Tuesday 18 June 2013

Day 423: Basic Income Grant and Oil

oil Now Oil again falls under the Resource Identity that is Required by All, that is In Fact a National Resource. So the suggestion is that the Total Oil Industry gets Nationalized, that Oil is something that Facilitates both the Basic Income Grant and that Also Facilitates the Economic Growth; that the Price is kept Stable; that the Profit is Sustainable to Support the Citizens of a Country; and the Countries that Don’t have Access to Oil or Gas, are Supported through Agreements to make it Possible for them to Also Facilitate a Basic Income Grant and to Make it Possible for their Economy to be Stable, so that there is a Stable International Trade where People and Countries Can Exchange Goods for Fair Value. Where if one country Produces More in One particular Point than Another, that that is Distributed Worldwide to be Available for All Citizens of the World, because Production in itself of Goods that are Dependent on the Earth specifically, directly – like Food and Fruit and Raw Materials – Should be able to be Distributed in an Effective Way where the Profit as such is Directed towards Supporting Citizens Specifically.

Capitalism in terms of Where one will then Come up with Ingenuity to Produce something Extra-Ordinary that People Pay More for, should be based on Enhancing the Lifestyle on Earth, thus the Products based on Taking Raw Materials and Creating something out of it. The point of Some benefiting from Raw Materials just because they Apparently ‘Own the Land’ through generations – which in All cases if one Investigates it, it was Always Taken From Someone that Owned it Before, and Those were normally your Natural People that Lived in a Particular Area = that is simply Not Acceptable because that Caused Poverty and that In Fact Anything that is Done in a Way to Limit the Distribution of Resources to the Benefit of the Citizens of a Country is an Act of Treason Against the Country and the Citizens; because the Government at the end of the day Is that which Represents the Citizens and Anything that is Done to harm Citizens = is there to Harm Government which is Indirectly Citizens and so is a Form of Treason. That is unacceptable.

Our definition of what is Legitimate and what is Criminal needs to be Sorted out so that we can Move Forward in a Stable World and Stop All this Abuse that takes place All in the Name of Control and Profit.

There are Simple Solutions to these Problems and there are Easy and Effective Ways with which All People in the World can be Supported in a Very Quick Fashion. The Situation in the World is Growing Extensively where Businesses will Get Into trouble a Lot Quicker; there are Big Problems on the Horizon and Many can ‘feel the pinch’ – The Global Recession is going to Deepen and Get Much Worse, so Action Needs to be Taken Now. And within a Short Few Years One can Have a New System in Place which Only Requires One Thing from Each Human: a Change of Mind, a Change of Heart, to Open your Heart to Also Consider Other People and Not Only Yourself.

Live from the Heart, Dear Ones!
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