Friday 26 July 2013

Day 460: Transhumanism: the Rise of the Machine – Part 1

trh This will be an ongoing discussion wherein slowly but surely we will Dissect the situation around the Idea that the Machine could be ‘The Savior of Mankind.’ Within this we have to first look at Where we are with the Machine as it exists now: What is this Machine? What have we Done with this Machine? How is this Machine Functioning in our Current Society?

Here let me give you a Story. About three years ago, one of the neighbors came and we were Discussing things in general, he then mentioned an Interesting Event, a family member tendered for the Engine Block of one of the new Toyota models that were going to be Produced. The specifications of the tender were that the Block must last for a Warranty Period of Five Years. So in their Diligence and Commitment to get the Tender, they Engineered an Engine Block that would last 8 years, obviously under the impression that If you Produce something Better than the Specifications, your Tender will probably Receive a more Positive View – fascinatingly enough their Tender was Rejected, because it did not Keep to the Specification of a Warranty of 5 years. Now the Engine Block of a motorcar is Engineered, Produced and Constructed by the Machine, but Who Makes the Machine that Makes the Engine Block is the Human and the Human Intent. If we take this now to a Broader view of many, many products that are Available in stores, we’ll Notice that many of them are Produced by the Machine, but Regardless of being Produced by the Machine – which by the way Ensures a Greater Level of Perfection than when it is Produced by the Human – in Total Disregard of this Potential Perfection, the Human would Design the Machine to Produce the Goods to Only Last a Limited Period of Time, Causing Massive Levels of Consumptions, placing Massive Pressure on Resources and All in the Name of Creating a Market Flow which Produces Money and Profit, which produces according to our Well-Drilled Brainwashed Economists – produce a Market Economy that’s Necessary to Keep the World Economy Going. And within this obviously, the Competition that exists between the Remaining Few Corporations in this game of Monopoly, is to see Who can Destroy Who in Price Wars, it’s an Economic War going on and at the end ‘Only One Shall Remain’ – and the One that Remains obviously will Determine in the End the Quality of the Product Produced. If the Consumer has already been Educated by the fact that Nothing Else is available but what has a Limited Warranty, the Corporation can Keep Producing the Same Product over and over again, knowing that it will Fail within a particular Period of Time where the consumer will be Addicted and Adapted to have the Product and thus Must Replace it by their own Apparent ‘Free Choice’ and so a Market Force is Being Created. Is this really the purpose of the Rise of the Machine? What is the machine replacing but the Human Labor point?

By replacing Human Labor what we have already seen is Many People Lose their Jobs and even Those that Remain, end up receiving Lower Incomes with only the few at the top receiving Higher Incomes, in this way Ensuring that Those that Do Make the Decisions, Do Not Question the System; Those that Do Not Make the Decisions have No Choice because otherwise they will have No Job because the Competition for Jobs is so high with the High Levels of Unemployment. So, a Perfect Slavery System exists – all in the name of the Machine and the Machine is Blamed for it, Instead of the Human.

Certainly in a Redesigned Economy, the Machine can play a Significant Role in Perfecting the Products Available for the Human Race to use, Perfecting the Reduction of Resources used in Producing them, Extending the Life of the Produced Product as Part of this Perfection, Allowing the Human to Benefit from their Placement of the Labor Resource by Ensuring that There is Significant and Enough Basic Income for Each One to Ensure that the Product Produced can be Consumed but Not really that, to ensure that the Right to Life is Recognized as a Human Right, Allowing the Human to have More Free Time in which to Develop their Awareness to become more Benevolent, Less Competition which should be the Outflow of the Rise of the Machine, a Reduction in Competition thus a Reduction in Conflict, a Reduction in War, etc. because the Principles are Understood, What is Necessary to have an Ecosystem that is Effective and Supportive in Nourishing the Human Race as a Whole. Unfortunately, this is Not Considered.

You should watch the Documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy to Understand the Nature of the Problem: the Problem is the Human Being, Not the Machine – and the Machine certainly can Create and Contribute to a Society that brings Vast levels of Freedom to Everyone and Our Society can develop a Higher Purpose for its Existence – at the moment, we’re at the most Basic Part of our Existence where there’s not even a Basic Income, there’s Not Even a Living Income for Everyone! While This could have been Possible if this was Introduced as the Machine was Rising but instead, those Brutal Enough to take Advantage of the Situation Forced a Play that caused a Massive Problem in the World, and now All the Top People, the Elite in the World has No Idea How to Solve the Problem.

And more and more they are Considering a Most Stupid thing: a World War. Every other way of ‘Waging War Against the Human’ has been Trumped by the Human Physical Body being able to Adapt to all the Poisons that’s thrown at it, and In Spite of it all: the Human is Living Longer.
So the solution to the Problem is Not Apparent, more Radical steps are being considered. I would suggest that the Real Radical Step is to Realize that the Mistake was Made when Labor was Removed from the Equation of the Pricing of a Product, and it was Replaced by the Labor of the Machine, you Cannot Compare the Two: the Machine is actually an Extension of Human Labor and therefore the Human should be Glorified through it, it found a Better Way to Create More Time; instead, those that Do Not Fit into the Economic Model are Forced to Use All their time to Find ways to Survive – that is certainly Not the Way Forward.

Investigate Living Income Guaranteed, become Part of the Research. If your Objective and your Principle is like Ours: to Find a Practical Solution that is Best for All that Works for Everyone and You can See that obviously that is the Only Way we will have a Workable Solution on Earth, then Join us because there is No Way that an answer on Earth is going to come through an Individual, it’s going to Require a Group, the Group as Humanity to Work Together, to Bury the Hatchet and to Forgive Each Other and to Move on and Create a System that is Best for All – there is No Other Solution Possible. And to simply try and ‘Find Ways’ that Do Not Involve an Outcome that is Best for All: is Just a Waste of Time.
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