Saturday 22 June 2013

Day 427: Basic Income and the Music Industry

musicThe Music Industry is one of the industries that has Suffered the Most under the Current Format of Consumerism and Capitalism. We have a ‘Peculiar Scenario’ that Developed where More than 90% of Popular Music became ‘Popular’ with some Underlying Sexual Innuendo within the context of the Music. It’s As If Music became a form of Pornography, and because Pornography has become something that up to now has been Apparently something ‘Protected by Free Speech,’ we also Created this in Our Music Destroying the Truly Creative within Our Musical Arts, ending up Only with Popularized Music that is Deliberately Promoted within the Vile of Consumerism where there is Nothing that Drives it but Profit, and obviously Entertaining the Consumer to Remain in a ‘Positive Mindset of Hope’ looking for the fulfillment of Pleasure – This certainly is NOT Music.

I Expect that within the Basic Income scenario, the Musician will Have Sufficient Income on a Basic Income Grant to be able to Truly Develop their Music and to Explore Building an Audience that Appreciates the Music they do. Similarly with the Other Arts in terms of Painting, Films, Theatre, Literature, etc. If one No Longer needs to Make the Music simply for the Purposes of Survival and you have Sufficient Support to Truly Explore your skills, the Appreciation of the Listener of the Music Enthusiast will Grow Substantially and we will Develop a Culture within Our Higher Appreciations that will Bring us a Whole New Era in music – All Facilitated through a Simple Principle: Once each one is Taken Care of in their Basic Needs to Live a Life of Decency, Their Ability is Set Free to Find a Higher Form of Expression. This Higher Form of Expression is Truly what everyone Claims ‘They’ve been Looking for’ but Never Considered that one Requires a Practical Economic Model to Set Free the Creative Juices of Our Human Potential.

It will Take Time, but inevitably I Foresee that we will Become Much more Appreciative of Arts and Music and much more critical of Content, Expecting a Higher Value from Our Fellow Human as we No longer are Biased through Our Need to ‘Feel Hope for the Future’ through some form of ‘Positive Innuendo’ that is Underlying Abuse through Our Sexual Expressions that has come through our generations. There will certainly be a far greater Sexual Freedom as well Developing with a Greater Emphasis on some of the Most Basic Consequences like Health Care. One Cannot just ‘Go and Express Yourself Sexually’ without Realizing the Consequences of Such Endeavors.

In a society where you have underlyingly Felt like You were Not Supported in Any Way and you really Have Nothing to Lose because you’ve Already Lost Everything = the Choice to be Stupid was Accentuated. In a More Balanced Society, one where Everyone is Taken Care of within a Basic Income Structure will Develop Self Responsibility and Self Respect, because Basic Income in Itself would be a Statement by Every Human towards Their Fellow Human ‘I Respect you as Life’ and That Statement, That Certainty that One is Protected and Supported: Will Start Changing Human Nature.
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