Thursday 11 July 2013

Day 449: The Greatest Secret to Wealth

Inner-Wealth-Mindset-of-the-Rich This is a point that Occupies the Mind of many all the time and many books have been written about ‘The Greatest Secrets to Wealth’ and Positive Thinking plays a Major role in this whole approach. The other point that plays a major role is Networking. So the great gurus all Promote the importance of Networking, Remaining Positive, Not Allowing any Negative Influence – ‘You need to Focus and Get it Done’.

Now, the Greatest Secret obviously is a fascinating thing, a thing that many attempt to Use: the Only way that Positive Thinking Works is If You Become a Positive Thinking Guru. The Rule is Called ‘Fake it till you Make it’ Yes, you have to – in spite of never having the Evidence that Positive Thinking Works, you have to Become a Guru and then Sell Your idea to other people and That is How a Positive Thinking Guru makes their Money, they Never have Evidence that the Positive Thinking works, they Become Wealthy through Selling their Idea to Others. And then out of Those a Few may be Lucky enough to Develop a Unique Enough Approach to Positive Thinking to then Sell that approach to Positive Thinkers and They become Wealthy. So, a Few will Become Wealthy through Selling to the Flock of Positive Thinkers.

The Other Few – and there are fewer and fewer of those – would be the ones that Manage to get a Unique Approach through which they can Convince People that Their Approach will bring some form of Happiness or Wealth and They will Become Wealthy That Way. Some may Invent a Unique Product that would be a Monopoly and they will Sell it to one of the Corporations and they’ll get Lots of Monopoly Money because the Corporation will Monopolize the Idea and the Justification would be by giving it to the Corporation, you’ll be able to Sell it to the People for Cheap and therefore you’re doing a good thing because you are making it more Affordable to Everybody.
Obviously the Fact that Only You and the Corporation will Become Wealthy out that and that there will be Extensive Job Losses because your Invention would have Automated certain Human Labor and thus would have made human labor in certain aspects of the human existence Irrelevant = That escapes our ‘Great Wealth Creators’ because: “Self Interest is the Key!”

Now, let me give you the Greatest Secret of All secrets, the Desteni Secret: How Do We Know when Somebody Cannot be Trusted and is Only in it for Themselves? It is when they Reject the Desteni Message, because the Desteni Message is Designed to Only have One Outcome Always: that which is Best for All and thus it will give an Equal Spread of Wealth to All so that Nobody is Poor and Nobody is Struggling. And there is Only One Way that works because – by the Law of Balance, Balance Must Exist and thus Harmony Must Exist. And the Desteni Message is the Ultimate Message about Balance and Harmony, Peace, Love, All the good things everybody Profess in their Attempt to Become Wealthy, Desteni Presents the Solution to Wealth for Everyone, Spiritually and Financially.
We Present a Total Solution in terms of your Emotional-Mental Existence AND your Physical Existence = all the Cornerstones of a Society that is Benevolent. But! Those that are in their Self Interest looking to become Wealthy, will Reject it because: they will want to do it ‘Their Way’ – but that’s not the real story. ‘Their Way’ they are doing to Find Ways to Make Lots of Money – that is the Design, they’re Just Looking to Become Gurus, Get Followers and ‘Preach their Way.’ Unfortunately, there is Only One Way where it Works for Everyone and that is When it Works for Everyone and that is a Mathematical Equation, a Mathematical Certainty and a Mathematical Principle of Balance. That is what Truly Benevolent People Do. They Realize they’re Not Alone in this World, that they are One within this world with everyone else, that they’re Interconnected and they realize that If they have More than another = then somebody must have Less because we are in a Reality of Finite Resources.

The Positive Thinker obviously will try and Convince you that ‘There are No Finite Resources, it is Infinite What You can Do’ and the Spirituality will Attempt to Impress upon you the Same Ideology, in Spite of the Evidence in the Physical world. They even will go as far as telling you that ‘The Physical World is an Illusion’ and that ‘The Truth is all about Love and Light and Energy’ because the Real Intent in the Secret Mind is: They want to Become Wealthy and they want to Become Special and Famous, and they want people to Follow them and put them on a Pedestal. And therefore they will Present Words in Ways that Shift your Cognitive Recognition of Reality because ‘it Sounds So True,’ but it is Practically Impossible.

If you start writing down the Mathematics, you’ll see All Positive Thinking Always Depends on a Pyramid Structure, Always Depends on a Multilevel Structure, Always Depends On one at the Top and the rest following, Only One will Become wealthy. We investigated All things and that is why our message is simplistic: Everybody Must be Wealthy for Harmony to Exist and for that, Everyone Must be Equal within the System = Oneness and Equality. Oneness alone only Feeds Those that Mislead you that Their Message is apparently ‘good’ and that Ensures that They Get all the Money. That’s why we are all so Attacked Viciously because Those that Want to Find ‘Their Way’ of Becoming Wealthy = They don’t Like the Desteni Message because we Invalidate the Ego that is Attempting to Become Wealthy. And those that Cannot Stand within Oneness and Equality within the Principle of What is Best for All Always, and there is Only One Way that Works for Everyone = They will be in some way Looking at Becoming Wealthy themselves, instead of Sharing the Wealth of the Earth Equally, Ensuring that there is Balance in Nature, Ensuring that there is Balance in the World.

So you’ll see that things would move Very Slowly initially, because People are going to Find out that there are Finite Resources. The Greatest Nation in the World, America, now only has 47% of its People Employed. The situation is Growing Worse by the day, but the Positive thinkers would claim ‘It’s Not so’ because, they can get enough Followers to Still Make Money. There are Ways to Make Money in this Screwed up system. For those that Do Show their Understanding of the Desteni Message, We Support them in ways to Find a way to Health And we Train them How – while the system is still out of balance – one can Actually Make a Living and a Good Living, and at the same time ensure that we Educate as many people as possible, that there is a Problem in the System and that Those that Claim ‘Positive Thinking’ are in Fact Only Looking at Selling their Stuff to you, and that Only a Few will ever get Wealthy out of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. Yet, people would Follow this as if it is a Dream they Want to Get no matter what; they would Not Investigate the Actuality of the Practicality by Writing down the Actual Business Plans that were Followed by others to Show How many people must buy something Before someone gets Wealthy. And obviously, unless you have a Unique-Enough Product = You’re Not going to Get Enough People to Buy what you have to Sell and therefore only a Few end up becoming Wealthy. And only those that can Manage to Convince you that ‘Their Way is the Best’ are the ones that You will Buy into and then you’ll Try and Mutate it to create your own product; but unfortunately, you are dependent on the Physical Reality which means you need Enough people to buy your idea before you Become Wealthy. Don’t get caught in this trap! It is just a trap and those that Sell you this, can sell Ice to an Eskimo: they can make it Sound Wonderful.
Understand: the Future of the World, a world of Harmony and Balance means that we need to Balance our resources, we need to Balance how We Coexist, we have to Balance How we are Interconnected and we have to Ensure that each one’s life is Valued Equally. Obvious Common Sense, there is only One Way to do It and that is to Do it In Fact.

And so with Desteni with Our Message we Ensure that Those that are only in Self-Interest Do Not Get through to the True Answer to Life, because they cannot do the basic principled discipline that is necessary to change the brainwashing they are trapped in which is for instance the 7 year Journey to Life. They Do not Make the Effort to understand how their thoughts, emotions and feelings work, because They ARE their Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings, the Evidence of Being Brainwashed – they are Just what Others Made them and make them Believe they are Not Real People yet. With Desteni, we are the real People: when you are Ready to become a Real Person, a Real Living Being, you’ll Realize your Destiny is with Desteni. That is why the name Desteni exists because this is the Destiny of Life on Earth: You are either going to be Part of it or Apart from it.

And yes, Life on Earth is Temporary and there is a Line Drawn where You will Draw your Last Breath and at that Singular Moment, Your Life is Assessed: is it that which is Balanced Equally Best for All, always? Can you be Trusted with Life or Not? That is the Question that is Answered, and the Evidence is what you leave behind: the Consequence, the Things You Cannot Change, what You Have Done to Contribute to either a World that is Best for All or a world where you Only looked at your own Self-Interest – you Already know the Answer.

Do you have the Guts, the Discipline, do you have The Will to Actually Correct Yourself or are you just a slave to your mind?

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