Sunday 23 June 2013

Day 428: Basic Income and Labor Unions

In a Democratic System where the Citizens Elect a Management as Government to Look after their Well Being and their Human Rights, Collective Bargaining Should Not be Ever Necessary, neither should be the Existence of Labor Unions. Labor is one of the Capitals, one of the Contributions of a Citizen to their country to ‘Make it a Better Place for Everyone.’ The Fact that Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining is necessary to try and Enforce the Most Basic Human Right as the Right to Dignity and Financial Economic Stability of a Citizen, indicates that there is something Fundamentally Wrong with the System that is Currently being Accepted. A Basic Income and a Minimum Wage are things that Should be the Basis of Study of Economics to Ensure that the Design of the Economic System Provides for this; and thus that  your Competition within the Creation of Products and Basic Necessities should be based on Quality and Effective Support and Not on Driving down Prices Lower to Create More Unemployment and to Destroy Basic Human Rights.

Labor Unions should study the Basic Income Proposal and Use their Collective Bargaining Power to start Working towards an Economic Solution that is Effective for Everyone – All the Citizens in the Country. Leaders should Not be Elected that Do Not Stand and Deliver the Basic Necessities for All Citizens and that Do Not Protect the Rights of the Citizens as Humans – that is the Benefit we have with Democracy. Democracy should Not be a ‘Mockery’ as it is now, it should be the Tool with which one Ensures that your Representation is in Fact Representing your Basic Human Rights, not only yours individually but All the Citizens of a Country – that’s Patriotism. A Patriot will Look After All People in the Country, not their Own Pocket Only.

And so again I will say that the Media as a Medium with which the Citizens Communicate and Educate Themselves to be Effective in Supporting Each Other to have a Country that Functions Economically-Financially Effective, Should be Owned by the People and Never by Individuals and No Policy should Ever Be Allowed that Damages the Country because to Do that, is to In Fact Act in a way that is Detrimental to the Wellbeing of the country and by definition would be – if we have Lawyers with some Common Sense, be the Premise for Treason and that is why your Police Force will exist, that’s your Commercial units will exist is to Investigate those that do Damage the Economy and to the Human Rights of the People - that’s what Police’s Purpose actually is, the Purpose of the Police is Not to Protect the Rights of the Wealthy, is to Protect the Rights of the Citizen, to Ensure that there is Nothing that is Happening that will Cause Unemployment, that will Cause people to Live on the Streets – that’s a Crime!

We have a Very Strange Criminology System, a Justice System, and Economic System, a Political System and an Education System. Now teachers Cannot even work out the Basic Common Sense of what it is that they are Supposed to Teach the Children, because our Curricula are Not Designed to Support Human Rights.
So hopefully, we have some Labor Unions that can Actually Function within the understanding of What is Best for All Citizens in a country to Ensure that they are a Political Force that brings about Change.

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