Monday 17 June 2013

Day 422: Basic Income Grant and Pensions

Pension Within a Basic Income Grant System, the Need for Unemployment, Insurance, Benefits, Pensions and Life Insurance No longer Exists. The Resources that are Placed within the Shareholding of the Citizenry is what Facilitates the Basic Income Grant and One Qualifies for Benefit from your Shareholding when you are Unemployed or when you are on Pension or when you are in some way ‘Damaged’ and You Cannot Work – so that there is Never a Stage where One is Without the Necessary Capital to Actually Sustain a Living. So the Industries that are currently Profiting from All these things that can Go Wrong in a Person’s Life No Longer Need to Exist, because there is Simply No Point to it because your Basic Income Grant Facilitates All the Points and Ensures that No One is Ever Without Capital when they’re Unemployed or if you have been in an Accident and you Cannot work = you’ll Still Have an Income; or if you’re a Family and the bread owner Dies, the Family Still has an Income. So All the Points where Insurance Existed which has been where People has Placed their Money which has Caused such Major Havoc in the world through the Stock Markets because this money then goes into the Stock Markets to Mess with the World Food Prices and to Come with the idea that apparently ‘There are Ways to Make Money’ so it becomes Part of the Global Market Casino. The End of this Casino is Possible within a Basic Income Grant, although Other Corporations will Still Probably want to ‘Float their Ideas’ and have Shareholding so, That will Still Happen; but your Shareholding will No Longer be Vested in Major Corporations or Life Insurance Companies, it will be the Individual that will Invests through their Bank – and the Bank being one of their Own Businesses in which they have Shares which will Facilitate their Investment and Manage the Investment in the Privately Owned and Financed Corporations, so that the Distribution of Money and the Management of the System becomes Highly Efficient.

And all of it obviously can with Great Simplicity be Computerized which is a Mechanism that Can Be Trusted once Placed and Tested. And one can Reduce the Problems coming from Humans Making Mistakes because with the Machine and with Software one can Manage the Distribution, the Placement of Investments a Lot Easier. So, a Citizen can Decide that they Want to Support a Particular Business and Buy Shares in it and then once there is a Profit Declared by that Company, then Obviously the Citizen Benefits from the Profit through Dividends – these Dividends are Tax Free, because there is no Personal Tax and there is also No Corporate Tax – so one can Use that to Spend on Luxury Items and so, the Cash Flow of the Economy Increases, which means Job Creation Increases which means there are More Jobs available for People that want to Earn a Better Living and Not Only Exist on a Basic Income Grant, but Basic Income Grant is Sufficient to Make a Decent Living.

So, Investigate Economic Solutions and Support the Equal Life Foundation – We are Here for You.

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