Sunday 26 May 2013

Day 396: Paranoia: the Home of Human Reason – Part Two

Continuing from the previous blog:
“The Self Honesty part is the Big Problem because without Self Honesty = You’re Never Going to Stop Paranoia, it’ll simply Grow to a point where it is a Psychological Condition and You become a Psychopath or a Sociopath and so Convinced of your Righteousness that ‘you Feel Nothing, you have Overcome All Your fears’ so-called because the Fears are Initially Used to Try and Control you because The Mind is Not Understood, and then you would just Act out on your Particular Belief that you have Made Flesh.”

So, if one look at for instance the incident where the man would Act out and go to the bank and then Shoot people about a Bank Overdraft -- That is now where the Paranoia moves from a Parapsychological State where the Person is Thinking about it and it is Generating Energy around it and it gets Worse and Talk to Themselves – this Self-Talk, this Thinking = that’s Paranoia. And then they Convince themselves that ‘The World is Against Them, that Everybody is Against them – there’s No Way out, they Can’t Find a Job, they Can’t Pay, they’re going to Lose...’ I mean if That Point gets Physical, if it becomes Psychological, if it becomes a Psychopath – that means it has Moved into a Path of Expression – that Person Will Commit Actions of Harm.

Now imagine that this has Taken a Long Time to Develop, it didn’t Just Happen, it’s not just a Sudden Event. If you look at the Amount of Understanding Available around these types of Events, you’ll see there’s really Nothing, you can go and check your Psychology it is really… there is Nothing, it’s a Joke! it’s just Profit driven! Nobody really wants to Understand What is Really Going on because Then you Have to Change the Way you Live, and Profit is the Change of Slavery and that’s Why you Give your Change to the Beggar. Everybody Knows One Thing: Money Gives You Power Over Others and You Don’t Want to Give that Power Up. Money Gives you some form of Security, it gives you a ‘Special Place’ – Money is a Fascinating Paranoia: Nobody Wants to Give it Up – You Count-it, You Carry-it, You Have-it. But you Don’t Want to Give it up, you Don’t Tell anybody about Your Money. Money should’ve been Just a Measure through which we Share Equally, it is now a Complete Paranoia and the Market Forces are like the Parapsychological Side of the Money Paranoia where you are using Ghosts to Make People Believe that ‘There is a Force Moving’ and they can Make Money and so everybody pour it in there because there is this Dream of ‘Sudden Riches.’ In the Meantime the whole thing depends on the participants, you take the Participant away = the Whole thing Crashes, it’s Not Real, there’s No Force. But the Paranoia Exists to such an extent that You Do Not Dare say: Wow there’s Something Going on here! You are Under the Influence of Paranoia, there is No Real ‘Market Force’ - You’ll say “Oh what do YOU Know ? Look I am Making a Profit! Look there’s gold going, look there’s Silver going!“ Nope! that’s Not True, it’s Not Going anywhere: You’re Making it go there, it’s just like You’re Making Yourself Believe something, You’re Making Yourself Believe there’s a God, You’re Making Yourself Believe there’s a Jesus, You’re Making Yourself Believe there’s a Mohammed = it’s all Paranoia because it goes through the Stages where You are Creating these Ghosts as Thoughts through your Memories, through the Energy in Your Mind until it Eventually Moves into the Written word into the Spoken word, and then Eventually into Action – Once it’s into Action: You’re Converted.

So, this is going to be a Long Journey with a LOT of Research, or Actually the Research it’s just a Measure of Self Honesty, will be Placed into Context – and by the End of it the Paranoia that is being Used in the Process of Brainwashing the Human will be Much Better Understood, you’ll Start to Realize WHY Certain Things are Done to Trigger Paranoia. You will for instance look at How Paranoia Functions within the Physical Body, that means: Where does it Come From? Where does a Thought Come From? How does it Exist? What is the Influence of the Parents in the First 7 Years in Creating the Paranoia that will become the Character of the Child which will become The Way the Child Thinks, it will become what the Child ‘Believe’ as an Adult? To what extent the Parents are the ‘Parent-noia’ – you see it starts with the Parents. Parents are the ‘Paranoise’ they make a Lot of Noise without Any Understanding, Teaching the Child Apparently to Think and to Speak and to Be – but! Not really, they’re Just Creating Paranoia, we have a World in Peril because of Parents, Parents that Pretend to Care, but they Don’t Even Understand where a Single Word goes in the Physical Body and How that Word Expands into a Network that Eventually, would become the Ability to Speak, the Ability to Think and the Ability to be a Paranoiac Person.

So - You Cannot Take-on the Paranoia Person that has become Paranoid, you should Avoid initially because really they are a Self-Contained Problem. When this Paranoia actually becomes Physical then it becomes More Dangerous, but Most People in the state of Paranoia won’t Act on it, it will be Increasing but Most Won’t. Those that Do they unfortunately, they’re Over the Edge, it’s Very Difficult to Assist Them. So it’s Best to Avoid a Paranoid person, you need to have Very well Developed Skills if You Want to Help them. And, there’s going to be A Lot More Physically-Paranoid People that will be Doing Harm to Others –this will Increase Exponentially, so one can call it Demons because in Essence that is What it Is.

Within this context also understand that Life After Death is at this stage just the Result of Paranoia. So, so little is Understood that What Remains within the Human Body After a Life on Earth is Really Very Little of the Original Life Force that Started-out so beautifully – seemingly Innocent as a Child before the Paranoia born that becomes the Human Reason that Could Create a World the Way it is Now, without Being Able to even Conceive the Participation that Takes Place within Every Moment within the Very Panoramic View of the Mind where one is busy Coloring-in the Story, Telling Yourself Stories Until You Believe it – Totally Paranoid that “I am Righteous” – “There Must be a God” – “I’m Trying to Do what is Best for All” Whatever Paranoia one Create without the Actual Realization of the Physical Structure that will be Necessary to Create a Condition that is Best for All and that will have to be Present to Prevent the Paranoia that Exists.

Study DIP Lite and DesteniEqual Money and Equal Life Foundation: Stop Your Paranoia.
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