Thursday 27 June 2013

Day 433: The BIG Question

Skärmavbild 2012-01-06 kl. 20.07.08 Why are the Human Rights of Every Person on Earth Not Protected?

If one takes this to the level of a Parent, Every Parent wants for their children The Best Future on Earth. With the current Application and the Implication of the Way that our System Functions, which is more based on Luck than on the fact that One Has a Birth Right as a Human on Earth to have a Decent Life with Basic Needs Fulfilled. No one that has got these Needs Fulfilled would like to Give it Up and Go and Live in the Conditions of those that Do Not have Human Rights, and this Polarized the System between Haves and Have Nots.

With the Basic Income Guaranteed, which is in a way Positive Capitalism, this problem can be Resolved and a Lot of Unnecessary Discord on Earth – not even to Mention all the Wars – can come to an End because we have a System that Works. War has only become an Easy Way for the Few Elites to Make a lot of Money, utilizing the Slaves through Paying them a Pittance for their ‘Patriotism’ to go out there and Kill People. And all of this just to Support a Weapon’s Industry that is in its Very Nature of Existence a Violation of Human Rights in Every Way.

So, it is Important that One Investigates ‘What Human Rights Are’ for You and then to have a look If You Have them. If You are Lucky Enough to have them, to then also Investigate if Everybody has Got Them and if They don’t = it is to Ensure that They Get Them, because: the Tables May Turn and You may End up on the Other side of the fence, Inside the Concentration Camp of Poverty on Earth, part of the Holocaust of Modern Day Capitalism and Elitism, where one Does Not Care for Anyone but Yourself and where You Use Money as a Dividing Line between Human Rights and Not Having Human Rights.

Inevitably because of Democracy, there is going to be a Change in the System, and Once People Realize that They can Use Politics to bring about a change, that They can Use Democracy/ Majority Rule to bring about a change that is Best for All and They Do it: I am quite Sure that there is going to be some Consequence, because the Violation of Human Rights Certainly Will be Investigated – Even Only in a way like what happened in South Africa after Apartheid, a Forgiveness Tribunal where one Exposes What Really Happened so that you can Learn from it, so that it Never Happens Again.
I would suggest one should rather Get Involved Now, Realize that there is a Change in the Awareness of the Human, the Capacity to Process Information Has Increased; and slowly but surely the Realization that they’ve been taken for a ride through Propaganda and through Manipulation of the Mind = that Realization is Inevitable.

Rather than Waiting till it Happens, which will place one Squarely in a Position where you may be perceived to have been Part of the Violation of Human Rights, One should NOW Act and Take Action. It’s going to take a Lot of Education and it’s going to take a lot of Effort to Help Those that are Stuck, and mostly Those that are Stuck are those with Money – the Rest has been Stuck because They Don’t Have Money and they have to Focus on Getting Money, but surely: This will Not Continue.

Make Sure that You Investigate the BIG Question:

Why is it that Everyone on Earth Does Not Have Equal Human Rights?

Why is it that Human Rights have become a Commodity that Can be Bought with Money?
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