Friday 7 June 2013

Day 410: The GPS of the Quantum Body – Part Two

This blog is a continuation to:
Day 409: The GPS of the Quantum Body – Part One

Now within this it is Essential that one goes through a Process of ‘Correcting your GPS’ and That you Do by Studying the Words which Contain the Past of your Program of Instinctual Memory through this Life. You Can’t Use Your Mind because You Cannot Trust the Mind, because The Mind is the Result of your Instinctual Memory so therefore, You have to Write Out Everything over a Process of Many Years – Minimum of 7 Years through which you then have to Investigate whether These Words are In Fact Effective in Placing you in a Global Position that Will Bring about a World that is Best for All. If you Can’t Do the Writing, obviously you’re Still So Brainwashed that you’re Unable to actually Take on the Situation at All.

So Maybe you’ll Do it, Maybe you Won’t – that Remains to Be Seen, because Unless you Actually do it, there is Simply No Chance that You’ll be Able to Break your Brainwashing.

In this Writing, in this Journey to Life, you’re going to Take Yourself to a Position in the Global Positioning System of Nothingness where you have Deleted All the Words within the contexts of their Existence that Controls you through Feelings, Emotions, Imaginations, Visions and what is related to what you would call ‘Thought’ in Consciousness, and you will Reposition Every Word with Actual Meaning that Will Lead you in this world to Understand the Actual Situations as they Exist now so that You can be Empowered to Do Something About it and Get Involved in Politics for instance, and Ensure that You are Effective Enough, that You can Educate Others to Break the Brainwashing that exists.

Understand that at this stage within the Global Positioning System that the Brainwashing has Also Contaminated the Hierarchy on Earth, the Elite – they are Equally Brainwashed as You are Brainwashed. They don’t even Realize it because the System from their perspective ‘Works,’ it Protects their Property, it Protects their Rights, it Protects their Wealth, it Protects their Ability to Use Money to Control and get What is their Desires and Pleasures Fulfilled. And They Don’t Care about Anything else because the Power that the Money gives them is So Overwhelming, it is So Enticing, it is So Delectable that they Simply Cannot Imagine Ever Giving it Up. Which is Why we Created the Equal Money System as a Solution, because the Equal Money System places Everybody in the World in fact in the Position of the Elite – because after all, if You are on Earth and You are Alive, You are as Life a Special Part that Must be able to Benefit from This World, a World able to Present and Provide Enough for Everyone to Live a Life Equal to that which the Elite are Now Living. Within that Obviously we have to Understand What Cause us within the Quantum Body, to End up with the Global Positioning System where One Cannot See What is Reality and What is Illusion, and even end up Convincing Oneself that ‘the Physical World is an Illusion’ while Your Mind Illusion is Reality – that is like a Statement that Confirms the Final Point of Brainwashing saying Okay, You are Now Completely Brainwashed because you have Convinced Yourself that the Physical is an illusion and that That which is the Mind which is the Hereafter, which is called ‘Divinity’ and all kinds of Stuff is Actually Reality. While All of that Only Happens because of the Way you’ve Placed the Words and the Way these Words would Function in Converting the Energy Created by the Physical Body Into the Feelings and Emotions and Imaginings and Visions which will Cause you to Experience Events which you Obviously Control; so therefore you’re going to Have that Experience which You will then have as your Evidence that ‘You are Experiencing What You Believe in’ without obviously Realizing that You’re Only Experiencing it because You are the One that Actually Directs the Experience. So it’s Not a ‘Real Experience,’ it’s Your Illusion that you Have Created and You Have Walked it in the Physical so that it Presents itself as an Experience.

So, it is Vital that One Understands that: If You Ever are to Be Free in this World, You have to Understand How your GPS System Functions, you have to Understand that your GPS System at this stage is Flawed, that the Very Foundation of it, which are all the Words and their Structure-Design in relation to all the Resources and all Other Beings Here on Earth which should Place you in a Position to be a Human that can Function as What is Best for All is All Being Contaminated, you have to Fix the whole thing, it’ll take Many Years to Fix it. You have to take Each Word – which is a Code within the Program within your Quantum Physical and you have to Correct it. And you’re Not going to Find that with Ease because it Moves at a Quantum Speed – therefore You Need Tools that Can Help You Identify the Words so that you can Actually Take out the word – like Reprogram it – and Place it Back Into-you as that which is Best for All. At Desteni we have All the Tools, they are Everything You Need to Get you to Correct your GPS, to Place Yourself into a Position Where You are In Fact in the Global Positioning System Effective to Bring about a World that is Best for All, that can Bring an End to All Abuse to Animals, to Environment and to Humans. If You in any way Care about these Things, I suggest you Study How to Fix Yourself because: You Are the Problem. The World is Not in Trouble = You are in Trouble, and because You are the Problem = the World is a Problem because You are Creating the Problem, You are the Origin, You are the Cause, You are the Reason Why the Problem on Earth Exists. So Your Responsibility is Not only Towards Yourself, but Towards Everyone Else and You have the Power if you Would Dare to Bring about the Change Necessary in this World.

Study the Equal Life Foundation, Desteni, Join DIP Lite , Equal Money System – Let’s Position Ourselves by Recreating the Global Positioning System to Be that which is Best for All. Ensure that Your GPS is something that You can Trust as an Actual Form of Integrity.

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