Tuesday 2 July 2013

Day 440: Public Relations and Basic Income Guaranteed

 Obviously if you want to Understand Public Relations in our current Capitalistic System, better you should read the view of Noam Chomsky which is quite to the point and calls the Public Relations Officers the ‘Experts of Producing Lies.’ Now understand, if you have ever been in a Business where you planned it and you have to work out the Advertising and the Marketing of it, you will know you’re looking for Words to Describe the Product Emotionally and you stay away from the Facts because The Facts are the Few things you have put together within the Product to Produce something unique that can Compete with other Products and there is obviously Always something ‘Missing.’ That’s why for instance a Product’s Warranty is only for One Year now because, in one year’s time – that’s what the Warranty implies – the Product Will Break. And just to keep you in the Illusion that apparently there is some Improvement in the Product there will be a ‘New Version’ but if you have to Take away the Outside Picture and you look at the Inside – take a car, for instance – it is Essentially the same that it’s been before, it just maybe got a new name, a new color and here and there a new feature. But You’re Paying a lot more and it’s Not going to last you, but you are Made to Believe that This Car is a ‘New Model’ or this Cellphone is a ‘Better Model.’

If you look at the timeframe you’ll notice that nowadays they are Releasing a New Cellphone like every few months. You Must understand that in the Design Stage, when they release the Previous Cellphone you Paid a Fortune for, they already have Designed and Planned another Five Models! They were ready with ‘The New Stuff’ – they could’ve just as well Not Wasted so many Resources and Give you the Best Cellphone, but no! They Need you to Buy because there is a Problem in the Capitalistic System: ‘There is Not enough consumption’ But that’s not the Real Problem, the Real Problem is: There’s Not Enough Money because the more and more Products are Outsourced for instance moving it – let’s take America as an example – to China producing it Cheaper, leaving Whole cities in America Devastated with People without Jobs, then Importing the product and selling it Cheaper under the Justification that now the product will be Cheaper so you should be able to Afford it Without Calculating the Loss of Money due to the Loss of Jobs that happened; and thus making that Situation where Less People end up being able to Buy the Product, there’s thus Less Money and the Corporations for them to be able to Survive have to go to the point where they become a Monopoly and they Destroy the Competition, because if they don’t = they simply Can’t Survive. There is simply Not Enough Costumers with Money with the Low Profit Margins that they’re working on. So if we Look at this within the Food Industry, we have exactly the Same Problem. That is why Labeling for instance is Never really Specific, you Never get Real Detailed Instructions and You Never get the Truth about any product.

Now with Basic Income Guaranteed, the Total Scene will Change – Public Relations will be what it Should be, Explaining to the Public the Relationship they will have with the Product and How the Product will Benefit them and How and Why the Product was made in a Better way to Last Longer and to be of Greater Service, Why the Product is Real Value for Money and Public Relations is like the Person that Stands and Ensures that the Public Knows Everything, there are No Secrets and is thus the Face of the Corporation, that is How Capitalism is supposed to function, not all these Lies and Deceit.

And Obviously Public Relations should be Banned from politics, because politics is where the Actual Policy of the Political Party is Explained in Simple Language that Every Voter can Understand and that Public Policy should be the First Thing on the Agenda for Implementation and If the Political Party does not implement it, immediately a Referendum should be held on whether they should remain in power under New Public Policy – that is Democracy. You cannot Change your Word or Go back on your word and get away with it, but the Public has accepted this as ‘Normal’ – Politicians Lie, they Never Keep their Word and that’s ‘Okay.’

In many cases the Corporations are so desperate to Keep Going that they Spend Lots of Money to Ensure that the Politicians Realize one simple thing “The corporations are Supplying a lot of Jobs and therefore the Laws must Protect the Corporations to Protect Jobs” – that’s the Justification that’s used. Not so much the amount of Money only that goes to the Political Party, it is about the Voters able to Vote because Those with Money = they’re Able to Vote; Those on the streets = they Can’t Vote because there’s normally a problem: they don’t have a Fixed Vote, they don’t have the Necessary Documents or they Don’t have the Money to go and Vote – very simple.

Public Relations must Ensure that Those that are on the Fringe that are not Necessarily Controlled by a Corporate or a Governmental Job are convinced by Promises and Hope that the Political Party is going to Produce Something, Ensure for instance that there are Enough Jobs available. If that is achieved, the Political Party will win. Unfortunately All of this is done under the disguise of competition, under the Premise of Monopoly, under the Game we were Taught as children, brutal; and then the Human Factor is taken out and it is called ‘Market Forces,’ ‘Supply and Demand,’ some ‘Magical Holy Spirit’ as the ‘Invisible Hand’ that Determines the Flow of the Economy, which is obviously all Utter Bullshit because if you start studying the Basic Income Guaranteed Proposal as we are putting it together and place what we are sharing on Paper and start to Assess how one Places this Together: you’re going to Notice that a Workable Model with enough money that ensures that the Corporation makes Money, Everybody has got an Income, there is Sufficient Consumption = We can have Better Products, thus the Environment can be Protected, we can Produce more Effective Products, people are not Forced to go into all kinds of Slave Labor Situations. When everything is Produced to last longer at a Price that is Sufficient to ensure the survival of the corporation and to ensure the Basic Income of each person, we have a Sound and Healthy Economic System and We Don’t Need all the Lies and Deceit that are currently going around under the Disguise of Public Relations.

It’ll also make a Massive Difference to our Food, because a lot of the Foods that are allowed to be on the shelves are purely there, Placed by People looking at ways to Make Money to Entice the Consumer. The fact that the Food overall and many cases is not really Healthy is covered up by ‘Bright Pictures’ ‘Shiny Words’ and that’s backed up by the Spirituality of the Person that’s Developed and particularly Designed by Public Relations, creating a Consumption Industry based on ‘Like’ and ‘Love,’ getting you Emotionally Involved, ensuring that Psychology claims that Emotion is Important and Valid without Any Information or Research into How the Mind Actually Functions because If the Mind is Understood = Brainwashing Cannot Happen and the Current System Cannot Continue, that is known! Just not by the people that’s been Brainwashed, they don’t understand even Why they Buy Stuff, they feel like ‘They Like it,’ they like How it Looks, they like What it Does, they Don’t Care that there is Engineered Redundancy within Products just like there is Engineered Redundancy within the Employment Sector and everything is driven by a simple thing called Profit, and that there’s No Real Competition in the markets: ‘Those with More Money will Always Win’ go back to your Monopoly Game, that’s how it works! You’re in this game now, Our Economic System Should Not be called ‘Capitalism,’ it should be called ‘Monopoly’ and You have No Chance in the system, but You have a Chance to become part of a Political Party that Champions the Basic Income Guaranteed – or if that is Not yet in your Country: You Start one and you Become Politically Active and Visit the Voters Door to Door Selling to them a New Economic System, Showing that Their Vote Counts, Understanding that Democracy means 1+1+1 = Every Vote Counts Only Once so You Need a Majority Vote, a Majority of People that Must Understand how Basic Income Functions, that must understand Why the Current Economy isn’t functioning but they Must Understand why there are Big Problems in the future with Pensions for instance, One Must Act Now and Not Wait when the whole system starts Collapsing and New Laws are made and people are Marginalized and You don’t See the Suffering and Poverty, and You may be one of those Suddenly Without Any Support, with Nowhere to go.

It is important that one Becomes Practical, that You Become an Activist which is someone that Takes Action, that’s Activism: acting on the information available when you see there’s a Problem and to Help with the Education of the Public because you’re Part of the Public so that there is One Voice and this One Voice Presents an Answer that Works for Everyone! It is Really Simple if you get down to it. And at the very least If You can’t Do Anything, then at least make sure that Your Money Supports a Solution, it’s an Investment also in Your Future.

Research the Basic Income Guaranteed by the Equal Life Foundation, we are a Non-Profit Organization that Researches and Puts Together Economic Solutions, Educational Solutions. We look at How Humanity can Coexist in a way where there is Real freedom, Real Individual Freedom and Real Happiness and one thing We All Know: Happiness Depends on Money. With the Basic Income Guaranteed: Everybody will have a Little piece of Happiness.
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