Sunday 16 June 2013

Day 421: Basic Income Grant and the Nationalization of Banks

Banking in fact is a Resource that is Required by All Citizens Equally. So therefore, if we look at What are Resources that should be Nationalized, the minimum Guideline is that it is All the Resources that are Equally Required by All Citizens – thus your Water, your Electricity, Roads, if necessary Transport Systems, Media, Banking… all of the stuff that is Necessary for Each One to Have a Decent Life, and Banking falls within this category. This will Bring an End to the whole ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Issue where they are obviously Approaching the Problem Without Any Possible Solution and it is Nothing more like a Camp-out, Screaming at people Without Any Agenda that can Lead to a Solution.
Banking in a way has become So Technological that it is No Longer a major Job Creator; it is simply a Management of Funds.

So – If We Nationalize the Banks and the Approach is with the Minimum Wage that one No Longer Allows Personal Debt to Accumulate – We Forgive All Debt – and the Banks Facilitates points like Building Houses and Facilitates the Placement of Motorcars – which are Debt Based on Capital Investments, which are Good for the Economic Growth – then we are Looking here at a Very Stable Banking Sector. The Profits that come from it – because the Interest Rate will be Minimal – will then be according to what is Required to Facilitate the Basic Income Grant Project in its totality in a particular country. For instance the point of Importance to note with the Basic Income Grant proposal is that Personal Tax will be Abolished, but Taxation in terms of let’s say Per Transaction – which is a Use Tax, a Per Sales Tax and Value Added Tax – those types of Taxes would be Fair because it would be Based on How much One Uses the System and those Taxes specifically would be Accumulated to Pay for the Functions of Government.

To Facilitate a Society that will Stop Abusing Each Other, there is an Interesting Point that will have to be Considered and that is to Move Away from Cash Money to Total Digital Money, because the Total Digital Money one will Reduce the Propensity to Deal Outside the System and as such to Take Part in Criminal Activities. It’ll also in a Basic Income Grant System make the Excuse that ‘One wants to deal with Cash because You Don’t Want to Pay Tax’ – irrelevant. It’ll bring Stability for the System because Those that Do Pay Tax on their Services or their Products they Buy, will Base that and that will be Collected by the Banking Sector. And so your Financial System for the Country will be Very Stable and your Budget will be according to Available Money and when necessary Pricing or Tax will be Adjusted for Extra Money and the Governments Will Not be Allowed to Borrow Money, so that these Exorbitant Amounts of Interests that go towards even ‘Unidentifiable Parties’ Paid-for by the Labor of the Citizens, Can Stop.

So with the Basic Income Grant System: Government Debt, Country Debt Won’t Exist, there is No Need for it. Proper accounting, Proper Planning will Prevent this and it is Suggested that in the Basic Constitution it is Placed that: a Government Cannot Make Debt. And ‘Not being able to Make Debt’ will also mean that the Government will have to Spend Money on Issues that are Really Relevant and things like War will come to an End while things like Education and Healthcare, things that are Relevant to the Citizen = That is what will be in the Budgets.

Obviously when somebody Disagrees with such Practical Reasonable Solutions, One Must Investigate What Criminal Activities they are Participating-in that They Want to Protect, so that They Can have ‘More Money’ when it is Not Necessary: There is Sufficient for All.

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