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Day 444: Can you find ‘Your own Way’?

i am in my world you are in your world-2-w What Creates Reality? I’m going to cover these two points that were asked from two different sources. Understand that You Cannot Find Your Own Way, it is really simplistic: Everything Already Exists and therefore ‘Your Way’ Cannot Exist. The only point where ‘Your Way’ exists is in Your Own Mind where you create an Illusion in Self-Interest based on the Relationships you form to Benefit Only You. In reality the relationships that exist Here on Earth between people, is the way the System currently Functions and how it is in Complete Disharmony causing Endless Suffering Justified all over the World.

So, What we Live in on Earth is the Past. The Physical World already exists, it is Programmed. The programming You then receive from your Parents is How to Survive – not on Earth – but in the System, and How to Destroy Earth in whatever way necessary to Remove the perceived Threats there may be to your Self Interest. And therefore one is Completely Blind to Reality because you are Completely Existing in Your Mind Only.

That’s why for instance if you go and Meditate and Perceive that somehow you are ‘Seeing Reality’ and for instance you look at the Desteni Message and you’ll try and Find Flaws – this is because You’re using your Mind and not realizing that your Mind is Programmed in a very Limited Way to Ensure that you Never Find Reality from the perspective of what is Really Here and that you will Always Make-up something where You in some way ‘Must be Right.’

Now with Desteni we give you the Exact Detail of What is Here. Within your Process, you’re Facing ‘Your Own Way’= Your Ego and that has been given to you by others. So what you’re Using is what has been Given to you by Others Without the Physical cross reference of the Physical Reality, Without checking whether ‘What’ and ‘Who you Are’ within your relationships that you have made up in your mind are in Fact Aligned to the Relationships that Actually Should Exist Here on Earth as What is Best for All. I mean this is quite a Difficult Point to Realize because: the thing that gives you the Perceived Security is Money, and Your Environment that Protects you From What’s Really Here. So you look like ‘You are in Control of your Reality,’ you look like ‘You are Making the Decisions’ – You are really Not Making the Decision, you are simply Deciding How to Benefit Yourself. And those Decisions are Not Real Decisions, they are Self-Interested Decisions. And within them, you’ll find that Nobody around you is Interested in What is Really Here, because Everybody around you Will Also Have Money, because your Environment will be Dictated by Your Own Relationships with Yourself. So therefore you’ll Only be Related to Those that Justify Your Experience. Therefore automatically when you are in Your World, a ‘Sense of Positivity’ – which is actually a Sense of Righteousness – will Come up within you because it’ll Look like Everything around you is Applauding you for your ‘Great Insight’; when in fact, your Insight is only applauded by Those that use the Same Techniques of Forming Relationships to Justify Self-Interest.

So from this perspective, realize that the Mind Does Not Create Reality, Reality Already Exists. And You’re Not Living in Your Reality, you’re living in a Reality created by Those that are Dead Now. You’re living In a Construct of the Past, and yes for some of these Creations the Mind was used to bring it about through Physical Action through Imagining it and putting it into Physical Existence. Like the Building of a House will start with a Visualization, then you will Draw a Map and then you will Build-it. From that perspective the Mind is like a GPS, it’s like an Architect in terms of the Structural Design. But, some of this will be What is Best for All, but most of it Not because the Real Problem is the Relationship that you use within the context of the Mind. This will create, not Reality as you Perceive it, as What is Here, but will Create the System that Manages the Existence in Reality which will Marginalize Most, because there are Limited Resources and it Will Benefit Some. The tendency is obviously that Those that Benefit from it will use their Mind by creating a form of ‘Spirit,’ like a Spirituality through which they Believe their Actions are Inspired and that somehow they have ‘Found a way’. You haven’t, you have Taken stuff that Already Exists, you have Put it Together and you have Ensured your Own Self-Interest and you have ensured that the Information and explanations of this are spread in such a way that even the Poor will end up trying to Do what you’re doing because Somehow by some magic they made the Jackpot and thus become Also Self-Sufficient. Nobody looks at Reality, what is Really Here – what’s Really Here is the Way the World Exists. The Parts of that where the Mind Played a Role is in the Forming of the Relationships. But the Mind Does Not Create Reality, the Human does! The Physical Person that does the Work and then Acts within the Nature of the Relationships and that Nature comes from the Programmed Mind that nature is Only Visible to the person Thinking and Becomes Visible in the way that the System Functions. From that perspective, you then have an idea that ‘the Mind Created Reality,’ while the Mind Only Created the Relationship within which You Exist within the Reality. The very moment you are Removed, Reality Remains and your Relationships are Gone. And the moment the Mind is Removed, Reality will Continue and the Mind will be Gone.

So Reality Functions According to its Natural Reality where you Remove the Human and you’ll see What actually Functions automatically and you’ll have those things that will exist because of the Human’s Participation. Then you’ll have the Perceptual Reality which is the Mind Reality, which is that which you Interpret things to be which must Align to your Self-Interest at all times.

This is Really Simplistic if one Dares to look at it. So from this perspective understand that for instance the Soul and the Spirit –or That which Remains After Death – is in fact a Creation of the Physical World within the Relationships that are created and that When you Die, You Die as the Mind. And because the Mind is Subject to the Relationships you have formed with your Physical Reality and would Deliberately Manipulate the Physical Reality for your own Benefit, the moment you Remove the Physical World and you Die, the Benefit Disappears and What Remains, is a Problem.

The Soul initially in how they tried to Control it, was to Take the Memories and put them in the Akashic Records and from there they tried to create some form of Continuity. Obviously they never Told any of the Souls Exactly Where the Energy Was Coming from that you would be Existing in the Multi Dimensions of the Hereafter, in the Frequency Bands some would call ‘Heaven.’ Nobody told anyone that the Energy that was Used for that was harvested through the Mining that the mind was doing on Earth, which is why it was designed in the way it was so that the human is Constantly in a Polarity Relationship between all things trying to generate the Highest Positive Energy. Because the Higher the Positive Energy = the more it would Feed Different Frequency Bands in the Afterlife – that’s been Stopped. So you’re doing it for Nothing; now it actually just Returns and it Screws up Your World.

As you’ve noticed and as we have warned, Things will Not Get Better in this world and this is in spite of Multimillions of Humans, All generating Positive Energies. The Only thing that You can with Certainty Claim has some positive Impact are Your Own Self-Interested Relationships which are Existing in Complete Isolation. The Actual Reality that is Really Here which is The Here You should Get to so that you can Sort out What is Here on Earth = that Does Not Exist in your Consciousness at all because your Consciousness is made up of Your own Self-Interest, it is not Real Consciousness which is the basis of that which would Support All Life Equally within the Recognition that there is No Difference in Value between One Life of a person and the Life of Another Person, that All Life No matter what Form it takes In Fact is Equal.

What happens thereafter, because of the mind, it becomes Unequal and this Inequality results in a Polarity which results in The Few Benefiting a Lot and the Many Benefiting Very Little and then you have a System of Survival Creating Energy and This Ideology of the Positive was what was used to create the Soul with. That Now Ends at Death and you can then go and investigate What of You Will Remain. You’ll be Astounded, it will be Very, very little. Then you have to do it All Over Again because you were Dishonest, you Only Looked at your Own Self-Interest, you Did Not Realize that you can never Find ‘Your Own Way’. You are Not Alone Here! Only in your Mind you can Make up ‘Your own way’ which will always be Self-Interested. This will Isolate you into experiences where you will Experience Self-interest and you’ll find it Impossible to Be Here and Breathe and to be Rational. And when you go into Positive Energy you become Irrational because you Convince yourself that your Experience is real, without realizing you are Generating the Energy through a System like the Mind in your Body Using your Memories, Using your Preprogramming. All of this was deliberately done to Ensure that you continuously will Create Energy because You were in Fact a Miner on Earth, you were Mining Energy on Earth to keep Heaven going, you were a Slave for Heaven. Heaven couldn’t Exist without the Energy Created here on Earth.

So, You want to Find the Way things are? You have to Look at What Exists Here for Real. Then you have to Establish within this: What of This that Exists in fact Supports All Life Equally as What is Best? Then you have to Do something about it to prove your benevolence, to Prove Your Divinity, to Prove that you Truly Care and Love. And you have to Bring about Real Enlightenment which is Ensuring that Nothing that is created in Any Relationship on Earth brings about a situation that Disempowers Another and places them in a Helpless Position where they for instance have to Starve and Do Not have a Home or Cannot Educate their Children, or Cause their Children – because of a Lack of Money – to Develop Educational Capacities Equal to a Person That Had a Stroke, How can you Allow this? That is the Question You should Ask Yourself.

Understand that whenever You look at Something, You are In Fact Using Your Mind and it is Thus an Illusion, and you will Justify it in your Own Self-Interest.

Only by Viewing the Direct Existence of Every Physical Object on this Earth and Investigating Those Relationships, will you get Here and will you be able to Make a Difference and you will be able to eventually, maybe, Transcend Death and become Really Alive because you have Honored Life and Not your interpretation of What is Here. You have realized you are Living in the Past and that is why when you die: you Pass Over. Because the Past then is Over for a moment, apparently – that was the Belief and so Time Was Created. But I mean, we have explained Much of this and we will Explain a lot more of it. But your Ego will Not Allow you to Embrace the Support that You are Given, because You Want to be ‘The One’ – You’ve been Programmed to be ‘The One’ - when You are Not. You’re Only ‘The One’ in Your Own Mind.

So let me reiterate slowly: Your Mind Does Not Create The Reality, it creates Your Reality. That is where the Problem is because The Reality is the creation of your Forefathers and they have Programmed Your Mind to align you to the Reality as it Exists from Their Perspective, Justifying what Happened Before. So that you Live in their Past and in that way they have Cloned you and you will thus Inevitably Become your Father or your Mother or your Grandfather, because that is what You were Programmed to be. If you have any Clue about How the Mind Really Gets Programmed, you would Get down to Sorting it out. That is Why it’s so Important to Do Writing, because in Writing you’re using Self Forgiveness to Release Yourself from Your Perception of Reality which is Based on the Fears of your Forbearers that were Only Worried about Your Survival and thus Trained you to Compete For Survival and so that’s what you’re doing all the time: Competing. And within that They Trained you to Remain Positive and in Remaining Positive, you’ve Created within you ‘The Light’ and This Light is what you Love, because you create more and more Light so you Can’t see the Darkness because ‘Your Reality Must be Real, The Reality Must be an Illusion’ because You can only See What You are Programmed to See – and therefore You don’t see The Reality and you’ll Justify in every way possible Why The Reality is an illusion while Your Reality is ‘Reality’ and apparently After Death it’s going to be the same. You Should investigate What we are Sharing, the Exact Nature of How things In Fact exist – Desteni.

But your Ego won’t, because Your Ego Convinces you that ‘Your Reality Must Be Real’. You can Work it all out, You can Never Find ‘Your Own Way’ because the ‘You’ that is trying to do it, is Programmed by somebody else: You are Not a Real Person. Your Thoughts are Not Real, they’re Not Really You, only through Aligning to the Reality as it Now Exists which is Really Extremely Negative because the Polarity has grown so wide, can you Find the point to Eventually align Your Reality to The Reality One and Equal, and then you’ll be Empowered to Do something about This World. That takes Year of doing, Dedication and Obviously what Stands in the way is Your Ego, which is the Echo of your Forbearers – they keep on Saying to you from Beyond the Grave that: You Must Not Change, You must Remember Your Roots! Even though that is the Root of all Evil… ‘No! Remember Your Roots, Family!’ Although that is the Route of Famine – All in the Name of Self-Interest. And another day will pass where you will Convince yourself that ‘This Can’t be True.’ Whomsoever is giving you anything that is Negative that is in Contradiction to the Positivity of Your Reality ‘Must be Evil’ – but that is Not How it really Works.

And therefore you will find it Very Difficult to Work in a Group, because Humanity - The Reality – Functions as a Group and according to Your Reality ‘that’s an illusion’ so therefore Only Your Reality is true and real and therefore you must do it Individually All by Yourself. That way you can keep on Justifying Why Your Reality is Real and The Reality is Not. And that’s what your Parents Convinced you of as being The Truth, but You Can’t Remember because You Can’t Even Remember Yesterday’s Memories. You can’t remember Anything because You only exist in Your Own Reality, which is an Illusion for all practical purposes. That Illusion: You Impose on Everything else.

For the Purposes of the Existence of Earth you have to Learn How your Mind Really Functions and you do that through Aligning with the Reality, you do that Practically in Writing and you do it within a Group. Because you have to learn How it Functions within a Group and then you have to Learn your Place . That means, according to the Process that it functions, and it Functions in a Time Related Process. There is no Quick Enlightenment in The Reality – that shit Only exists in Your Reality. In The Reality it all functions in a Practical Way. For instance the First Seven Years of a Child’s life is where the Quantum Physical Process Amalgamates with the Available Information. And then more and more your Dear Parents tell you What is Apparently Reality, eventually You Exist in Your Reality and The Reality which is automated and functions anyway because it’s been Created Before You Got Here, continues Functioning and you are just Busy Surviving within it – Really Crazy Stuff.

So it is a Nightmare, the Nightmare is that The Reality is a Nightmare, especially when You Do Not have the Resources to Make a Living and Survive, but If you Have it: Your Reality seems So Real, that’s why Self Honesty is So Important – will you get it? Pooh! Most unlikely but, there is a ‘Saving Grace’ for the World, it’s called Death. Those that Don’t Get it: Will Certainly Die, and That Will be It.

So let me reiterate further: if You are Not Able to Recognize and Understand the Process that the Physical Body takes in Accumulating and Processing Memories, How These Memories then through their Association create a Structure that Eventually will be Called ‘The Mind’ which is then the Process through which the Parts of the Information that become Energized out of the Memories Form Associations and Relationships to eventually Create an Entity which you will Call ‘Yourself.’ If You Can’t get to this, that this is how it works = you’re Screwed for Life, you have Abdicated your Life. You learn how That works by Investigating in Writing because You Can’t Trust Your Mind which must be Obvious by now – you do that in Writing and through Being Part of a Group you Investigate All Things – ‘Things’ means the Physical World, Everything that Exists and How it Exists and you Investigate the Relationships and you investigate How You through Your Reality are Keeping Relationships in The Reality going that is Causing Harm to Life. This will Not be Easy because Everyone in Your World which are like you, just an Illusionary Entity that Lives off the Energy that has been Mined from the Physical. All of them will Attack you because their Total Existence is Survival and the Very Moment You Change, you are Threatening the Survival of the Illusion which is Your Reality, the End of Your Reality, which obviously Ends at Death anyways.

So if You Can’t Get this, really Your Existence is Irrelevant which won’t even be Proved at Death from the perspective that you will in any way be Aware of it because you will Simply No Longer Exist. Because your Existence as Personality, as Your Reality, as Energy is Dependent on Your Physical Construct and You have No Clue How that Really Functions. You Only Function at the End Result of Many Multiple Billion Processes over Many Layers of time. And You Use Money to Impose Your Reality on The Reality, Screwing things up for Everyone else Including Yourself and for Multiple Beings that Do Not Have a Mind like Yours, that Do Not have the Particular Design Function, that Did Not Get the Opportunity to Understand things ‘Deeper’ and In fact.

Do you get it yet Why Your Reality is a lie thus as Khalil Gibran says so clearly: “Put an Ax to the Root of the Tree of Evil” the one that is Not Based on Supporting Life and Root it All Out and Get to Reality –The Reality, not ‘Your Reality’ – Your Reality is Just a Lie and an Illusion.

It is Impossible ‘to Find Your Own Way’ and whenever you Convince yourself that you have ‘Found a Way’ and That is Not Aligned within a Group that is Aligned to What is Best for All in the Physical Reality as it Now Exists, and you are Unable to Work within such a Group = You are in Ego. You are in Your Reality and you are in Your Own Created Illusion where you have Convinced Yourself that You somehow are ‘Better than Everyone Else’ – which is Self-Interest and therefore ‘You Know Better’ and you even convince yourself that there is ‘Something Better’ Hereafter, while if you would truly Study the Physical Evidence, You will See that such thing is Impossible.

So, How do We Know whether You are Relevant or Not? You will be Part of the Group or You Won’t – if You’re Not, your Ego is in the Way. There is Only One Way, there is No Other Way and that is The Way how things Actually Work and you’ll notice: No One on Earth has got Access to that because No One on Earth is Real yet. That’s Why you Can’t Access the Hereafter because the hereafter is Real as is Here, but ‘Your Here’ is Not. Study Desteni If you Can – If You Can’t it Doesn’t Matter because You’re Irrelevant Anyway.

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  1. “Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”
    - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas