Wednesday 24 July 2013

Day 458: Facts and Feelings: How to Stop and Prevent Brainwashing

We’re living in a Strange World where Feelings Counts for More than Facts to such a Degree that one would Place the Value of Feeling as More Relevant than the Value of Fact. Within this, we have a Structure with which we can Establish the Actual Facts within this world, while those that Follow Feeling Do Not even Understand How a Single Feeling in Fact is Created, they’re believing that Feelings are Created by the Mind while in fact, Feelings are the result of Physical Programming, the result of Memories that are Part of and have been Integrated into the Physical Body.

Now, Feelings themselves only exist actually as What You Feel, then the Polarity that comes from it obviously gives you the Positive or the Negative of the Feeling and that Feeling then becomes the Motion. So All Feelings in essence are in fact E-motions because they cause Energy Motion, they cause one to Move and Act out on the Feeling creating a Physical Consequence which you then call a Fact. These facts though are not THE Facts, they are only ‘A Fact’ that follows as a Consequence through the Motion of Emotion as a Feeling that is either Positive or Negative that ends up as a Physical Representation. And even now Hormones use Memories to stir up Feelings which is why what you believe is in Fact ‘Love’ that you experience, but is nothing else but a chemical reaction prompting you to Exacerbate the Belief that ‘Who you Are’ is What you Feel - you’ve been Duped!

Real Facts are that If You Do Not Breathe = You Die. If you Do Not Fear what you Should Fear, You’re in Fearful Danger as Lao Tsu pointed out 5,000 years ago – that means: Real Fear are Physical Fears that are the same for everyone. An example is: if you Step in front of a Moving Bus: it will Smash you – that is the same for every Human Being, so that is Real Fear. Fear based on Feeling is based on a Memory Implant, that is Brainwashing and a Lot of that has been going on for Many Generations and we have even Developed a whole Pseudo-Science field called ‘Psychology’ to Justify the Existence of these Feelings, making ‘The Good Feeling’ better than ‘The Bad Feeling,’ Influencing how we Manage the Resources of this Reality, how we Mismanage the Facts of this Reality into the Fiction of the Feelings. And every Part of our Society currently Functions in Feeling instead of Fact, which in fact is Brainwashing! Because, it is how one would Implant Information with a Bias and then form Groups around that to Give one the Illusion that ‘Because Many Believe in these Feelings, they have Value’ and you Create an Incoherent form of Democracy and Majority Rule which is Not based on Fact, but is Based on Feeling and thus Produce a situation where Some are Abused and Others have Power.

The Fact is that all Human Beings Born on Earth, are subject to Very Basic Facts: You Need Breath, you Need Water, you Need Food, you Need Education, you Need a Home, you Need Each Other – these are Facts, but because these facts are Influenced by Feelings, the Value of the Facts got Diminished and we have a world where Half the World is Living in Less than Effective Conditions while a very small Minority holds sway over virtually All the Resources. The Rest, the other 40% or 45% which you can call the Middle Class are The Real Brainwashed, they do what they do because they are Working together to make Feelings More Valuable than Facts; and Regardless of the Fact that that produces a Total situation in society of Inequality, They don’t Care because the Feelings they have are Produced by their Own Mind, their Own Memories Individually where they then Agree to work together to Impose this absolute Atrocity of a Brainwashed Society because they get the Benefit of having More Access to the Resources and thus as long as They are Protected = They don’t Care!

Many Words have been invented to Justify Feeling instead of Fact like Compassion and Empathy and Love and Light, all kinds of Words are Feeling Not Based on Fact.

The Fact is: You are in this Physical World, in a Physical Body where you have a Mind – this Mind gives you the Functionality to be able to Consider Parts of this Reality that is Not in your Immediate Sphere of Access – that means, if that Information that is in the Mind is Not Balanced based on Facts that are going on in the world, then you will have an Illusion about what’s going on in Reality because you are Trusting the Information, when the Information is in Fact Not Based on Fact. And then you have a Warped View of what is going on in Reality. Whomsoever has the Ability to Influence these words and change them from Fact to Feeling, then will have the Power to Control ‘Who You Are’ and If you do Not Understand How this Functions, You cannot Help yourself and your Value System will be based will be Warped based on Feelings instead of Fact.

Now this is a Universal Condition that now exists in this World where the Vocabulary – which is the Building Block of a person’s life – is Not based on Fact, it is based on Feeling and thus Biased and that Groups are formed Around this Bias, because this Bias gives groups certain forms of Power Over Others. This result obviously in a world where one can see as Fact that this form of Bias is causing Inequality, it is causing Some to Have and Many to Have Not.
It is thus critical that one does understand the Difference between Facts and Feelings and that one do realize that If you are in any way within your life Directed or Moved into Motion to Take Action by Feelings: You have a Problem, you are in Fact Confirmed Brainwashed. And you will find if you dare – and you can actually dare to find out with the Desteni Lite Process and the 7 Year Journey to Life how Difficult it is to In Fact Stop the Feelings that are Controlling Your Existence, how Difficult it is to Stop Brainwashing – but once you’ve Stopped it, you can also Learn how Easy it is to Prevent it.
The guide is simple, if a person is moved by Feeling: You Cannot Trust them, they have No Integrity because their Integrity has been Compromised by Feelings, and they Cannot make Assessments based on Fact and therefore their Reasoning is based on Feeling and therefore it is Not Reasonable. Reasonable Reasoning will Consider Facts and Produce an Outcome that is Best.
Irrational Reasoning will be based on Feeling and will Push for the Feeling to produce a Bias that will Lead to an Outcome of Inequality.

That’s how you for instance know within the Desteni Message and What We Stand for Who you can Trust. You’ll notice those that are within the Group of the Brainwashed will use Words to produce Feelings within you, Feelings of Fear and in essence All Feelings are in fact Fear, even Love is Fear – that is why Love is the Opposite of Fear but it is the Same Coin, it exists together: the one cannot exist without the other, it is one thing ‘Love and Fear.’ So they will use Words particularly, specifically to Induce and to Activate your Memory, Memories that are Existing in you, otherwise the Feeling would Not Exist; that Feeling will then come up as Thought and you will make your Decisions based on the feeling which means it is not really a decision you’re making, it is a Preprogrammed Decision based on a Memory, something in the past that is determining your Ability to See the Facts in the Present and that tis Preventing you from seeing What is in Fact Here, What is in Fact Present.
So there is Great Value in those that attack Desteni, it shows Who are Ready to in Fact Face the Structural Design of themselves and bring it Back to Reality to the present, to be Based on Fact. And it shows Who’s Not Ready Yet and Will Remain as part of the Brainwashed.

Those Ready at this stage of our Existence will become the Future World Teachers that will help those that are Lost in Brainwashing, to Eventually realize and practice a Solution for Life based on Fact, Removing those Mechanisms that are Creating Feeling so that One can Become a being of Integrity. At Desteni we Support the Development of Beings of Integrity – anyone that comes to you that tries and Mislead you with Feelings, know one thing: You Can’t Trust them, they don’t even Know How their Own Mind Functions, their Ignorance is Extreme. They keep Ignoring the Facts, that is why they’re Ignorant – it is Nothing Personal, it is purely a Measurement of their current capacity and is a measurement and an explanation on Why they Cannot be Trusted with Life and Why they will Allow Life to be Abused on Earth extensively. All the Evidence of this abuse is in fact Available and being Published in Multiple Ways Every Single Day but that is the nature of Brainwashing, the Brainwashed Cannot See the Facts, they only see the Fiction because the Inner is the Outer, that means what is Inside them as their Designed Program will be What they See Outside them as Their Reality which is in fact an Illusion, the ‘In’ is the ‘Out’ and Deliberately they are Creating the ‘In’ to produce an ‘Out’ that they like, one based on feeling without understanding that in fact they are Brainwashing themselves. This has been one of the Root Functions of our Education System, our Religious System, our Spirituality Systems – all of them are Producing Functional Brainwashing to a Degree where the Being is producing it themselves, Never ever Teaching anyone in Fact How it is Done, simply utilizing Methodologies based on Outcomes – that means to ‘Feel Good,’ to ‘Feel Happy,’ to ‘Feel Loved’… Just the Outcome, Never the Mechanism because if you had to Understand the Mechanism: You will Never be Foolish enough to Embrace such Obvious Abuse.
It is thus Absolutely Imperative that one Investigates All Things as Jesus suggested, that you Investigate How the mechanics of the Mind Functions so that you can See how you are Producing the Feelings that you Believe are True, how this Illusion is Your Own Making simply because you are Ignoring the facts, the fact is that the Mind is a Mechanism, it is a Machine, it Functions by Laws and Rules. If you do not Understand the Laws and the Rules and the Relationships that are Inherent within the Process of Producing a Feeling and you cannot go to the Actual Memory that is the Origin, the Starting Point of a Feeling, investigating Where it comes from and Why it exists and How it exists and How you use it to produce the Feeling: You are in fact Lost.

As we enter now the Next Phase of the Process which is Confronting the Brainwashing and the Illusion on Earth understand: the Way Forward in all of the aspects of the Desteni of the World is to first Identify Those that can be Trusted with Fact and to weed out the chaff that are Contaminated by Feeling, they are Not yet Ready. And to Assist those that are Ready to also Help their children to Build a Vocabulary, a Memory Structure that is based on Fact and Not Based on Bias and Feeling, to bring the Being to a Level of Equality through their Vocabulary, that their Vocation becomes Life, that they Become Truly Worthy of Life.

This is a Monumental task where You will Face your Own Program which will Assist you to Stop and Remove All Mechanisms that is Causing Feelings within you which Leads to your Delusion and your Illusion. If you Allow Feelings: You are in Severe Trouble, Do Not Allow this. We already have the Evidence of this, we have walked this for Years and the Desteni I Witness Blogs are the Evidence of those that has Managed to Stop this Contamination of their being that has Got the Evidence that what the Message of Desteni is In Fact Works, that the Principles of Desteni are in fact Measurably Certain to Produce what is Best for All. Inevitably Realize if the Desteni Message causes Any Reaction within you, you still have Levels of Contamination that are diminishing your In-Fact-Life-Being, and therefore as long as that is Contaminated: You are Not in Fact Life.

Do your research “Seek and Ye Shall Find” that means When you are Seeking, make sure you See how things are Really created – Especially in the Mind – and have a look and understand that All Our Systems in the world at the moment are the Result of the Mind and they Only Exist because the Human Participates in it as the Mind, Not as Living Physical Beings. Inevitably the World will become that which is Best for All, whether you will be Part of it or Not, You in fact Decide through your Alliances and Allegiance: Are you Aligned with What is Best for All Life or are you Aligned to your Self Interest only? Are you Aligned to the Feelings that makes you Feel Good or Are you Ensuring that Life is Good for All on Earth?
Investigate if you can, if you Cannot, Don’t Worry – We Will find a way to Remind you that You are Not the Mind: You are in fact a Living Being that has Abdicated Your Responsibility to Life.
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