Sunday 30 June 2013

Day 437: Basic Income Guarantees Business Profits

Increase_your_profits The Basic Income Guaranteed for it to Work requires an Economic Model that must be Efficient and that must follow very specific Regulation, just as one would Regulate Food and Certify it for instance as ‘Safe for Consumption’. One will have to Certify Business as ‘Safe for the Economy’ and within this one will have to Establish Ways to Ensure that Businesses are Not built on the ideology of Competition but rather on the Principle of Profit and of Quality. Therefore Pricing will have to be Certified to Be Sufficient and Effective to Ensure the Minimum Wage at least is Paid to the Employees and the Business Owner is Making a Profit and the Resources bought are Paid for at a Price that Ensures Profit, that the business is Compliant and that the movement of Sales Tax and Value Added Tax to Ensure that both the Government and the Basic Income Guaranteed is Effective; and then the Consumer will be able to Buy from businesses that ensure a Good Quality Product, knowing that they are participating in an Economic System that Ensures each one’s Individual Survival Guaranteeing a Basic income.

Doing this will obviously Ensure that things like Poverty, and things like Debt and the many Psychological Issues that develop because of Stress around Money, will start to Disappear from Society. And the True Supply and Demand will be based on Quality and Preference and according to that obviously, the Necessary Research should be Done and Facilitated Before one brings out a New Product on the market to Ensure you’re Not Wasting resources on a ‘Might be,’ but rather that you are Basing it on the Effective Presentation of a Product that will Have a Market and will thus Be Demanded and then one Supplies it.

So Demand first, then Supply and this can be quite Easily established and Should be the part where Psychology plays a role, where one can Ensure that the Way that the person Assesses the product as something that they possibly may be Interested in Acquiring is Clearly Defined and the estimated Market Share is established that this is Cross-referenced with the Income levels available – that means the Available amount of Money that is In the Consumer’s Budget – would that actually be Realistic that such a point can work? And so one will Ensure and thus Not open Businesses that are Guaranteed to Fail because the Proper Research is not being done and thus the Businesses that DO Function make Sufficient Profit That gives one a Rate of Success that Good Planning will Provide.
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