Monday 1 July 2013

Day 439: Basic Income Guaranteed with Labor as Interest

706x410q7092c88926a451264a36ea91d2384ddc23 With the Nationalization of Banks within the Basic Income Guaranteed and the eradication of Interest on Money, the Money Supply will Grow as a function of Labor. The Labor has a Capital Value that will Increase the Money Supply. This has been extremely effectively used by the Germans where they made Labor one of the Foundations of their Economic System. And within the Basic Income Guaranteed where you have a Basic Income for All Needs and you have a Guaranteed Minimum Wage that is Double the Basic Income, your Labor Value will be Predetermined as Part of Every Product and Service Produced. So that the input of your Labor as Value is Reflected and Revealed within the Price of goods and services. In this way, each person will understand that Part of the Price is Another Person’s Livelihood, and that As You Give = You Will Receive. Labor then becomes part of the Economic Value System, part of the Production Cost – which must be valued sufficiently to be able to Support the Laborer.

Labor is the Action of the Human with a Measurable Value which will be like the Accumulation of Interest and you’ll have a Compound Interest Effect, which will have the Effect of an Ever Expanding Economy, ensuring that everyone in the country has Sufficient Support to have a Dignified Life. This is a fascinating point that Economists should have Adopted long ago but unfortunately, Labor has been Demonized instead of realizing that That is the Actual Only Real Interest that Can exist within a System based on Money.
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