Monday 10 June 2013

Day 412: Suicide is Never an Act of Self Hate

Suicide is Always an Act of Hate, Blame and Violence directed at another. Yes Suicide is the Ultimate Act of Self Love. This Psychology is yet to be understood and Suicide, the Person that takes Their Own Life Does it as an Act of Violence to Force themselves Upon Another, to Force Themselves as an Act of Blame, as an Act of Finger-pointing, as an Act of saying “I’m doing it Because of You.” That’s for instance, even in Suicide situations where a person goes and Kills a Group of People and then Kill Themselves, it Remains an Act of Blame, it’s Done within the Context of the Backchat and the Self Talk where They are So Enthralled with their Own Opinions, their Own Ideas and they’ve been Thwarted and Disregarded and Not been Recognized for ‘Who they are’ in their greatness and therefore, their Love for themselves is Not being ‘Honored’ according to them and therefore they must Get ‘Back’ at somebody. Suicide is Never an Act of Self Hate – such things Do Not Exist in this World, Nobody Truly Hates Themselves, they All only truly Love Themselves and use ‘Self-Hate Ideologies’ to Cover up the Real Story. But there are also Very Little Guts in most people to Actually say “I’m Doing it because I Hate You, I Hate You for Not Loving Me, I Hate You for Not Bending to My Will, I Hate You for Not Doing what I Tell You to Do, I Hate you for Not Being My Slave.”

So it is The Master that tries to Get Back at The Slave, getting the Slave to Submit and in Death, the Ultimate Act of Trying to Chain the Person to Guilt and Remorse for Eternity so that You can have a Slave for Eternity – It is a Fascinating Cruel Thing to Do.

So, Those that Threaten Suicide or Those that Commit Suicide: Have No Empathy with them, They are as Nasty as Those that are Jealous and in a way, Suicide is a form of Ultimate Jealousy. It is Simply Not something that is Acceptable in Any Way Whatsoever and Any Person that Ever Threatens to Suicide should Immediately be Supported to Establish ‘Against Whom’ specifically they are Directing their Actions of Violence. Once You can Find the Person they are Directing it Against, the Person that has Rejected them, and Not Rejected their Love – the Person that ‘Did Not Love them’ according to them, You find that Person and Get that Point to Forgiveness: the Suicide stuff Will Stop.
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