Human or Owned by the Human is Permeating this Spirit. ‘You Lift a Piece Wood and You’ll find it Everywhere you Look’ and That is the Holy Spirit called: Money.

So those that are Endowed with the Holy Spirit as Money, Use that as their Power Over Others, Enslaving them, Acting as if they are ‘The Law itself’/ ‘The Law of God’ – and This Can be Investigated by Each Human Individually in their own lives and they’ll See How many Times they’ve Used this and, How Little Regard they have for the Life of Another when They Have the Holy Spirit on Their Side. This is especially seen in the American Society – which is apparently the ‘Most Advanced Society’ but In Fact, the Most backward one. Where This Holy Spirit called Money is Causing Much Destruction being Directed at Others that Do Not Agree with this particular Method of looking at the Holy Spirit – But! They’ll Deny that the Holy Spirit is Money while in fact it is the Spirit within which the American People Move, Abusing to the extent of Accumulating and Using a Substantial Amount of the Resources on Earth.

Obviously Real Consequence – which Happens in the Here-After – Cannot be Measured because our Science has not Yet Found a Way to Look Beyond the Veil. And in a way that is Appropriate because That Allows one to Go Through a simplistic Test on Earth, so that it Can Be Established whether you In Fact are Worthy of Life because Life after all, is a Gift that Death Ensures and Secures. So if you Take this Gift, it’s like a Talent and You Do Not Work with it = it’s Taken and that’s the End of it or so, some will Hope.

But in the End, Understand: The Law of God which is the Law of Life which is the Best Ways that one can Coexist on Earth in ways that are Best for Everyone, are Currently Non Existent on Earth. And Very Quickly within a few Generations, the Consequences of this Abuse are going to Escalate Exponentially. Action Needs to be Taken to Correct the Understanding and to Restore the Historical Background to the Words so that they can be Understood within their Real Context and Not within the Context that is Protecting the Elitism.

Now the Elitism has obviously Grown Beyond the Bounds of ‘The Bloodlines,’ now the Bloodline is really actually the Line of Blood that Flows as People Accumulate Money. So Bloodlines have Reversed and have Become something that is Not by ‘Family Name’ Anymore, it is by Whomsoever is Willing to Take ‘What They Want.’

So when a Person comes to you and Tells you about ‘the Holy Spirit,’ Count their Money.
When they Come to You and they Glorify ‘the Lord thy God’: Count Their Money.
See how they are Protected by their Holy Spirit called Money and realize one thing: They are Not Only Paranoid, they are Truly Possessed by a Demon of a Magnitude that is Very Difficult to be Exorcized. The Only Exorcism that Works for these Possessed Spiritual Beings is When They Lose Everything, and We are On the Road to that Very Fast Now. Some will Believe that they have ‘So Much of the Holy Spirit’ that ‘Nothing Could Ever Touch them’… Don’t Be Surprised If Your ‘Holy Spirit’ Leaves you.

In a way Jesus Died for Nothing because All that Really Happened was: that His Message is Being Abused Extensively. The Part that could have Practically Produced a Better World – which in a way he Realized the World wasn’t Ready for – Came to Nothing. Is the World ready for it now? No, Not yet. Only when the Holy Spirit is Driven out Forevermore and the Consequences are Here as the Foundation of the World so that Life Can be Glorified and there Can Be Given as Would Like to Be Received – Will Humanity Be Ready for a New Earth. Before that, you’ll Hear many things but Remember: Test them to the Outcome, Test the Law it is Based on, because Without a Law that is Based on What‘s Best for All, a Law is Worthless and is In Fact just a Form of Justifiable Abuse.

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  1. It's quite curious Bernard ,that there's a bank in Portugal promoted by the socker player cristiano ronaldo wich name is 'Banco Espíritu Santo' (Holy Spirit Bank), you can check it out..fascinating!