Thursday 30 May 2013

Day 401: Thinking is for Losers

What then are the Secrets to Success? Thinking has been Promoted by our Great Philosophers, our Education System and all our other Systems on Earth. So it is necessary to Investigate What the Consequences of Thinking Produced Here on Earth. If we have to Look at our Society Built on the Wisdom of Our Philosophers, we have to Ask some Questions:

A Philosopher’s Purpose was to Fill you with Reasons Why ‘You Should Lose,’ Why ‘You Should Accept your Fate’ and Philosophers traditionally throughout History were Funded by the Elite, because the Philosopher would Refine Knowledge and Information to a way where it Sounds Plausible and thus Becomes an Acceptable Way of Reason through which Control could be Affected. This has grown into the Curriculum that would be Taught eventually at School, it has Formed the Foundation of Religions, it Has Formed the Foundation on How Thought and Reason would be Manipulated. Here you can for instance look at What Specifically was Done since the Second World War by watching the documentaries like The Century of The Self – that is obviously if you can get Past the Control that Ensures that ‘You are a Loser’ which is your Thinking.

Fascinatingly enough, Ideologies like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ were Deliberately Promoted as That would Give ‘the Poor Losers’ – which is the Majority 99% and more of the World – a way to Justify their Condition. Obviously the Elite realized that Controlling Resources on Earth means that ‘A Few Must Control it’ because then They have All the Power. This particular approach was then Ensured to Continue by Keeping the Property, the Ownership in the Bloodline/in the Family. And so if you Study History You’ll Notice that the Same Families have been Owning the same Resources – it’s just Common Sense it’s like How you would Play Monopoly: You’ll Ensure you Own Everything because then You Have All the Money, if you Have All the Money = You Have All the Power and then Everyone Else would be in a Form of Thought Paranoia trying to Survive and in their Own Paranoid Thinking they Will Ensure that they will Submit to the System otherwise Themselves and their Families Will Starve. And the Same Elite Ensured that Every Revolution that’s Ever been on Earth Was Manipulated to Always Result in a Change that Does Not Change the Ownership of the Resources. So No Matter ‘What Revolution’ Exists on Earth: it Doesn’t Change Anything – the Same Elite ensured that ‘The Losers’ – which are the Populous – will Always end up Accepting that They’re Losing.

That’s why for instance The Message of Jesus had to be Popularized as a Religion for Losers where you had to End up Believing that ‘You CANNOT Perfect yourself, You are Born in Sin and Only Jesus Can Save You’ and this became one of the Foundational Ways of Ensuring that Losing and Being a Loser became ‘Cool’ because Jesus never said ‘I am the THINKING Word’ – He said ‘I’m the LIVING Word’ But obviously Those that are Behind the Education, Never Teach anyone How Thought Really Works, How it Comes About, Why is it that the Corporations are able through Public Relations and Advertising, Why are they Able to Control and Predict the Buying Patterns of the Consumer? That would Imply that They Do Understand something about How Thought Functions and How they can Use Images and Words and Music to Create a Paranoia, a Repeating Thought in the Mind where the Consumer will go into a form of Fear that ‘They will Be a Loser if they Don’t Own the Product’ for instance. There are Many Dimensions to this so there are Many Blogs and Support, you can read the Paranoia Blogs to Understand HOW and WHY You are a Loser If You are a Thinker.

I mean No Parent on Earth currently Knows how their Child starts Thinking. They Just Accept that ‘it is Part of the Human Condition/Human Nature’ and so, the Sins of the Fathers are Visited Upon the Children up to the Sixth and the Seventh Generation; the Current Society of Consumerism has already Moved Through Several generations if you would Dare to study The Century of the Self – if you can get as I said Beyond your ‘Losing mechanism’ which is your Thought which you Believe is ‘Your Reason,’ which you believe is Yourself while it is In Fact Not So – if you would Understand How Thought Functions = You would Never Create your Personality and Character based on Thinking.

If you Look at our Society as it Exists Now and we Claim to base it on our ‘Great Thinkers’ of the Past, the Devastation of our Environment, our Animal Kingdom and also the Massive Numbers of the Poor that Now Exist on Earth are the Result, and are Based on ‘the Wisdom of our Philosophers’ and we call them ‘Great Thinkers’ – we Only Do That because We Do Not Understand What Thought Really is as a Mechanism Within the Mind and How it Actually Functions and How Easy it is to Control and Mutate and Change your Memories so that it can Change Your Thinking and Without You even Ever Knowing: You are Always Brainwashed. The Only way to Stop Brainwashing is to Be Able to Understand How Thought Functions and to Not Exist as Thinking and to Not USE Thinking, that is what Parents were Supposed to Teach Children and Why the First 7 Years of a Child’s Life are So Important and Why it will take you 7 Years to Solve the Problem and to Prevent Brainwashing. But obviously, Those that are Losers, that are Thinkers Do Not have the Discipline to Do that because You Cannot Even Hold One Thought in Consistency, You can’t Even Remember What you Were Thinking Yesterday because You Don’t Understand Memory and therefore You Cannot Trust Yourself and because You Can’t Trust yourself you know One Thing: You Can’t Trust Any Other Human Being and therefore No Trust Exists on Earth and Everyone is Always Paranoid about ‘What Others Are Thinking’ because: You Know What You Are Thinking about Others! And that’s Why You’re a Loser and you Believe Everyone else is a Loser and the Few Types of Activities on Earth that are all about ‘Winning and Losing’ is Your Entertainment where you end up Experiencing for a little moment that you are ‘Better than Others’ but Essentially: When you’re Second = You’re a Loser. And therefore, Many has Justified that “It is Okay to be part of the 1% that Controls Everything, because You Would’ve Done it As Well if You Were in Their Position” all Paranoid Justifications that are Manufactured through the Thinking that you are Believing You Are – this is a Vast Topic and it requires Massive Discipline to be able to Break the Control that Manufactures the Thoughts you end up Believing ‘You Are.’ A Person that Has Not Walked this In Writing so that You can Check that their Process is in fact Resulting in them being Able to Break their Brainwashing, Can Never Be Trusted, they are simply someone that ‘Thinks’ and therefore they will try in Every way Possible to Manipulate Your Thoughts so that They can Win.

There are even specific Psychological Methods like Cognitive Disinformation that is used to Specifically Trigger the Paranoia of Human Thought to Ensure that No One Questions ‘What is Going on Here on Earth’ and that whomsoever would Challenge Thought is Apparently ‘Dangerous.’ These Cognitive Disinformation Agents are Used as the Thought-Police and they form part of the ‘Policeman in the Head’ which is Explained in the Documentaries ‘The Century of The Self.’ Obviously in Studying The Century of the Self you’re going to have to Listen to it a Few Times because You are a Thinking-Machine and therefore you can Only Understand things Through Thought and there you are Limited as a Loser, you will end up Accepting and Allowing All Kinds of Controls purely because: You’ve Already Accepted Yourself as a Loser.

That’s why for instance a Winner is either in Sport, or a Winner is Somebody that Becomes Wealthy because Wealth Gives you the Power to Have Control Over other Humans and Make Them Your Slave and you have Justified this form of Losing as ‘Acceptable,’ because Apparently you are Earning your Bread by ‘the Sweat of your Brow’ and you Will Justify through Your Losing Thought that you have Done it through Hard Work: No You Haven’t, you have Done it by Manipulating Other Humans into Submission and you were Just a Better Loser as Thinker – and now you have Power because You can Starve Others Through Money ‘If They Don’t Do What You Tell Them to Do’. That is Such a Level of Evil that is being Accepted and Yet there is No Remorse, No Compassion, there is no Empathy even our Spirituality is just a form of Refined Thought. It’s the Ultimate Point of Losing that You Can Achieve, is to ‘Become Spiritual’ because Spirituality is just Various Forms of Religion within which Groups of Losers Get Together to Justify Why they don’t have to Stand up and Do Something about bringing about a World that is In Fact a Living Word that is in fact Best for All Life, because they have even Redefined this World as ‘an Illusion’ Imagine! Using a Losing Formula as Thinking to Define ‘Illusion’! You are Losing when You are Thinking, so You are In Fact The Illusion – that’s why You are a Loser.

There will be Many Examples in Blogs if there is still a Spark of Life Left in you which is Unlikely – then, Start your Journey to Life, Learn from others that have Already Proven through Time and Application and Discipline how Thought is the Mechanism of Paranoia through which one Ensures that You Remain a Loser, you will actually End up Losing your Life at Death - as Jesus warned: “If you are Not the Living Word, You will Not Have Eternal Life” that means: You will Not be able to Transcend Death. And that is Why something that Should be studied Extensively like ‘What is Happening After Death’ which should be one of the Prismary Research Points of Our Science because there are so many Paranoid-Claims around it, there is No Research – the Only Research is How to Embalm a body and How to put it Six feet Under or How to Make More Money out of Insurance or How to Ensure there is More Money in Funeral Homes or all kinds of stuff… How to Prevent Death? Ensure that everybody’s Savings end up with the Corporations by letting them Live Longer because: if they Die Quicker, their Money will go to their Family and then the Family will Not Need to Work and then the Elite won’t have Enough Slaves because the Slaves have got Too Much Money. So the Slaves in the World Need to Remain Poor so that there is a Labor Force! Fascinating but Thinkers could Never Consider this because: Thinkers are Already Losers.

It is Important to Study the Equal Life Foundation and the Equal Money System, they are Concepts that are Beyond Thought – If You’re a Thinker = You’re Not going to Get it because You’re Still a Loser, you need to Become Able to Break the Brainwashing of Thinking and that You can Only Do if you Understand the Mechanism that is Used in Thinking. If one does not Understand the Mechanism, you will End Up Believing Your Own Thoughts and thus, you will Create that as your Justification and your Ego and you will be Unable to Break the Chains of Brainwashing. It is Unfortunate because: unless one becomes Absolutely Self-Honest so that you can Determine when you are Thinking and when you are In Fact Alive = There is simply No Way Out.

So Join Us because This Journey Takes you to Life and it’ll Cost you Everything that you have Valued which has All Just Been Thought, which has all been the Mechanism and the Reason Why you are Not in a World that is Best for All, Why you’re Not in a World that Ensures The Best for Every Child Born, Why you’re Not in a World that Ensures the Effective Living of All Creatures, Why you’re in a World where Daily Animals are Going Extinct: it is the Result of Your Thinking. You’re Not the Only One Losing: Every Living Thing on Earth is Losing because You are a Loser, because You Think.

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