Monday 22 July 2013

Day 457: World Teachers 2013: It is Time

vintage_clock_by_yellowcandyfloss-d4vemni This is a Call for Those Ready to consider the Responsibility in this Life on Earth. Many of you have been in Training – so you believe – following the Incorrect Curriculum that was Appropriate so that you could Learn how Easily one can be Deceived, especially by your own Self-Interest. And many of you have Created all kinds of Programs with which you have Deceived others to Follow you, purely for the sake of ‘Making Money’/ ‘Becoming Famous’ – all the while Claiming that You are Doing this ‘For the Greater Good.'

You should read the Unfinished Biography by Alice Bailey to Understand what you’re Really Facing and you should read the Books by Alice Bailey to Understand How Little you Really Understand; and realize that even at the Pinnacle of her achievements on Earth, by the Time of her Death – which is Why it is the ‘Unfinished Biography’ - Alice Baily asked interesting questions: Why is it that After the Second World War in Spite of the Massive Suffering that Happened on Earth, No Real Spiritual Change Took Place and even since then: No Real Change Took Place.
Her point was very specific, she had to Show in stark terms to What Extent the Human will Act in Self Interest and so many have taken the Work of Alice Bailey and Spiritualized it, Replacing Life with ‘Light’ and replacing Relationship, Agreement, Equality with ‘Love’ – and You can See that in every Shopping mall, You can See it in all the Books we have about ‘Love and Light,’ all the Channelings, how this Misdirection Continues and Gains Ground and How the Self Dishonesty Manifests within the Skills of Selling Products to People, Getting them to Embrace their Self Interest and how this is causing greater and greater Separation and Division.

Obviously, Earth is quite a Special Place, it is the Place where Man first will Lose themselves, Lose themselves to Energy, Lose their Connection with Life and thus Lose Life itself – that has Already Occurred, no one has Accessed Life anymore. You are now purely an Energetic Being that has Not Realized that the very Moment your Life Ends = your Energy Ends because your Energy is but a Byproduct of your Living Body – You have Disengaged your Responsibility to the Living Universe, the Physical Universe and Created an Illusion.

The Time to Get Back has Started, that’s a Long Process – it will take you a Minimum of 14 to 28 years depending on your Capacity to be Self-Honest and your Capacity to Stop your Mind. Obviously as many have found: that’s Not so Easy. The Mind is Superior to you in Every way as an Energetic Being because you have Created yourself as an Energetic Being THROUGH the Mind and within that Creation Process, You didn’t even do the Creation itself: Your Mind Did it. And the Key to Understanding this is obviously Vital.

Now we will have a Time where World Teachers will Emerge – and you will Notice I say very clearly ‘Teachers’ – Leaders are the disease that emerges when Education fails, so the World doesn’t Need Leaders, Leaders are simply the result of our Inadequate Understanding of Reality and that Produces things called Governments, and these Governments are completely Inadequate to manage and produce a world that is Best for All on Earth because None of the beings in the Government are Sufficiently Educated to Guide the Resources on Earth in an Effective Way that will Ensure that Every Being Born on Earth is Properly Supported and Educated to Realize their Full potential as a Living Being.

Here the Big Challenge is the Ego, the idea that ‘You have a Clue’ when You Really are quite Clueless, Very Easily Moved into an Extreme Polarity Position like the Positive Denying the Negative, Not realizing that these Frequencies/Vibrations are but a Manifestation of a Pattern that is Supposed to be Balanced. You also very easily Lose Sight of the Basic Laws of the Physical – and this Disease has been Escalating.

So for those that are ready you’re going to have to Do some Research, you’re going to have to Investigate All Things. Now within the Desteni Material, All Things are Being Covered to Assist you in this, whether you have the Guts to Face your Dishonesty and to Investigate this: will have to be seen. Obviously you will Not become a World Teacher if You Can’t Do this because you’re Not going to be Able to Transcend your Possessions, that which you Hold Dearest, your Precious, your Ring of Doom, the Lord of the Rings – that means the Law that Traps you into Your Self-Interest through the Cycles that Produce the Illusion of Infinity will Keep you in that Loop according to your Dishonesty.

If you want to find out what Reality is truly about you have the Blogs you can start with Reading which are the 7 Years Journey to Life – which is really initially the ‘Journey to Nothingness’ because you will Not Yet Realize Life after 7 years, you’ll Only Realize what You Don’t Know and realize how Inadequate you are from the Perspective of your Current Position.

Now Inadequacy is not a Negative Thing, it’s simply Feedback that leads you to Self-Realization because the Process on Earth is about Individualization, the Absolute Free Choice, the Only Way that Free Choice can Exist is in a Coexistence where One Works Together One as Equal to Produce what is Best for All – thus You Give as You Would Like to Receive, thus You Do Onto Another as You Would Like to be Done onto, thus You Investigate All Things from the Perspective of Producing What is Best for All Life.

We have quite a Journey to Travel and as the World tumbles Down the Rabbit Hole towards another World War, it is Time to Take Action. Obviously if we don’t do this, we will have World War and the whole Journey will become More Difficult and All the Positive Thinking in the World Will Not Stop this as All the Positive Thinking in the World Has Not Stopped Poverty, Dishonesty. And the Law of Attraction is attracting this because: the More People that go into the Law of Attraction attracting the Positive = the Greater the Negative and the Stronger the Negative is becoming Quantified as Millions Join this Illusion of the Law of Attraction, Losing Balance, completely Missing the Point In the Name of Self Interest, Searching for Specialness, Fame and Fortune.

This Will Not Be, it is but Temporary.

So – for Those of you that Manage to get Past the 7 Years Journey to Life Blogs and can see How those that are currently Training themselves to become World Teachers are Doing and What they are Finding and How they are Reconstituting themselves into a Principled Way of Life that is Based on What is Best for All, then should Join the DIP Lite Course where You get some Tools to Work with, the Tools necessary to walk the 7 Year Journey to Life. And then Those that Do find themselves Ready after the DIP Lite, can Join the DIP Pro, that is the Process where World Teachers are being Trained – Very Tough Training as many has found out where you Face the Truth of Yourself, the discipline of yourself, the Ego, where you face Your Separation, and Few make it, Many try – but Few Make it. And that is appropriate because, the Most Important Position on Earth at this stage of our Existence is that of World Teacher – They Must be Absolutely Trustworthy, Absolutely Cross-Referenced, Checked to at All Times Absolutely Stick to the Principles that are Required and Necessary to Produce a World that is Best for All Life – if they Don’t do that, Their Own Mind takes them into Isolation and eventually Remove them from the Process and Contain them in their Own Loop of their Own Illusion and Delusion.

Everything that ever happens to you: you are Doing to Yourself because You’re Accepting and Allowing it – Most of it you’re not Even Aware that you’re Actually Doing it from the perspective of Directive Nature, because you’ve Lost the Directive Nature to such a degree that All you can do is actually Follow your own Preprogrammed Thoughts that Lead you into Acceptance and Allowance, and from there you function in One Basic Premise only: Levels of Fear. And when this Fear gets Too Hectic, you go and you create a ‘Love’ Ideology, a Love Illusion to try and Not See the Fear – but in the end, it will Take you Back to the Basics of your Accepted Nature which is Fear, which is Why you Allow a World to Exist where Life is Not Honored, where You Do Not Care, where You Do Not Feel the Suffering of Those that you are Causing to be Struck Down by Lack, where You are Not Willing to Give-up What You Have to Bring about that which is Best for All.

This Message has been around for Thousands of Years and yet, Humanity has Not been Able to Produce and Bring about a World that is Best for All – there is thus a Great Responsibility on the shoulders of Those that Do find themselves Ready to Become World Teachers-

The Time is Here: Make the Effort, If You Dare.
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