Sunday 28 July 2013

Day 462: Natural Learning Ability and World Change

Within the Natural Learning Ability Restoration where the Vocabulary of the Human is Restored to Integrity so that the Words everyone is Living are based on a Balanced Life that is Realized under the principle of ‘Give as You would like to Receive’ – which is a measurable Living Structure – World Change will happen Naturally.

We have all the Evidence throughout History that No form of Violence, No form of Forced Change brings about Any Real Change ever; all that Happens is you change Leadership and the Systems that Become the Education/Political/Economic Systems of the world Remain Dysfunctional as there are No Proper Considerations for a System of Balance that Considers the Equal Human Rights of Every Human as Living Being, ensuring that All Receive Support, Given by Each to bring about a Balanced Society.

So, the problem is that the Natural Learning Ability currently is Not Understood and therefore in the first 7 Formative Years of a Child, the Child is Not Educated and shown How the Mind Functions, in fact not even the Parent Knows How it Functions, which results in the Mind becoming More than what it Should be, and instead of a Proper Balanced Personality Character that develops, an Imbalanced Energetic Based Character Develops that is basically a form of Bipolar Imbalance that moves between the Positive and the Negative, where the Personality Continuously will try and Win, without realizing that If that is your Participation = Somebody Must Lose. The Evidence of this is obviously Visible Everywhere in the World yet, because the Vocabulary is Biased and has been Incorrectly Imprinted into the Physical, the Correction is Not Possible without Re-Education, without Correcting the Vocabulary which means one Must Restore your Natural Learning Ability and then Take your Words, your Vocabulary and Restore it to a Balanced Proper Meaning so that You have Effective Reasoning skills that can Look at a Problem in its Real Context.

Now for those Adults that can Hear me, there is Support through the DIP Lite that will take you Progressively to a Restoration of your Natural Learning Ability as One of the outcomes. It is an Extensive Process to Restore the Breakdown that has taken place and it will take a Minimum of 7 Years just to Restore a Level of Integrity that is Sufficient so that When one Restores the Balance of your Being, the outcome of that can be truly Magnificent, Trustworthy and with Integrity, one that is Truly the Living Word, the Living Water and that can Walk the Principles Jesus already Indicated as a Solution for Earth, which is ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’ and ‘Do onto Another as You would Like to be Done onto’. Obviously within this, we have a Massive Task to Investigate All Things First to see All the Vocabulary that has become Biased and Contaminated by the Desire to Win, which is in short now Spiritualized as Energy and ‘Love and Light.’

So the More ‘Advanced Beings’ on Earth – those that have been able to Break from the Most Basic Programming and that have then Developed New types of Views around What the World Should be, They Do have a Better Chance of being able to Walk a Process of Discipline where they Correct their Base Design, the Living Word so that it can be Balanced. Unfortunately it will mean that one will have to Truly Dedicate Yourself to Yourself and thus Restore Yourself to Credibility as a Physical Breathing Living Being – such humans Do Not yet Exist, because there is the Mind that has become virtually like a Secret Agency where you have Lots of activity, Lots of Personalities, all Vying for Position and where You Only Act in Self Interest.

You have lost complete Touch with Reality and created only an Illusion while the Part that is Reality –which is your Physical Body – has become Virtually Dysfunctional, it has No Skills in terms of the Actual Developed Abilities that it Should have as a Living Being, it is something that will have to be Restored Over Time.

So Join us at Desteni, If You can Hear me – Let’s sort out this Problem and Restore the Natural Learning Ability.
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