Tuesday 25 June 2013

Day 431: Basic Income and Lower Pricing

Low-alcohol-wines Now here we must start with Banishing Economic Theory Forever to the category of Conspiracy Theory because the Evidence of the last few decades shows very Clearly, when our Economists Conspire to create Greater Inequality to Destroy the Capacity of the Economy to Provide Sufficient Jobs and to Place All production in the hands of a Few Corporations without having a System in Place that can Support the Citizens of the World. And clearly up to now the Economists have been Unable to come up – and mostly Deliberately it seems – with a Solution that Will Work for the World while those that Benefit from the Current Applied Economic Conspiracy Theories are becoming Astoundingly Wealthy and simply there seems to be No End to this.

Obviously within This Context we also have to look at Brainwashing. Our Psychology is also just based on theory that should be Banished to Conspiracy Theory because it Does Not Educate the People How the Mind functions, instead it actually Uses the Facets of the Mind that causes Addiction and Control – like Emotions and Feelings and Thoughts – to become ‘Accepted Ways of Human Existence’ which are then Used through Advertising and Media and Hollywood to Program the Human to Accept the Current Conditions on Earth and to Not Question Reality. Furthermore our Education System and our Education Theories have Reduced the Capacity of the Human to Reason to such an extent that we have a Complete Dumbed Down Society with an Inability to do Basic Math or to Read and Investigate Words to the Actual Meaning and instead, creating this Ideology that you must take things in a way where ‘It Sounds okay’ but it Says Nothing – a form of Complete Disassociated Information Transfer, which formed in a way the whole ‘New Age.’ And in a way Every Human is Now part of this ‘New Age,’ It’s a form of Spirituality, no matter ‘What Category’ you place yourself in, you’re following the same Basic Premise. And this Basic Premise is based on an interesting thing: it is the Religious Theory that ‘Jesus will Save you’ that’s become the Foundation over the Consumer System where it’s all about Savings and Getting Products Cheaper because That is Competition and that is Market Forces that theory claims.

You should Take a Piece of Paper and do some Math: If you Reduce Price which implies that you are Reducing the Value of Labor, you are also reducing Income, which is what’s happened now for decades – the Real Income of the Human has Decreased, Inflation has Increased for certain things, some of the basic things have become Cheaper and then there’s this big ho-ha about Savings, and the Ultimate Interesting Control facet which is ‘Love,’ you’ll see it in all the major Holidays which now the only Value it has is what can be Saved and how you can ‘Love’ someone by ‘Buying them Something,’ how that has Influenced the Basic Mode of Thinking of the Human.

This Lower Pricing thing even where you have a Machine taking over the Labor – which should be based on a Capital and Advancement of the Human Capacity and thus should Value the Human Existence More – it instead with Reduced Price, Reduced Income, Increase Unemployment and is Glorified as ‘Capitalistic’ type of advancement. At the same time you will have a Very Fascinating Thing and that is: Exchange Rates, where Certain Countries would have a High Value Currency and others a Low Value currency, which is then used to Transfer Resources between Countries, causing Extensive Poverty because This Transfer of Resources in Theory should Benefit the Citizens of a Country, but it’s all done under the Disguise of Corporations, which are Owned by Politicians creating Monopolies. And here our Early Game Theory that was Taught at Home through games like ‘Monopoly’ plays a major role, it becomes part of the Accepted Theory of How one should Live on Earth which has caused just a Few Major Property Owners in the world, and the Property they Own is Not necessarily Land or Resources, it’s Money – and because They have a Lot = apparently the System is Working for Everyone! Another very strange thing…

So this Lower Price Ideology has caused Major Problems and this is one of things for instance some of the people will Try and Use to Claim ‘Basic Income Will Increase Prices’ – obviously Prices Must Increase, you have to Create More Money, you have to Show the Value of the Human, otherwise Capitalism Cannot Work. Human Labor is Capital and that Capital should be Increasing because the Basic Capacity and Knowledge of the Human Race has been Increasing and therefore, a Greater value should be Placed on it, instead: the Value is Diminishing. And through that, the Level of Inequality and the amount of People in the World that is living on the Breadline – or you can rather call the Breadline the ‘Deadline’ – is increasing and the Deadline is they have Nothing else to Do every single day but to Spend their total time at Finding Enough to Just Survive, they’re living on a Deadline Every Day, they Cannot even Challenge the Current System because: They’re on a Deadline the Whole time; and so, they have become the Perfect Slave.

Fascinatingly enough the Brainwashing is So Effective that it is Completely Accepted and that Those that are Still able to spend time on Reasoning out the Problem has seemingly Lost the Plot, Unable to Apply Simple Basic Principles like 1+1=2 if You want to Feed the World and You Want to Use a System like Capitalism = You have to Create Enough Money. You Create Enough Money by Valuing the Production Sufficiently so that within the Profit – or the Gross Profit of the Product – there is Sufficient Money to make sure that Everyone that is Part of the Production – even historically – Earns Enough Money. That would increase obviously the Potential for Profit and therefore the Potential for Wealth, and if one does this properly: it’ll Reduce Inequality.

We Cannot approach Basic Income in this world by Using Current Accepted Economic Conspiracy Theories or by Valuing our Current Economists – if you want to get some Basic Education, study somebody like Noam Chomsky and you’ll see What it Means to have Critical Reasoning and what it means to Be Able to Think for yourself. If you can’t Do what He Does = You Have a Problem, you are Brainwashed! To just say “Wow! Look at Him and Listen to Him” and Doing Nothing, Not Getting Involved in the whole Political Arena so that this Problem we have with Our Education can be sorted out would mean that You will End up in a situation where You have No Power – and this is exactly what’s Happened. The Citizen Now in the world Has Got No Political power because you can be Influenced through the Media by Information without having the Ability to Discern between What is Actual Reality – that would result mathematically in What is Best or All, and what is Conspiracy Theory that is based on Creating a ‘Feeling’ within you that Controls your Behavior and your Voice, Causing you to be in essence Part of the Problem.

So how we will be Presenting Basic Income as a Solution, will be to call out the points – we have already done Extensive Research on this – Call out the Points and Present the Points as they Really Exist and Base the Solution on Actual Reality, because that’s the Only Way it Can Work.

Understand that for a System to Work and to Create Enough Basic Income for Everyone, Basic Income would mean Enough to Survive and to be able a Basic Life on Earth, what One would Expect for Yourself if your Basic Needs are Fulfilled – and for that to happen within a Capitalistic system there Needs to be Sufficient Money Moving that is Produced through the Accumulated Labor and Time and Input through Time. And this Should have been growing for Generations now and the World Should have been a Place of Wealth, instead seemingly deliberately but possibly astoundingly through a form of Stupidity, we have created instead of a Growing Economy – which is What should have been the Result of Accumulated Labor, Intelligence and Research over time, we have been Reducing our Capacity to look after the Citizens of the World, and we are Justifying that in every way possible, using Theories and Opinions instead of Dealing with Facts. Even our Legal System Deals with Opinions, our Psychology Deals with Opinions, our Education Deals with Opinions, our Politics Deals with opinions – You don’t Hear Facts – our Media which should be a Journal of Reality: Deals with Opinions, No Facts and actually Shapes Opinions instead of Acting in a way that Ensures that This Journey On Earth is Worthwhile for Every Human. We Do Not have Journalists with Integrity, it is Unfortunate – But this Will Come to an End because the Situation is going to Escalate Exponentially as it has been Since we have been Placing Blogs and Recordings over the last Seven or Eight Years, and it will Expand Extensively.

Fascinatingly Enough in spite of What we have been Sharing, showing that Much of what has been said in the World is going to be Completely Different, we’re being Attacked from Every Corner, there are still Very Few People with the Most Basic Integrity that Has Stood up and say “Ok what You said Then I see it Happened, I’m sorry, I was Brainwashed” – I think that’s probably Too Much to Ask, you know? The Realization that you have been brainwashed and the Forgiveness point. But We will Repeat again: Things are Going to Get Much Worse, You are Part of the Conspiracy Theory because you are at All Times in Your Mind thinking and your Thought Design has been Placed within the Context of Conspiracy, therefore You do Not Trust Anyone Around you and at all times, you are Wondering what Others are Thinking about You – That Very Format of Thinking is Conspiracy Thinking, You Have that = You are Brainwashed and you are Part of the Problem Why the World’s Economic System is Collapsing. Time to Change, Time to Get some Basic Education and Sort out Yourself so that we can Move on to a System where the Basic Income of Each Human is Guaranteed.

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