Wednesday 10 July 2013

Day 448: Universal Consciousness: What is it actually?

-gambling-stocks To Understand it, one must look at How the System Functions and that the System as the Universal Mind functions like a Casino. Therefore your Universal Consciousness is like the Inside of the Casino where the Lights are Flashing, the Bells are going off somewhere Enticing you into the Idea that ‘You Can also maybe Win a Jackpot and Be Happy’ - and Universal Consciousness Functions like that. So, because this Promise Exists, this Hope Exists, it Entices you to Participate because you Look at it and you notice that Those that participate in the Universal Casino and then Claim that they have done so through some Spiritual Benevolent Force, They Participated and They Managed to Win a Jackpot – which is Wealth and Happiness – in the Casino. Obviously you don’t investigate the Actual things they Had to Do to Get it, you just listen to the Nice Part they’re Telling you, they call it the ‘Positive Part,’ but they Don’t Tell you the Negative Part which is the Real Part; the Positive part is just the Projection of an Image and Likeness that apparently is ‘Good and Benevolent’ because: “I’m a Good Person, otherwise I wouldn’t have Won all this Wealth and Happiness! I wouldn’t Have Had this life if it wasn’t that in Some level I am Good” But the Actual Physical Actions that had to be Taken to Get the Money and the Consequence that it Brought to Others In your world Directly and Indirectly = That is Never Shared.

So Universal Consciousness has been Deified stating that In this Giant Casino on Earth, You have to Take Chances, you have to Hope and just Listen to the Bells and Whistle, you see it in the Media, you see it with the Celebrities, you see it with the Successful People, you see it with Those that Claim that they have Managed to Acquire Lots of Money through ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘the Law of Attraction,’ but what You Don’t See is their Secret Mind. If you had to Investigate the Actual Secret Mind of Those that Managed to Win Big in the Universal Casino, you would notice They Followed Certain rules. The Rules they Took and Followed and Implemented was to Ensure that They Win No Matter What and to ensure that They Keep Winning: they have to Misdirect you and tell you The Ways you will Never be able to Win, which are all the Positive Ways, because they used all the Negative Ways, the ways to Exclude you from winning and then they had to Ensure that You Never Win and so, they Give you the whole Positive thing. And you will have people that will Actually Believe this, a lot of people, the Whole World so to speak that Somehow by ‘Remaining Positive,’ Somehow by ‘Being Good’ there’s going to be Some Force that’s going to Look after you and therefore the small little wins you get, the ones that are not the Real Jackpots, they Keep on Motivating you because you Keep on Giving All You Can and then you get a Little Win, and then you Keep on Giving More and then You get a Little Win, and then you keep on Giving More. But the Big Jackpot = That only Happens to Some and those ones they take Much Bigger Risks, the Biggest Risk they take is with their Existence, their Eternal life. Because they are Willing to Harm to Gain and they do so under the Disguise that apparently ‘They wouldn’t have Won if it wasn’t God’s Will’ the whole thing Justified “If it wasn’t in Some way the Will of the Universal Spirit, if the Universal consciousness didn’t care…” and that is Why Love is Used to such an extent to claim ‘Love is All there is!’ it’s the Ultimate way to say “Because I Embraced Love, I Managed to become Wealthy and Happy” Not True. If one would be Self-Honest about the Thought Structure you had to go through, the Actions you had to take to Gain the Wealth you will notice: oops! I Used Evil Only.

So, this whole Universal Consciousness Scam: it is Deliberate. It is Deliberate by Those that Do Not Want to tell you the Truth about How they got their Spoils and why They are Spoiled in this world and You are Not. And because there are Limited Resources, they have to Ensure that You Do Not Share the Spoils and the Best way to do that is to Make You Believe that The Way it Doesn’t Work is the Way it Works. They have to Get you to Believe in the Positive, in Love, in Light, in Beauty – That’s Why you See it in the Magazines, You see it in Hollywood, You see it Everywhere Projected at You All the Time. Wondered why that done? Keeping you Occupied, keeping you in Desire and Hope and ‘Maybe’s’ because ‘It’s Not The Way’ / ‘It’s Not How it Works.’

 Yet, you’ll Use the Very Mind that was Implanted In-you through which your Personality and your Consciousness was Created to be Subjected to this control, You’ll Use That to try and Analyze what’s Really Going on and then you’ll Find eventually you’re able to Create some form of an Energy within yourself that ‘Makes you Feel Better’/ ‘Makes You Feel Good’ and you will Equate that to the Energy you need to be, the Beingness you need to be to Acquire this Wealth and Happiness and you will Focus on it and eventually you will even get to the point of Teaching Others and you will claim that you are Benevolent because ‘You’re Not Doing it For Money’, ‘You’re Not doing it to Have More’ – But That’s Not True, because You haven’t used the Correct Methodology. You will then start using Love and Light in an Evil Way to Acquire Wealth and you will Sell your Knowledge, In Spite of the fact that You don’t have Any Evidence of Acquiring it Yourself, you’ll only Acquire this Wealth now by Misleading Others and they will Pay you for it, and You’ll Become Wealthy and You’ll say: “Now I have the Evidence! Law of Attraction and Light and Love Works because Look I’m Wealthy!” but You Don’t Tell them, when you all started, You were Not Wealthy, You Didn’t Have the Evidence – You Used everyone that’s Following you and there’s Very Few of them that will ever be Wealthy unless They Do What You Do and become a ‘Guru’ or a ‘Teacher’ Selling ‘Love and Light’ = they will Not become Wealthy and if they Can’t do it Completely to the Level where they are Convincing: they’re Not going to be able to Make Money, Be Wealthy. And that is the Nature of the Universal Consciousness. It is working out How to Con others so that You can have Wealth and Happiness. Claiming that apparently ‘Happiness is a Human Right’ but you will Not Look at the Systematic Ways you used to Acquire it because You will Deny what I’m saying as the Truth but hear me: This is the Actual Truth. There is No Universal Consciousness that can be Trusted, it is a Creation of the Human Race. This Creation has only One Objective: to Find a way to Con Others into Giving You their Hard Earned Money so that you can Become Wealthy; You will not Present a way Out of it, You will Not Present a New System that is Based on What is Best for All – Anyone that comes with That, will Take Away Your Right as far as you’re concerned to Acquire Your Own Wealth and Happiness through Consciousness, through Conning Other People. So you’ll Blame the Truth as being a Con, the Truth as Negative, but the Truth is the Truth – You Cannot Change that.

At Desteni we Present a Solution that’s Best For All, we Present the Truth and the Truth is Never Beautiful – You can go and Check those that have Found this to be true and They have Shared this message and yet: You will Not Hear, You will Not Investigate what is Here on this Earth and How this has Caused Mayhem in the Lives of Many and How you would – If you are a Big Enough Con Artist – used this Universal Consciousness to Make Money and You can See How those that Refuse to Hear the Truth will Change their stories and slowly but surely focus on Becoming some ‘Great Guru’ which can present Light and Love; and they will Use statements that are Based in Cognitive Disinformation which Sounds ‘Universally True’ because it’s Generating this Energy.

When you look at the Machines in the Casino and their lights are flashing and the bells are ringing, it sounds universally true ‘You Can be the Next Winner!’ and You Become Engrossed by this, not realizing it is functioning in a Mathematical Equation, one that only Gives to the Few a Jackpot and for that Jackpot: it Requires to Take from the Many! And the One Rule is: the Casino Never Loses. And those that Manage that System, they sit Right at the Top because That Casino is the Resource, they’ve Created the Earth Resources in a form of Casino, then they created the Hierarchy: the Winners and then the Players and they’re all Losers and the only ones that Really Get Everything are at the Top and they never Play the Game because: They are Controlling the Game. So the rule even says: ‘If You are in any way Involved in a Casino, You may Not Play in it’ because They know you’re going to lose but they’re Winning, this is How it Works.

Those for instance that Control the Resources, they don’t Play the ‘Market Place’, they Don’t Play the Future’s Market, They don’t Invest in Shares… they Control the Resources. They Have it all, they determine the outcome, They Always Win because they are the Universal Mind and therefore all they have to do is Keep you Going within the Universal Consciousness, keep you Conned and Allow people to Develop their Skills as Con Artists to Help with this. And there you have it, many claiming ‘Love and Light’ and Positivity, but the Truth is Not Shown, the truth in the Secret Mind and Why they do it, How they do it, What they do in this Physical World to Acquire the Wealth and Happiness, They will Not tell you because then you will see They’re Evil. They’ll tell you the Nice Part and you’ll Believe them, because the Nice Part is where they are playing the bells and whistle in the Casino, and they tell you How Wonderful it is to Follow this and if you use these ‘inspiring messages’ they give you, You can Also Acquire this. But you go and test it in the Physical World, in Actuality, you’ll see it’s a Lie – and those that Lose and there are many of them Never Share their Story, they Never Share that it was a Lie because They Believe they didn’t do it Effectively Enough, they didn’t go Far Enough, so They’re ‘the Loser’ and the others say ‘Good! You’ve Done so Well, Look you’ve been Better than me’ and it’s okay because From Day 1 when You Arrive on Earth you are Taught that: Only Some Can Win, the Rest come Second and if you are Not First: Glorify the one that Wins because ‘It might be You Next Time and You want to be Glorified’ and so the Whole System of Universal Consciousness is Glorified, and you’re Brainwashed into it without Noticing, and you keep on believing ‘It must be True!’ “Look, look at that one, Look at their Luxury Items their bells and whistles, Look they’ve Managed to Achieve it, I Can Do it as well.” And then you Focus and it Drives you into Evil and You Will Not Admit it.

Who out there is Willing to Open-up to the Self-Honest Truth, What you Really Had to Do to Get your Money? Why are you Not Willing to Open the System for Everyone in a World where the Resources are Given for Free by the Actual Universe? Why Do You Abuse this For your Own Benefit Only, Why Don’t You Give as You Would Like to Receive, Why Do You Not Live the Message of Jesus In fact Practically, because If You Don’t: You Have Sold Your Right to Life.
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