Saturday 27 July 2013

Day 461: Skeptics Failed the Jesus Message

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Skepticism is being Sold as a ‘Good Thing’ but it certainly Does Not Embrace Practically the Principle that is obviously What Each should Always Consider which is: Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good – and obviously, that which is Good is that which is Best for All.

Now a Skeptic, Simply doesn’t Do that, a Skeptic does quite the Opposite. A Skeptic Judges First, because they come from the premise that ‘they’ve already investigated’ – instead of Investigating All Things, they only Investigate to the point where They Believe they have already Found some form of an Answer and especially when they are Certain that they have had some form of Success, so therefore ‘They must be right.’

The fact that everybody doesn’t have the Success, the fact that what is Best for All is Not established by their Action simply escapes them, and therefore Skeptics Always Judge instead - Jesus said ‘Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.’ And so, the foundation of Skepticism is in fact a Complete Acceptance of Negativity – then the Person will be Positive about the Parts that they have Achieved Success and Claim that ‘They are Positive’ and that anything that Challenges Their Positive Belief is Negativity; in the meantime, their Foundation In Fact is Just Negativity and their ‘Positivity’ is just Self-Interest and They are the very Core Reason Why the world is Screwed up because They are Doing onto Others Exactly according to How They’ve Accepted the Existence: they Do Not Care about Any Outcome but Their Own Self-Interest, and therefore Self-Interest becomes the Foundation of our Society, because we have a Society of Skeptics. Everywhere you Go the First Response you’ll Always have: Skepticism.

Is Skepticism a form of Escapism? Escaping the Actual Truth of the Negativity and Evil that one has become in accepting the Premise of your Life where you Feel Hopeless and Helpless and Unable to bring about a Change that will be Best for All, that You can’t even Conceive the Fact that Each Living Being has the Same Life Force Equally, and that only After that All this which we call ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Education’ and Character and All of those things are Added on there like ‘add-ons,’ but the Real Essence which Makes this All Possible which is Life, is simply Not Respected or Considered and this is All Done by Skeptics.

So, you’ll Notice for instance that the Desteni Message specially is Attacked by Skeptics, those that Do Not Investigate and Actually Walk the Process, Walk the Writing, Do the Self-Forgiveness, Investigate the Self-Honesty, Consider that it is Possible that We can Create a World that is Best for All – those skeptics will go to the Ends of the Earth in their Nastiness and with the Lies that they will Come up with to Protect their Self-Interest, but they will Not Investigate All Things, they will Not Do onto another as They would like to be Done onto, they will Protect their Self-Interest and they will use Skepticism as the Justification, Claiming that That is Free Choice – In the meantime it’s Not Free-Dom and now there is No Freedom for everyone. There are just some Free Choices for some, those that are Elite enough to have enough resources as Money and Property that they can Protect themselves from everyone else that they have Stolen these things from, so they Live in their Little-Forts, the old Lord System from the Dark Ages is Still Existing, it’s all as Properties where the Lords with Money are Sitting, Protecting Themselves from their Slaves, from Whom they have Stolen their Lives through Invalidating their Labor and Giving them No Money/ No Wage/ No Income. Our Current System is Just a Glorification of the Old Systems of Slavery, Just in a more ‘Digitized’ way, Justified by Every Possible Way.

So, solution: See if You can Step beyond Skepticism and Actually Investigate All Things and Investigate that which is Best for All Life Always, and therefore you should Consider what the Equal Life Foundation presents in Education, in Self Enhancement, in Self Purification, in the Study of Economics, in the Study of Psychology – We Investigate All Things and We Establish Clearly through Cooperation and Cross-Reference, through time, through Multiple Tests and Considerations That which is Best for All. That’s Why We can Stand in the Face of even the Nastiest of Attacks, because We Have Integrity: When will You have Some?
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