Tuesday 25 June 2013

Day 430: Basic Income and Tax

Tax One of the Fundamental Problems in the World in How Crime Develops is through Tax and Tax Evasion and for that, specially Companies Employ Lawyers to find Loopholes in Laws so that they can Set up all kinds of Foundations and Charities with which to Evade Tax; and with which to Influence the Markets and the Goods Available to the Consumer, to Benefit Their Own Bottom Line. Now with Basic Income it is Suggested that There is No Tax at a Personal level and No Tax at a Corporate level and that one only works with either Sales Tax or Value Added Tax or, if necessary, with an Import Duty.

Charities and Foundations Should be Eradicated because they are actually only Duplicating the Work that should have been Done by the Government – and the Government being the people, the Government is Not a Separate Corporation, it is The Social Arm of the People; so all the Works Done by Charities are Actually the Work and Responsibilities of Government Of the Citizens, Towards the Citizens. And this Duplication all in the name to be able to Evade Tax, placing governments under pressure to Borrow More Money, taking Vast parts of the Budget going towards Interest is quite a Foolish thing to do because: that just makes the Government More Ineffective.

The most Sought After Jobs in the world should be those with Government, with the Highest Level of Expertise Expected and Required with Very Clear Guidelines to Ensure that the work delivered at All Times is without question The Best that Can be; because after all the Foundation of Respect between Citizens, are Services that are Effectively Delivered. This is being Hampered by the current Methodology where Especially Profit and Tax Evasion plays a role and where the Services of Government are Undermined – in many cases Deliberately – Simply to Make a Quick Buck. That type of Behavior which is a form of Financial Treason, should be Outlawed in Every way.

And therefore the Positioning of Accounting Services Really should be Replaced by Automation – that means Universal Software that is Linked to the Banking Industry which is under Basic Income Nationalized which automatically Assesses the Profit margins and automatically Keeps a Tap on the Income to make sure that the Minimum Wage is Always adhered to and to ensure that Nobody can Defraud the System. The Only Reason Why there will Not be Transparency at Any Level when Money Moves is because there is Dishonesty. Absolute Transparency means Nothing is Hidden and one should also Apply this within the context of the Pricing of Goods so that one Ensures that when a Company is Operational, there is Enough Money Moving to Ensure Everyone gets Their Wages and that there is Sufficient Profit for the Investors and that at the end of the day the Sales Tax and the Value Added Tax are Paid Effectively – all of that can be Automated, Removing the Human Factor that at this stage causes so many problems, because the Temptation is just ‘Too Big.’

Within the Basic Income Capitalist Approach obviously Profit is one of its Cornerstones, so That must be Ensured. And another point that Tends to Waste Extensive Money is the fact that when a Business Starts and it is a Failure – from that perspective it is a Suggested that there – like you have with City Planning – You have Business Planning where it is Assessed ‘What type of Businesses the Community Can Sustain’ that is Possible within the Money Supply that Exists, and that Those Businesses are then Planned-out and Offered to the Citizen to take on with Full Support from the Business Planning Section which should be Part as a Governmental Function, a Citizen Support Function ensuring that Businesses Do Not Fail. That would Save Massive amounts of Money which makes Basic Income Grant a Very Cheap Solution to a situation where there is seemingly Endless Amounts of Money ending up in either Foreclosure and/or Failure and/or Abuse and/or Mal Administration – and at this stage there are No Actual Figures kept of all of this! You don’t have the Real Figures of how much is Actually Wasted. But there is More Wasted through Business Failure, Mal Administration, Charity and Foundation Abuse for the Influence of the consumer than what is needed to Bring about a Basic Income Grant. We’re not even talking about all the other things. You should Ask Yourself the Question Why are the No Clear Figures? Why are there No Figures Kept of How much is Actually Lost through Foreclosure? How much is Actually Lost through Businesses that are going under? How much is Actually Lost through People Losing their Jobs at this stage, Unable to Participate in the System, Unable for instance to Pay Tax or to Buy stuff to Increase the Revenue streams – it is Massive Amounts Beyond Belief; How much is Wasted by Corrupt Government Officials? How much is Directed toward Inappropriate Placement of Tenders? How much is Happening because there’s No Oversight because everybody Participating in the System knows one thing: They are Busy Stealing and they’re Busy with Mal Administration and Corruption, that’s why They Don’t Want Transparency, it’s Convenient.

In some countries like even in South Africa, looking at placing in Laws to ‘Limit Transparency,’ it’s like to say ‘Let’s Legalize Corruption!’ So the Integrity of the Human within a Basic Income Grant situation Should be Administrated through a System. We Have the Technology now to have Systems in place that Can Support the Human to the Extent of Creating a System that is Trustworthy and that Assists Everyone Effectively in the World. We have the Expertise to do this. Now we need the Will to Stop Corruption and to Stop Abuse – and That can be done by Guaranteeing both a Basic Income and Guaranteeing a Minimum Wage and Guaranteeing Profit, because all these Three Foundational Stones will actually Guarantee the Existence and Expansion of Capitalism and bring about a High Functioning society, a Society that will Look like What the Venus Project for instance Envisaged: Highly Functional Effective Societies. It cannot happen without a sense of Freedom and Money Does give a Sense of Freedom. Trying to establish a Society without a way within which the Human Can Express their Freedom is simply Not Going to Work, and the Freedom is in Money, the Ability to Express Yourself in a way where you Feel you have ‘Some Power’ – Not having Enough Money is to Disempower People and to Force them into Crime and as you’ve noticed, Massive Amounts of Money are Lost to Crime! All these things will Stop if we have In Place a Proper Technological System which We can Do with Great Ease at this stage. We Have the Technology, We have Everything in Place within a Matter of a Few Years the Whole World Will be an Internet Grid, we can Manage all these things to Prevent Crime and Corruption.

And the Big Debate around Pornography will be one of the things that is going to Ensure that the System becomes More Manageable and also around the amount of Abuse that’s taking place. This is Only at this stage Allowed in the world because Our Psychology isn’t Proper Science, it’s all about Opinion and Making Money. Psychology should be the Study of the Actual Mechanics of Human Behavior so that it can be Directed to Ensure that Every Human Being is Safe and Not a Danger to each other. At this stage, our Total Policing System Only Acts AFTER somebody has been Harmed, while through the Mechanics of the Mind, one can Understand and Prevent these things and Identify Diseases – specially Mental Disease – Long before it happens.

And this forms Part of the Problem Why there is apparently this idea that ‘Free Choice’ and ‘Freedom’ is linked to the idea of ‘Saying whatever You Want to Say’ No, That’s not Freedom! Freedom is linked to Having Enough Money to Support Yourself Effectively to Make a Choice, to Educate Yourself, to Have the Basic Things in this world that Makes your Life more Comfortable and Effective – that’s Freedom! By Misdirecting Freedom into all these other Conspiracy theories, that’s only Protecting the Few that has Managed to Manipulate the System so they can profit extensively. We’re Not saying that It’s Impossible that you’re Going to have Very Wealthy People, obviously it Is Possible if you have a Very Good Product – but if Everyone in the World has Got a Basic Income, the Likelihood of More Wealthy People Increases Substantially.

So you’re Not doing Basic Income just to Support Yourself from an Economic Perspective in terms of Survival but also from the Economic Perspective in giving yourself the Opportunity of Potentially becoming a Very Wealthy Person.

So investigate Basic Income, Investigate Equality because: to have an Equal Opportunity to support Yourself and Your Family Is a Basic Human Right.

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