Saturday 29 June 2013

Day 435: Basic Income Guaranteed and Education

branded-educate-102 One of the Fundamental Issues in the World Today is that Education has become Irrelevant, because Education is Based on your Value that You can Give to a Corporation or a Business to Make a Profit, and therefore even your Labor and your Education Do Not Belong to You and Do Not Add value to the System and Do Not Allow you to Effectively Participate in the World for the betterment of everyone.

Now in South Africa for instance, you now have a Point System where your Education is based on a Life Long Learning Process that Accumulates Points. In Basic Income Guaranteed System, Education will be your Enhancement of your Labor Value – your Labor Value being the Capital Growth that you Add to the System. And so it will also be the way we Add Money to the Money Supply and the way we Grow the Economy. According to Your Education and the Points you Add to your Labor Value, your Service and Labor Fees that will Determine your Income Value, will Increase accordingly at a Guaranteed Level as it will be a Set Framework that is Equal for Everyone. As such you can Increase your capacity to Earn by Increasing your Labor Value through Increasing your Education. This is why Education will be Important to be at a Quality and Evaluation Level that is Equal, so that the Labor Value Increase is Equal. The Form of Competition within the System would then be Your Drive to Improve your Labor Value through Education.

This will bring Education Back into Value and it will Ensure that Those with Effective Accumulated Labor Value Increase, as Education will take Prominent Positions based on the Quality of Labor which will thus produce a New Quality within the World System: It will bring about a Quality in Service, a Quality in the General Living Standard of the human as we will have a System of Education based on Integrity, an Economic System based on Integrity. Our Labor will be Worth Our Value, which will Be Important especially in terms of the Basic Income Guaranteed because your Service Fee/Labor Fee will Carry a Value of Service Tax/ Sales Tax/ Value Added Tax which is a Form of Tax Value that is Created through Labor and Not through Resource, and thus will Facilitate in Large, the Ability of the System to Supply and to Sustain a Basic Income Guaranteed.
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