Sunday 7 July 2013

Day 445: The Universal Mind

Helix_Nebula There has been Talk throughout Time with Great Reverence of the Universal Mind and for Those that got Annoyed with Religion and the Followers of God, normally would Move to the Next form of Religion which is the Universal Mind, which then again also moves as ‘spirit’ and Acts like God.

Obviously the Functioning of the Universal Mind seems to Escape all Believers because instead of understanding How it Functions and realizing that it is Just a System – as like your Total Existence is based on a System – there is some Greater Power given to this, which Apparently is Evidenced in the Few Moments you may Benefit from the System. But in fact the Universal Mind is nothing but a Giant Casino and it works in exactly the Same Principles as the Casino, it is the same way the Law of Attraction functions, it’s the same way Prayer functions, it’s the same way our Current Money System functions. It is a Giant Casino where Less than One Percent end up being Lucky; or let’s put it in another way, less than 1% of the time after All the Input of your Coins, your Cooperation, your Coincidences – that’s why the word ‘Coin’ is in ‘Coincidence’ – you have to Put in Coins and if you Put in Enough Coins, you’ll eventually have some Payout, you have some Result and your Happiness fascinatingly enough is Dependent on these Jackpots.

Now the Reason for the System Existing This Way is because Due to the Lack of Understanding of How things really Work, there were Those that could Manage to ‘Hijack Life’ for a moment, it Had to be Allowed because it was Time for Everyone to Learn How Life really Functions. And one only ends up Valuing something if you are Taken to the point of Complete Helplessness and Powerlessness where you are Stuck in a System and you have to keep on Feeding it, endlessly just to have the ‘Odd Jackpot’. And because the Basic Principle that brings an End to this Casino-Style Existence would be to Mind What You Do and in Minding What You Do is to Realize that: If you Change the Equation – that currently functions like a Casino-Equation – to Give as You would Like to Receive, then Everyone has got a form of Jackpot All the Time and obviously it’s limited by Resources, and it’s limited by Labor and it is Limited by Time, but it is Sufficient to have a Life of Harmony, Balance and Equilibrium.

But our Philosophers and Those that have Claimed to be teachers have instead, when they had some Jackpots and especially nowadays it’s Happening a Lot, you’ll have people that had a Jackpot, they had an Idea and the Idea Paid-off. Then they become Spiritual and they Start to Revere the Universal Mind and they Praise the Universal Mind As If their Jackpot was acquired through some ‘Benevolent Force,’ while the Truth is really that they had to Cheat, Lie, Misdirect The Point and that they have gone through Conflict and all kinds of Bad Evil things to Acquire this Jackpot, but there is No Self-Honesty. All there is, is telling everybody about the Magnificence of that which Gave this Jackpot to them.

That is why Nobody following Those rules end up with a Jackpot – but Those that Follows the Rules of Evil = They get the Jackpots and that’s Why: Evil Always Wins. Because Those that follow the Rules of Evil, are Following the Real Rules of the Casino, the Real Rules of the Universal Mind which are in fact Evil. The Only ones that can Change the System are the Human Beings Themselves by Cooperating as One group, changing the Nature of what exists as a random casino to a Directed Principled Existence where each one Gives according to what They would Like to Receive and each one Allows each other a Win-Win Scenario. In a Win-Win Scenario obviously a Casino Cannot Exist, the Universal Mind becomes irrelevant, God becomes Irrelevant, Spirituality becomes Irrelevant because it is about Your Own Spirit then – not some ‘Greater Spirit’ – You are the Great Spirit Being, You are that which is Universal and because Your actions of Giving as You would Like to Receive are Affecting Everyone else Universally, so you have Become That which Defines in your Desires ‘The Universe.’ But strange enough, in your own Secret mind, in your Silence where you are Competing for a Jackpot you will do Whatever it Takes, all types of Evil and then you’ll Lie about that as well. No One has ever Achieved a Jackpot or Wealth in this world Without having to Become Evil. But Everyone – once they have the Wealth, once they have the Jackpot – Will Praise some Made-up Benevolent Force and then they get the Majority to Believe this Bullshit. And this Dishonesty then obviously Causes what We have in the World today and what we’ve had in the world throughout History, Complete Inequality because Those that’s Got it All, They used Evil to get it, they Used the Dark Forces, they are the Dark Magicians and everybody else wants to be ‘the Light, the Magic and the White Magicians’ and Those that Do Not Follow the Rules of Creation on a Universal Mind within a Casino by following the Rules of Evil: They Simply Never Get the Jackpot.
So you have truly been Hijacked by Evil: the Evil of the Light. It’s the same as a Moth that’s been Hijacked by the Light, it continues going to the Light, Ignoring the Evidence that Going to the Light inevitably is going to Wear you out and you’re going to End up Dying and that it’s Getting you Nowhere: the Moth keeps on Going to the Light. That’s what the Lightworkers do, they create this Energy inevitably to Repeat themselves over and over and over again ‘Going to the Light’/ ‘Being the Light’ Trying to Attract Others to the Light… but only Those that are Evil within Themselves Actually will Make Money – but They will Never Tell you the Truth, they will Never Tell you what they Really Had to Do to Get the Money, to Get the wealth, to Get the superiority – they will Only Tell You the Lie so that you can think they were “Wonderful People! They Must be Good because Look at what they have!” Yes they Only Have it because They Played by Different Rules, they Played by the Rules of Evil, the Rules that Deliberately Harms others.

This is why it is Necessary that We Must Realize the Only Way to Bring about a Better World is to Stop what we’re doing and to Place a System into play that is Based on Principles and Mathematical Equations that Produces a Result that is Best for All within which We Embody the Principle of Giving as You would Like to Receive, placing this into Action and Making sure our Leaders Do Not Lie, Making sure that Those that Now have Wealth Do Not Become our Leaders because they will Not Tell you the Truth, they will Not Tell you How they Acquired the Money, they will Not give you the True history of things because: Even They Feel Bad about What They Had to Do.
And obviously they Don’t Want you to Know How to Acquire it because If you Become Evil = You will Compete for the Same Resources and you may Just Win, and then they got Nothing and they are in Your Position – they Don’t want to be in Your Position, they want to Keep you in Yours, Dear Slave, and they’re going to Make sure They Do. And all they have to Do is Control what’s Going on Inside your Mind, Control the Information, Control the Universal Mind; Publish the Books that Ensure that the Truth Does Not Come Out.

Study Desteni so that you can Learn All about The Truth, so that You can Learn What it Will Take to Bring about a New World. Make sure that You Get the Evidence the World Presents to you Every Day, and if you Already Have Money Know one thing: We know How You Got Your Money, We Know How You Got Your Wealth, None of it was Ever Benevolent, it’s Always just been Evil and there is One Benefit about Being on Earth: You Can’t Take Shit with you When you Die. And once you’re Dead, You Will Face your Consequences, there is No Way Out. You Cannot Buy your Redemption.

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