Saturday 8 June 2013

Day 411: GPS: the Global Paranoia System Reaches Turkey

In the Engineering of Consent which Determines the Destination of those that Jockey for Position in the Global Arena of Profit and the Gambling Casinos of Global Markets, Genetically Modifying the Organizing Ability of the Human so that the Destination of each one’s Life within the Global Positioning System can be Engineered to be Confined and Limited to Self-Interest and the Protection of the Few Rights or Believed Rights that this Self-Interest seems to Generate, which for instance are: Property Rights, the Rights to Make a Choice, the Rights to Search Happiness, the Rights to Find a Job – it’s all part of the Social Engineering of Humanity into a Digital Age where Control is all Internalized into the Human’s Instinctive Memory Reaction Unit which starts operating from Birth and which by the age of 7 would have created the Foundation of the Consciousness System which will Ensure that the Human will Not Question where they go in this reality, but would focus on Instinct which is Survival and that would then be placed as ‘Human Nature’ that apparently ‘Cannot Be Changed.’ Although the very ones that will Ensure that This is The Way it is Viewed are the ones that are Engineering Human Nature and Engineering the Consent of each one to be Part of this, so much so that a Parent will automatically will accept that their Child Will be what They Have been and so the Sins of the Fathers are Visited upon Generation after Generation. And these Sins are basically Synchronicities, all the Engineering of this Consent Automatically finds its way within the Vernacular and the Vocabulary that is Accepted and within that, obviously we have all types of Paranoias.

The Paranoias are now So well Engineered that you have for instance, the Acceptance of Engineering of this type of consent as part of the Basic Spiritual Methodologies. In these Methodologies the fascinating thing is that for instance Meditation, Mantras, all kinds of Positive Statements are all part of the Engineering Process where the Person is Directed through books and media and television to Believe that That is the Way that You actually ‘Achieve Success in the World’ by Engineering your Destination through Engineering specifically the Thoughts that you Repeat because: ‘What you Think = You Become.’ So everybody Understands to a great degree How Engineering of Consent Functions and the fascinating thing is that there is this Belief that ‘As long as You Engineer YOUR Future/Your Destination and it is a ‘Positive Destination’ = Everything else is Okay because Everybody’s got the Same ability to Engineer Themselves, so you’re Not Responsible for Anyone else , You’re Responsible for Yourself and the things that Work in the World are ‘Good for you,’ and the things where it doesn’t work for people is simply because They are Not Doing what You are Doing, they are not Engineering their own Consent/ they are Not Engineering their own Positive Mindset; so therefore They Can’t Have these Great Things you’re getting because: you are a Positive Thinker’ for instance. All of it obviously the fascinating thing is that it is the Mechanism through which Paranoia Functions, this Particular Engineering Methodology repeating a Thought over and over until it becomes ‘Who You Are’ as the Living Flesh – that’s How Paranoia Functions: a Thought of you being for instance Stalked by something, some Force, some Ghost, some God and that you eventually become so Paranoid that it Affects How you Actually Function in this World, which is ‘the Words Become Flesh.’ It’s the same mechanism whether it is Positive or Negative, the Mechanism Results in a simple thing: That which You are Engineering. Obviously it’s Possible to use the same Engineering to Actually engineer that which is Best for All Life Here on Earth but, in the Paranoia that exists this obviously is Not Acceptable because that would mean that What You Have = You Lose and you’re Paranoid about that, because You Believe you Can’t Survive if You Lose What You Have.

So this Survival Paranoia which starts as the Instinctual Memory in the First Seven Years of the Child’s Life – which is Copied by the Child Instinctively from their Environment and Parents – is What the Human being Eventually Becomes and that is what is the GPS, the Global Paranoia System that will Determine your Destination in the World, What Work you’ll do, Who you’ll Become, Who you’ll Marry, Where you’ll Live, What you’ll Own… all of that is Determined by what You Repeat within Yourself as Your Thoughts, and because that is focused instead of the Global Destination but a Personal Self Interested Destination, you are stuck with this GPS System that now Automatically is Inserted in Everyone. And within this, obviously a Fascinating thing is busy Happening and it’s already Happened in countries like Libya, it’s happened in countries like Egypt, it’s busy happening in Syria and it’ll happen in Turkey, it will eventually happen in Iran and even in Pakistan – in All countries where you have at this stage What is Seen to be a ‘Negative System’ in terms of how the Globalization and the Consumer System Functions. And in that for instance the Muslim Religion is seen as a Distinctly ‘Less Profitable Religion’ and therefore it needs to be Engineered- and It’s Being Engineered.

Within this you will notice that for instance, Mechanisms which are Internet-Engineered Mechanisms that specifically Function in the same methodology as your Genetic Paranoia Systems will send out ‘Tweets’ which are Thoughts to be Repeated like a form of Paranoia that comes to bear. You’ll have that for instance happening in societies that develop Very Strong Religious Backgrounds and where there is a High Level of Integrity. In your Christianity System you have No Integrity, you have this Bizarre system that Positions you in relationship to a ‘Forgiveness of Sins’ but You Don’t Actually have to Act with Integrity. In the Muslim Religion the Integrity Part plays a Big Role and therefore it is a ‘Problem System,’ there are No Ways that this particular Problem System can be Based or Effectively Used in bringing about a Further Dismantling of the Integrity of the Human and the Integrity of the Human needs to be Dismantled Completely so that you end up having to Do Things for Survival about which You will ‘Feel Guilty’ and therefore you will Keep your Own Council at Not Attempt to Form Any Groups to Bring About Change in this World = that’s Indirectly Protecting the elite, Indirectly ensuring that through Protection of the whole Idea and Ideology of ‘Free Choice’ and Individualism that you will end up Ensuring that You are Always in Competition with Everybody else Around you, but at the same time you’ll be Protecting Those that have Already Won, those that Are the Elite because: You Also want to become One of them.

And so you’ll notice for instance, under the Demon called Democracy in how it is functioning within this Global Paranoia System that has been Changed/Engineered since the Second World War all over the world in Many Countries. Whenever a Country would move towards a Solution that will be Best for their People = there is Engineering taking place that will Ensure that the Whole Point Collapses and that is being now utilized through things like the Paranoia Systems. And you really have to study but you will see at this stage it is Used as a fascinating Paranoia Systems: Everybody is Trying to ‘Make a Living’ so everybody is Tweeting ‘Business Ideas’ and trying to build their Own Online Businesses in spite of the Evidence that these things will Fail inevitably and only a Few will Survive through their Corporate Power of Money, everybody is still doing it. So Nobody is Really Reading anybody else’s tweets unless they are in a society – which is currently the Focus Point of the Engineering of consent – like what is busy happening in Turkey, in Syria and that will be taken to for instance Violence if necessary as you’ve seen in Egypt and as you’ve seen in Libya – and then Those that are Protecting their Destination as Property and Choice and Superiority and Money and Profit and Ownerships, will Step-in when apparently they are now Helping the ‘Protection of Human Rights,’ while the Actual Human Rights – if you would Read but Most People Can’t because of your Paranoia you are Never able to Actually Complete Anything of Substance – therefore they would then go and Never study for instance the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is quite a Great Document that in great detail explains what the Rights should be for Every Human Being but obviously this Doesn’t Exist because: No one Actually wants these Human Rights for themselves as long as they are able to actually Have Power Over Others through what they Possess and Own and they are able to actually Force People into Slavery to Clean, and to do the ‘Janitor work’ and All kinds of Work that Nobody Else Wants to Do simply by Using the Power of money and the Power of money is actually the Power of Poverty, so Instinctually people are Driven to that. In these countries that are now on the threat of the Global Paranoia, they will all End up with Greater Poverty, Less Stability, Greater Competition, More Crime and they will be open to the Sharing of their Resources a lot Easier because the resources will fall in the hands of Criminals that Do Not Care about What’s Best, but Only care about One thing: Profit and their perceived ‘Freedom’ to Live ‘The Way They Want to Live,’ Regardless of the Consequences.

It is important to understand the Global Paranoia System because it has been Used Effectively in Many Countries over many years for Decades now it’s been fine-tuned – Twitter has become one of the Fascinating Mechanisms with which to Induce Paranoia. We have for instance done an exercise with Quora to test the Paranoia of our Academia and with the Introduction of Just One Person using Cognitive Disinformation in an Anonymous way – which is very much Similar to How Twitter Functions – placing messages to Induce and to Activate the ‘Internal Policeman in the Head’ through the Paranoia System, we had a Massive backlash of Paranoia coming from the most ‘Highly Educated People on the Planet.’ And fascinatingly enough, their Reasoning behind it They can’t even Understand because All They’re Doing is Responding to the Instinctual Memory that they’ve been Programmed-with and Brainwashed-with from Birth and within That Context they have Specified it and Justified it to the Extent where they are able to Protect their Money, their Wealth, their Property and their so called Intellectual Freedom – and all of that done under the Disguise of apparent ‘Democracy.’ In the meantime, the Primary group in All Belief Systems, in All Functionings of Groups in the World are all functioning under the disguise of some form of Paranoia where the Same Thought would be Repeating and the Benefit and Self-Interest from this is the Real Reason Why it is Actually Happening. And that is why for instance having Equality as that which is Best for all Life is Seemingly at this stage ‘an Impossible Dream,’ it is even called a ‘Utopia’ because the Belief Exists that ‘Human Nature Cannot Change’ although Everybody All the time is Busy with the Engineering of Human Nature and the Engineering of the Consent Necessary to Adjust the Human Nature to what will be Beneficial for Those that Fear to Lose what They Already Have. Therefore the Elite in the world is Not necessarily only Those with Money that are extremely wealthy, it is Anyone that Owns Property, anybody that’s Got Money in the Bank, anybody that Owns Shares in the Global Markets, in the Global casino = All of those are the Elite, the Elite are Protected by their Money. And therefore as part of the teenage early twenties years, the Humans that are Part of the Elite will go through this stage where they will play ‘Mr. Anonymous’ where they will play the Policeman in the Head, where they will Be Part of the Paranoia of ‘Protecting their Future Rights’ of Property, Ownership and money because they know their Parents are going to Die and they’re going to ‘Get it All’ and they need to Protect it, they need to Protect the System as it exists but at the same time they need to look like they’re an Activist or an Anarchist – Neither of that is True because at the end of the day, All they really are doing is Protecting their own Self-Interest and they are Protecting what they are Already Expecting as their Inheritance because their Parents have ‘Worked Hard’ for the Money and the Property and the Cars and all the stuff They will Get when the Parents Die, therefore the Parents Must be Protected. And the Parents are trained in that way and so the System Repeats Itself in a form of Paranoia over and over and over again, ensuring the Destination is already Placed-in and that the Words, the vocabulary, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, the imaginings, the visions – All of it Together produced the Result Intended, it’s a Global Positioning System: keeping your Property, your Wealth, your Future Property, your Future Wealth, keeping Your Rights to have More than Others in place, protecting that No matter What the Cost, No matter How many Must Suffer, No matter How many will be Without Jobs, Without Water, Without Electricity, Without a Home – It doesn’t matter! You’ve Got it and You Must Protect it, That Comes First = that’s the Global Paranoia and that is what is used to Force Change and Engineer Consent in countries that are Not Part of the Globalization Process. The Globalization Process will be Accelerating, because it’s All Brought under One Position: a Global Position that Benefits the Ones that Remain Loyal to the System of Property Ownership, to the System of Wealth, to the System of Positive Thinking, to the System of Protecting what is Owned and to the System that is used as the ‘Education’ System now – all of it Protection Systems, Anti-Virus Programs Protect What You Own – What a Paranoid World!

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