Thursday 23 May 2013

Day 392: Having a Religion Means You’re Brainwashed

Now obviously the Evidence of this is quite Easy to Ascertain, all You have to Do Practically, Physically: Go to a Hospital where you have lots of Babies just being Born and then Make Sure there are No Parents around and then Try and Establish ‘Which Religion does Each Baby actually belong to?’ and you’ll notice: None! They’ve Not been Brainwashed yet. But Soon, the Parents will Start with their Child Abuse and they will Impose their Religion on their Child, even Those that’s Attempting and Claiming that They are Giving their Children a ‘Free Choice’ do not Actually do it because the Environment that you’ve Placed the Child in, Acts as a Brainwashing-Agent as well. So your example – that means Who You Are – is what the Child Will Follow, Not What You Say. Check the research of Carl Jung, that’s Psychology. This is Known in Psychology and Yet have you Noticed that None of the Psychologists Ever say a Word about this Type of Brainwashing? Because they’re also Brainwashed! and they are Too Scared to Speak the Truth, because you’re Going to be Attacked, because ‘somehow’ apparently You are Doing something Very Bad by Speaking the Truth and Asking Questions about Actual Reality - the Illusion apparently has ‘Some value.’ Yes have a Look, we have Christians and Muslims at each other’s throat so that the War Economy can Continue – Religion Plays its Role, it’s the Pretext for War, Killing, Bombing, you name it - It is the Necessary Evil to Create Jobs!

Religion is Not Part of the Human, it is Part of the Nature of Consciousness to Apparently belong to Some Group that Agrees with You, because then You Feel Better about Yourself. But did you know that you are In Fact Belonging to a Group Called the Human Race? There is even Genetic Evidence of this.

So in terms of Religion, some way You have to Start Investigating this For Real and that is why the Physical World Exist, to Show you that Who You Are is the Result of ‘What Happens to You’ and then what is Very Obvious is that Who you Become = You’re going to Impose on your Children, and now we have a World that’s Completely Screwed-up because No one Understands How the Mind and Consciousness functions; it is being Glorified without Actually Understanding for instance the Exact Mechanics of Thought, the Exact Mechanics of Feelings, the Exact Mechanics of Emotions. All kinds of Industries shoot up around How to Manage these things, How to Use them… but None of the People that Get you Involved in this Can Tell you How the Actual Mechanical Structure of these things Work which you will in the End call ‘Yourself.’ There is a BIG Problem in allowing such things, because that would mean that you are Being Controlled and you are Brainwashed.

There are Ways that you Can Establish How this works, it takes Time but you can Set Yourself Free from this Brainwashing. The place to start is DIP Lite and through Writing and following the Journey to Life Blogs of the Many that are already Busy Removing their Brainwashing. And Obviously you have to Do it Yourself, Come on! Nobody else Can Do it FOR YOU, You are the Result of this Brainwashing Over Time, so it Takes Time to Remove it. You were the One that was Involved in Allowing and Accepting it in the First place, so You are the One that Must Remove it and in this you are Alone.

Just being Angry about it or Just ‘Pretending’ that you are apparently Not, when you Don’t Understand the Mechanics and you Haven’t in fact got the Written Evidence that You have Been able to Establish the Mechanics and you can Do it Consistently and it can be Cross-referenced by Another Human at the very least, means: You are Still Brainwashed. If You Do Not in Fact have the Capacity, the Will Power to Actually Investigate your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions as to its Actual Mechanical Creation Process so that you can Understand How it Functions: You are Brainwashed.

So - you’ll have Those that will claim that for instance ‘Desteni is Brainwashing’ – well that’s the Brainwashed Claiming it because WE can Explain to YOU How the Mechanics of your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions Work and We can Teach you How to Set Yourself Free and How to Become a Responsible Human. Those that Benefit from the Brainwashing that Exist as a Religion and Those that have already Developed some form of Extreme Psychological Disorder around it, will be Really Nasty beings that will Try and Convince you through Fear that Apparently Anything that Challenges the Religion that Exists, the Religious-Mechanics that Exist in Terms of Brainwashing somebody is Apparently Acceptable. They will even try and Convince you that ‘There’s a God’ in Spite of the Evidence that There Isn’t. And you will End up Convincing yourself that the 1% Time when a Prayer of yours by Coin-cidence and Pure Luck seems to Manifest that That apparently ‘Is God’ – but the 99% of the Time when your P(r)ayers mean Nothing, You Won’t Use that Evidence At All because You’ve Been Completely Brainwashed and Controlled into Believing that What Exists as your Religious Practice Apparently needs to go-through this 99% ‘Nothing’ to the 1% ‘Something’ that maybe in some way ‘Can be Linked to the Practice of your Prayer’ and Mostly it’s to Do with Money anyway. Pure Luck – Living in a Casino and saying that the Moment you get a Jackpot it’s apparently ‘God,’ while it is Simply Just the Mechanics.

You are in a Reality where Things will Sometimes Happen and if you Focus on something long enough, you’ll Eventually going to Find a point where there is a Connection, but that Connection will only Last for a Moment – and Yet you’ll Base your TOTAL Ideology of yourself on That Single Moment. It’s like people having a Near Death Experience, having it Once or Twice suddenly Convince them that There is an ‘Afterlife’ and that There is a ‘Heaven.’ And this Near Death Experience is Actually Recorded and Witnessed by Somebody that Does not Understand the Mechanical Workings of their Own Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings or their Dreams or their Consciousness - and Suddenly their ‘Experience is Evidence’. Obviously because Everybody is in The Same Boat with the Brainwashing, you’ll have Those Foolish-enough to Believe such Bullshit.

There is a LOOOT of Research that’ll have to Take Place because the Situation around Brainwashing in this World is Extreme - and If this is Not Stopped, the Consequences for Humanity as a Species is Going to be Dire.

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