Tuesday 16 July 2013

Day 454: A Bankrupt World

isthewholeworldgoingbankrupt Let’s consider the following: the Debt of the World of Governments, of people runs into Trillions and Trillions of Dollars and the Profits/Prophets in the world – those with Money – probably as well if we Balance the two out and Take all the Money in the world and Pay all the Debt, we will probably Not be Able to Pay the Debt, which means for practical purposes: the World is Bankrupt. But then you’ll say to me “What about the Share-Market and the Shares and their value?” Those Shares are Nothing but Money, Promissory Notes, Values based on Certain Conditions.

Money is based on the Capacity of the corporation to produce Profit, the Capacity of the Consumer to Buy Goods – then we look at How our Employment in the World is Dropping and even those With Employment are being employed ‘Less Gainfully’ with Less Income, and the Consumer Base is Dropping even with an Explosion in World Population.

We are facing Terrible Times in this World and a Very Individual form of Suffering, because everybody will be Suffering Alone, Nothing will be Certain if we Do Not Do Something, if we don’t take Action and really Investigate our Economic System which Should be the Ecology of the Human Race, How we Coexist. Within that it should provide a Balance, a balance that Allows people to Make a Decent Life – it doesn’t exist. There is really no True Figure of the Debt and Available Money in this world because of the Secrecy of the Paranoia that exists, that people Hide things from each other – so many that Pretend to Have Money actually Only Have Debt.

But the Veneer, the Projected Image seems to be Important and so Believable, a World of Illusion. But in this Illusion the Flesh is Real, the Suffering is Real and yet the Illusion is Glorified as the Achievements of the Human Race, what has the Human Race Achieved? Only an Illusion, No Integrity, No Consideration for each other, No Understanding of the most Basic Laws of Physics.

We have achieved an Incredible Fate, Feat is actually the word. We have Managed to find a way to Destroy a Living Planet and to Do it with ‘Happiness,’ with ‘Love,’ Glorifying our own Achievements while we go about our obvious Accumulated Failure as a Species. If you were Able to Go Beyond Death – and we have Investigated this Extensively – the Shock will be Overwhelming.
What awaits is the Accumulated Effect of the Human Existence. There is Nothing Greater awaiting. We have still a Little time left in which we can make a difference – there chances are Not on very good that we will do anything.

There are those that really Try their Best, but Most are more in it for their Own Glorification. Let’s Hope that When The Wake up Occurs, that We Still have Time Left.
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