Sunday 30 June 2013

Day 438: Your Mind Creates Reality

Scientific Do-It-Yourself Experiments

focused-mind-energy255b1255d-7102281 We start very young with the ideas of ‘the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg’ our imagination Gets Fed all kinds of Myths and Stories of Great Treasure – ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and the Giant protecting the Treasure and then we End up with a Gigantic thing that controls our life every moment: our Mind. And in the Mind we are Constantly busy we believe ‘Creating’ Thinking we say is ‘who we are and what we create,’ and so we take it a Step Further eventually into the Positive Realm where you say: Whatever the Mind can Think and Conceive = it Can Achieve.

So to Get Down to the Bottom of this and to Prove to yourself that this is In Fact so, a few Experiments are Suggested. And these Experiments should be Out of the Ordinary because it is Scientific after all, it must be in the Realm of Things you Normally Think About so that it Solves some of the problems and you can actually Have Evidence that it is Irrefutable that you have in Fact Created This with your mind and that Your Mind thus is In Fact Creating Reality.

So, the first Experiment is to Start with your Wallet. There is in Everybody’s Mind at some stage been the Interesting Thought that ‘It would be Nice if your Wallet could Always be Full of Money.’ So sit and Imagine that, See how your Wallet automatically Duplicates Money – maybe a 100 Dollar or Euro bills – and that it is Always Full because after all: ‘Your Mind is Creating Reality,’ this is a Simple Experiment! Your Mind is Creating Reality. So, give yourself a Timeframe how Long it should take before Reality Manifests, so How Much Time you must Spend on it and then Set the Time and Test it, do it for a Day and then for a Week and then for a Month and see until you’ve got the Evidence that Your Wallet is the Place where Your Mind Produces the Money Automatically and then your Problem is all Solved, because your Mind has Solved the Problem by producing exactly What you Desire Most and Need Most, it will Make your Life so much Easier and you’ll have Conclusive Evidence that your Mind Creates Reality – that’s the first experiment.
The Second one is that everybody tends to Think about Sex at some stage or another, so your next experiment is an Interesting one because – and especially the Men will like this one – because what you do is: Next Time you See a Woman – this is now the Men, the Ladies will just do the Reverse – the next time you see a Woman that you Like, You Imagine them Naked and then you Obviously want the Evidence that They Are Naked, so you better Follow them Around – Not too Closely because you may be called a ‘Stalker’ – but you have to Now Prove to Yourself that ‘Your Mind Creates Reality’ and Will Remove the Clothes so that you can see the Person Naked. And You’ll again will have to Repeat this to establish How Many Times you have to Imagine it Before Your Mind Creates Reality. And to make it a Scientific Experiment, you have to Note the Times, Dates and the Frequency you Need to Do the Imagining so that the Frequency becomes the Energy and the Energy Manifests Reality and you have the Evidence with the Woman Naked, and I mean Why Not?! Share it with Everyone, so place the woman for instance in one of the Big Supermarkets so that you have Witnesses to the Event which will Confirm that You are Not going Delusional, there will be a Freakshow happening everybody will Scream and ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Ahh!’ and you’ll have Evidence – and remember your Cellphone, so you can actually make a Video, the video will go Super-Nova on YouTube because You Have Proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that Your Mind Creates Reality and whatever You Think and Believe you Can Conceive – and After all, You Need to have something Really Conclusive to show that It Is Your Mind Doing it because You Imagined it and You Thought it and You Did it in a way that Is Conclusive and where Evidence will be Really Easy to produce and would be Sufficient to put this point to rest; you’ll become immediately ‘the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg’ because you’ll be able to Imagine Anything and It’ll Manifest, you’ll have U.F.O’s… Whatever you want, Really!

And remember the Next Experiment will be probably more Benevolent, because in the next one you are now doing ‘The Great Jesus Experiment’ where you Feed the Poor and maybe you should Add the Wine thing so that they Don’t Just Eat but they Can Drink as well, so that the Wine apparently is the point that is necessary in a wedding to make the people Happy – so Bread and Wine and maybe some Fish. So you Feed the People, All the Poor People in the World and remember: because You are the One that is Creating this With your Mind and you Need the Evidence, you better put a Brand on it. So first Create an Exclusive Brand so there’s No Doubt that it is Your Mind that is Creating this and that it is Clear Evidence that Your Mind Creates Reality and you Feed the Poor! I mean it’s the most Normal thing to do, Everybody Should have Food, everybody should be Happy and they’ll be Happy if they Have Food and they’ll be Happy if they Have Wine because Those that are Not Happy after a few sips of wine, WILL be Happy – so That way you Make Sure they’re Happy: you give them Wine as well.

And again you should obviously if this happens it’s going to be On the News because suddenly Everywhere around the World, people that are Starving and Poor will have Food Appearing and it’ll have Your Brand on it and Everybody will ask “Who’s this Person!?” and You’ll be Famous and it will be in All the News Networks and then on YouTube and You’ll be a Star! So, it is Important that you Ensure you have a Brand on it, because after all this is a Scientific Experiment as well and You Want to Prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Your Mind Creates Reality. And then Share it with us you know if you will – obviously You’re going to Share it with Us because God, your Brand is going to be on it.

And these Three simple Experiments that are not like ‘the Fringe Experiments’ that everybody is using like “I imagine I have a Parking Space” and then when it happens then suddenly it’s Apparently your Mind Manifesting it – that’s a little bit of a Fringe thing, it’s Not Enough Evidence. You know there you sound like a Conspiracy Theorist and slightly Mad, maybe you’re Totally Mad to Believe that the Parking Space is being created by some Invisible Being. What’s the point of having Invisible Beings if you can Imagine them to be Visible to Everyone and They can then say “Look that Person Helped me to become Visible and therefore, That Person is the Famous one that Created it all the Mind” and you will at last have Conclusive Proof that Your Mind Creates Reality.

And, obviously You want to Prove that ‘The Physical World Is an Illusion!’ So, I suggest you Imagine and think yourself to become Invisible because then you’ll have Conclusive Proof that the Physical World is an Illusion and you can Shape shift between Dimensions and that all this Conned Flesh and the things that go with it becomes irrelevant; The Only thing you probably Don’t want to Give up is Sex because especially the Part where You can do it for Yourself, like the Hand-job stuff, I mean it’s so easy it’s ‘Just a Hand away’ you Carry all the Equipment and you can Arrange the Pleasure – But obviously if you Imagine it with your Mind and you Think it up, You don’t have to Do Anything = it should be So much more pleasurable to Just have a Thought and then have an Orgasm – you should Test that out and check If Your Mind Creates Reality, see what’s Actually Possible because it seems like our Science is wasting their time in all kinds of other stuff while the Big Question Really is the Question that everybody at this stage Claims to be True but there is Insufficient Evidence if you really have to be Self-Honest about it, the question: Does your Mind Create Reality?


  1. If the mind does not create reality, who (or what) does it?

  2. I read a very long article by munchin from the desteni article page which says that our thoughts do create reality. I am kinda confused. Do our thoughts create our experience or not?

    1. Drew and Axel, read for more perspective - See more at:

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