Monday 24 June 2013

Day 429: Transmutation of Spirit

86_tumblrmky3soj0ov1r0mzk1o11280 This is a Big Topic that has played a Major Role in All People’s Lives. Now when a Child is Born, the Quantum Physical has already been Collecting Data and once the child is in the Physical, immediately it Equates the Data – which is Memory – to its Environment and the Process of Spirit starts. We’ll talk about the Process of Spirit as a Fetus later.

In this the Child will now start with things like a smile, a scream, a cry, a movement… all of it based on How it interacts with its Environment. It Learns that Signals are a way of Giving so that You Can receive, so the process of Giving to Receive begins, and this continues throughout life. Unfortunately, the Mechanism within which Spirit exists and How it gets Transmuted into Different Forms that end up as Characters is Not Understood.

Let’s take an example. If you go Back in your Childhood you will Notice, you were Quite Young when you started Exploring Sexuality and when that Started Happening, you had a Heightened sense of Awareness which is a Heightened sense of Spirit and Depending on the Input of your Parents and your Environment, whether they have Created Fear around the issue or whether they have Created a Balanced Approach, you would have Various Approaches to it. Most of it happens in Secret – so your First Sexual Exploration would have happened in Secret and you would’ve Explored it and depending on the influences of Fear – that means the Spirit that is being Induced in you – you would’ve Acted in Various Ways and Allowed yourself to Explore it to a Certain Degree or less or more. And, within that you would have a Very Specific Memory about the Exact Events if you are Self-Honest about it, if you have the Capacity to Look at the Memories in the Context that they Actually Exist.

Now, within this context it is Important to Realize that if the Memories were Done in a way that is Self-Honest, that is Clear, you’ll be Able to See exactly Who You Were within the Context of the Events and realize that the Process of Sexual Opening is quite Natural; if you were Unfortunate enough to have been ‘Caught out’ and Few are caught out – ‘Caught in the Act’ so to speak – you would probably be Exposed to Extreme Manipulation because the Fears that Society Induced in it are Extra-Ordinary Out of Balance. If you have to look at today’s type of Movies, Series, you’ll see that Sexuality is Expressed more and more in a Natural Erotic way and it’s Being Acceptable because this is How it Existed in you from young, You Don’t have an Issue with it. When it goes to the Pornographic, then you have all kinds of Issues with it, but you’ll Notice a fascinating thing that You do Not Experience a Problem with the Type of Sexuality that is being Expressed more and more in our movies, you only have a problem with it when You are already Addicted to Masturbation for instance, then it will Stimulate your Masturbation.

Now within the Mutation of the Memory, a Fascinating thing Happens. Let’s take an example of How Psychology Works with it. The Psychologist has One Weapon with which it can Get Submission of their Patient and this Submission is done through Stimulating Data – which are Memories – to Connect and to Create an Energy and an Emotion about the event, where you end up Convincing yourself that What Happened in the event was somehow ‘Bad,’ and therefore you will start Transmuting the Memory to ‘Fit the Data’ as it’s being presented to you because that’s How Society Views-it; You don’t Even Notice you’re doing it and so You Create an Energetic Charge that Suddenly will Hit you and when this Energetic Charge Hits you = you’ll be Convinced that somehow  your Natural Experience was an Experience of Abuse; this would happen because the Psychologist and/or in many cases the Parent, Never found a Balance with Their Own Sexual Expression and found it to be ‘Too Much’ – they couldn’t Control it, so they had to Hide it – and so, when the Child would go into this Kind of Experiences = ‘There is Something Wrong with the Child.’ In the meantime the Actual Experience is being Transmuted into a Spiritual Experience of Emotion and Feeling, and This Changes the Memory and then the Actual Facts of the Events are Lost and whomsoever is the One that Gets the Most Support from the Adults is the one that ‘Wins’ and is the one ‘That’s Right’ and the other one is the Abuser, but When one Looks at the Original Event you’ll notice these Events take place in Great Willingness from All Participants and there’s Nothing Wrong with that! That’s Natural. The whole ‘Abuse’ part comes out of the Unnatural Nature of Parenting and the Unnatural Nature of Psychology, because Psychology is Not Based on the Actual Science and Technology of How the Mind Functions, it’s based on Creating Ideas About Events through Emotions and Feelings to Change the Memory to what Fits the View of the Parent Form of Psychological Abuse – The Real Psychological Abuse happens through the hands of the Psychologist.

You’ll have the same with Rape for instance. Rape when it is Rape is a Very Violent Direct thing where there are Definitive Forces placed in it on the situation where Rape becomes a Very Thin Line is when the Person actually Submits, but they ‘Didn’t Enjoy it’ or they ‘Felt Guilty’ because of the Previous Memories of Fears and Anxieties that were Implanted by Society – mostly Parents – and because of their Guilt, they have to now Justify their Behavior and Feel Better about themselves and Place the Blame somewhere else. The human being knows Extremely well How to Place Blame and How to Change Stories and Memories to ‘Not Be the One that was Guilty in the Act’ – you have this A Lot with Siblings, where the One Sibling will Change the Events to Induce a Reaction with the Parents so that they can get the Parent on Their-side Against the Other Sibling in the Sibling Rivalry Competition and Most Parents Fall for this, not realizing that Through the Process they have Not Considered the Practicality of the Physical Reality, they end up Believing the Stories of the one sibling in the rivalry because it is ‘Plausible’ because the Total Society functions on Plausibility ‘It Could be True’ and just because ‘It Could Be True’ = you end-up depending on your Particular Design and how your Spirit is being ‘Influenced’ and ‘Transmuted’ through Time, you’ll End up saying “Yes! It’s True!” and then you Take Sides and in many cases you can Cause a Permanent Damage in your Relationship with your Child because you have Not Considered that You could’ve been Manipulated and that you were Just the Result of your Own Upbringing where You also were Transmuting Your Own Memories and Changing the Spirit in which Things Happen instead of Following the Physical Design of How things Actually Happened. We have this a lot in our Law as well, instead of Fact we have the word Opinion: ‘In My Opinion, this is what happened’ How can one Ever Convict Anyone on an Opinion? Facts are the only thing and Facts are measurable in the physical reality.

So we have this Problem where Spirit is being Created through a Transmutation process of Memory, we have this Specially placed-in through Consumerism since the Growth of Technology where the Facts about a Product for instance through Advertising would be Changed to Present a Spirit, you will React to the Spirit in which it’s presented and That will Activate a Feeling because your Spirit that exists is actually Emotions and Feelings, there’s No Real Actual Spirit that exits, it’s all Created through memories and the Interactions and Associations of Memories. So you’ll then Act on this advertising through the Spirit that’s activated in you and you’ll have a Feeling whether you ‘Like it’ or ‘Dislike it’ – and for the purposes of Control obviously, anything that Does Not Fit the current version of society, you’ll dislike. And a Red Flag will go-up so to speak, but it’s Actually based on the Memories you’ve Transmuted.

You’ll have this in Consumerism big time, it’s also a Big Thing in Religion and Spirituality. Your Great Spiritual Gurus have managed to ‘Find Words of Wisdom’ that sound ‘so Undeniable’ that it is Plausible and Possible that you end up Taking this ‘Wisdom’ as Fact, when if you really look at the statements of wisdom: It Says Nothing! It’s like “Love is All there is” it says Nothing! It is just Activating a Feeling which is Preprogrammed into you, which is the Result of your Memories and your Exposure to the Environment that now exists and when you have accepted that ‘Feeling,’ you’ve Accepted it as your Spirit, then apparently you now have a ‘Spirit of Love’ – you’re actually Possessed! It’s a form of Demon Possession, it’s the ‘Light-form,’ the ‘Light Demons’ – they are Far more Deceptive than the Dark Demons, the Dark Demons You Know What you’re Dealing-with, the Light Demons: you Never Can Trust Anything about it.

So your Spiritual gurus will Find the Words with which to Activate your Memories and they will use Technologies from the perspective of Structured Words, because They Get a Response; and they will for Instance use the point that “If You Cannot Hear what I’m saying = you’re Negative” The Psychics and the Spiritual Beings and the Law of Attraction… all these Light Demons they Use this Extensively, because with that You are Placed in a Little-Box and Unless You Change in your Spirit to a Positive Light Spirit = ‘You’re Bad’ and you are Someone that should be ‘Isolated’ and ‘Nobody should Talk to you’ so, a form of Torture is used, a form of isolation is used to Convince the person to Change their Spirit, to the Spirit where they’ll get Support and Help instead of any form of Learning How things Actually Work.

Now, whenever the word ‘Transmutation’ is used, understand that what Actually Happens is that Memories that are Pre-Existent within you are Mutated to  Produce Particular Feelings and Emotions which you then will Call your ‘Spirit’ and within this Spirit, you would then Take the New Memory and you will Make Statements as If it is ‘Truth and You will even Call this ‘Truth’ because you’re experiencing the energy; while within All of this, the Whole-thing is Deception; but You have Convinced yourself that ‘It is True.’ A lot of people in this world have Suffered because of this Stupidity of Not Understanding How Things Really Work and of Over Excessive Concern about things which are Quite Natural.

One should be Careful What You Place in your Children as ‘Spirit’ and one should be Careful when you are some Spiritual Being, How you Manipulate others into your Delusion. Now Obviously as reality continues and the Compression of Reality continues, things are going to get Very Tough and a Lot of the ‘Transmutation Experts’ are going to try and Transmute you in Every Way possible to Get Your Money and They’re going to Get it! I mean there is a Vast Amount of Money moving through this Transmutation Process. And Nobody really Talks about it: you Lose your Money, you Don’t really have Any Real Change because: You Don’t Know How the Mind actually Functions. All you have Achieved is the transmutation of your memories and you’ve created a ‘Spirit’ within you that Possesses you, that makes it impossible for you to See Reality for What it Is and you’ll end up Claiming for instance that “The Physical Reality is Not Real” – while the very Feelings you have are based on How you have Mutated your Memories in the Physical Reality to create an energy which you call Spirit and Feeling and Love and stuff like that. You see the problem? Complete Delusion!

And unfortunately because Spirituality is a Product of Consumerism, specifically creating the Spirit of Consumerism – which is based on ‘I like and I love this Product’ – you’ll have LOTS of Spiritual People trying to Make Money out of it, they notice How Easily they were Manipulated by other ‘Spiritual beings’ then they try and find another way of doing it and coming out with a ‘Better’ way to present it, a ‘Higher’ way a More ‘Feeling Creative’ way and you have LOTS of different ‘Spiritual Paths’ now, and each one of them is Justifiable because Nobody can Challenge it, because They are All Doing the same Thing! So now they All Support each other and it Sounds like and it Looks like Spirituality is Expanding. In the meantime: Everybody is Lying Together. It’s a ‘Spiritualizing’ of the Mind so that the Spirit of the Being can be Prepared to be the Ultimate Consumer.

It is Not a Simple Task to End the Abuse that you Compound and Place Upon Yourself by Creating all these Spiritual Possessions, it takes Years to Break all of it. And Unfortunately, our Total Psychological understanding at this stage is Not Based on Science, it’s Based on Opinion and it’s Based on Manipulating Feelings and Emotions to Get the Results that then through time can be Claimed to be based on ‘Expert Opinion’ – No Fact, though. So behavior is Observed, the Actuality of ‘How it Functions’ is Not Considered. We have done Extensive presentations on this already and Eventually the World will reach a point where Psychology Will be Based on Fact. When That happens obviously, the World will be a Better Place for All; at the moment, it’s a Most Dangerous Place because Everyone is Trying to Change Each other’s Memories, everybody is Busy with Transmutation, ‘Playing the Game’ of being a ‘Shaman,’ a ‘Guru,’ a ‘Spiritual Enlightened Being’ – you’re Not Enlightened, there is No Such thing, you’ve only Found a Way to Manipulate Others by Transmuting their Memories through Activating Feelings and Emotions, so that they can Submit themselves to Your Will – but all of that even is Just an Illusion. So a Lot of Work is Ahead if in Any way there Exists some form of Self Honesty within this. If you React to this, you Better Investigate Who you are and where you are Abusing People Around you, it is Really Not Acceptable.

Start with the DIP Lite, Start the Process, you’re Not going to Hear things that you’re always going to like because: you’re going to be Challenged; but that is Necessary because if you would’ve Known What is Real and What’s Best = the World would have Been a Place that’s Functioning Effectively for Every Living thing, it’s Not – that’s the Evidence that What you’re Doing is Questionable. Question it for Real.

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